BtB SnR ( Single )

BtB SnR ( Single )

13 June 2016, 20:40
Juan Fernandez

BtB SnR ( Single ) 

23-07-2016 ( v0.65 )


1. Global

Timeframe: Timeframe. You can use different TF to the chart
Suffix: Broker suffix. Let empty this option for auto detection

2. S/R Zones

S/R zones are the main tool. This show graphical representation of last swings ( top/bottom ). You have marked both swings for a point inside zones.

Histogram: Enable histogram
Zones Text/Support/Resistance Color: S/R zones color on chart
Zones Width: Graphical S/R zones height ( in points )

3. Fibo

Fibo levels defines swing area and breakout area. Swing area is useful in range markets. Breakout area is useful for trends start/continuation.


Fibo: Shows fibo levels at zones

Fibo Style: Fibo style

Fibo Color: Fibo color

Signal Triggers defines fibo levels. This levels will be used as visual reference or by notifications
Signal Trigger Min Zone: Fibo level opposite signal start 
Signal Trigger Max Zone: Fibo level opposite signal end
Signal Trigger Neutral Zone: Fibo level neutral area
Signal Trigger Breakout Zone: Fibo level breakout signal

4. Histogram

Histogram have some roles:

    • Check length area ( distance between points )
    • How many times zones limits were tested ( full bars with values below 100/-100 )
    • Where are made the swings ( boxes )
    • Breakouts ( full color bars with values 100/-100 )

Histogram: Enable histogram

Bars: Number of history bars to process. This option is useful if you dont need see all history at histogram ( save CPU at load stage )

Lookup Bars: Fake swing detection ( in bars ). This filter new swings in a bars range. Only swings broke old high/low will be created inside this range

5. Notifications

Alarm: Enable PUSH notifications


For DEMO version check BtB profile instructions -> Demo

If you are interested in this product you can buy it or rent it here -> SnR ( Single )

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