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Trend Alerts

Trend Alerts Indicator

Trend Alerts finds new trends at the changing bar very fast. If the trend had enough power and good up/down angle, then indicator sends multiple alarms to aware you: email, mobile notification, alert window and alert sound. All of these alarms are optional and you can choose which one to work.

Furthermore, there is another visual alarm, a Black bar. After trend direction change, the bar in indicator changes to black color. So you have 5 different signals and never lose a trend.

Trend Alerts has less sensitivity on short timeframes such as M1 and M5. Therefore select longer timeframes; like M30 and higher.

Input Parameters:

  • sendEmail=No
Activate Send Email?
  • sendNotification=Yes
Activate Send Notification?
  • AlertWindow=Yes
Activate Alert Window?
  • SoundAlert=Yes
Activate Alert Sound?

lapigna 2018.12.06 14:52   

Very good, even on smaller Timeframes as M20 or M15.