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Blahtech Candle Timer MT5

Blahtech Candle Timer displays the remaining  time before the current bar closes and a new bar forms. It can be used for time management

Feature Highlights

  • Multiple Colour Schemes
  • Configurable Text
  • Selectable Location
  • Customisable alerts and messages
  • Optimised to reduce CPU usage

Input Parameters

  • Text Location
    1. Beside Active Candle
    2. Chart Upper Left
    3. Chart Upper Right
    4. Chart Lower Left
    5. Chart Lower Right
  • Text Colour Scheme
    1. Manual Colour Scheme. (Use next two parameters below to set the colours)
    2. Candle Outline Colours  (Bar Up/Down)
    3. Candle Body Colours      (Bar Bull/Bear)
  • Text Colour Bull - Colour for timer text when bar is up
  • Text Colour Bear - Colour for timer text when bar is down (or use Bull colour if set to None)
  • Text Colour Countdown - Colour when counting down the final 10 seconds (select None to disable)
  • Text Size - Font size of timer text
  • Text Shift Bars (Candle Location) –Number of Bars to move the text right when using the Candle Location
  • Text Shift Price (Candle Location) - Move the text up by a specified amount when using the Candle Location
  • Text Shift X (Chart Location) – Move the text right by a specified amount when using the Corner Chart Locations
  • Text Shift Y (Chart Location) – Move the text down by a specified amount when using the Corner Chart Locations
  • Text Anchor (Candle Location Only) – Change the anchor point of the text
  • Text Font - Font for timer text
  • Connected Prefix – Display text before the timer
  • Connected Suffix – Display text after the timer when connected to broker server
  • Disconnected Suffix – Display text after the timer when disconnected from broker server
  • Alerts - Popup - Enable/Disable sound and/or popup dialog for active alerts
    1. Disabled
    2. Sound Only
    3. Popup and Sound
  • Alerts - Email – Enable email alerts
  • Alerts – Notification – Enable Notification alerts
  • Alerts – Sound Wav File – Change alert sound
  • Alerts – Startup Delay Seconds - Wait a number of seconds before testing for alerts on startup
  • Alert – Message Text – User customisable popup/notification text
  • Alert Email – Subject - User customisable email subject text
  • Alert Email – Body Text - User customisable email body text
  • Countdown Seconds - Alter the number of seconds for final countdown
  • Custom Period Seconds - Define period seconds for custom charts (e.g. 30 second charts) 
  • Instance Id – Unique identifier. Only modify if you need to use multiple instances per chart

iacintus 2020.07.08 18:39 

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Fran Moragon
Fran Moragon 2020.07.07 07:49 

working well, good indicator

Carlos Callaú
Carlos Callaú 2020.07.01 21:18 

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Rafael Garutti
Rafael Garutti 2020.06.03 13:28 

It does the job well.

Mjay 2020.05.16 10:53 

I really love this indicator, it's very helpful.

mdrls 2020.05.08 05:13 

Muito bom

Carrie Law
Carrie Law 2020.05.04 07:12 

Well done!

Wan Ping Fei
Wan Ping Fei 2020.03.18 07:59 


Farzin lotfi
Farzin lotfi 2020.01.14 15:15   

Is it available for mobile MT5 Android ?

And how to install it on android?

sami.m767 2019.07.28 19:58 

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Jeferson Pessanha
Jeferson Pessanha 2019.06.24 06:33 

Simples e perfeito.

Maurício Ferrari
Maurício Ferrari 2019.06.22 02:39 

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Samuel White
Samuel White 2019.06.20 00:08 

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Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs 2019.06.18 22:04 

Finally a timer without all the bugs that works on the higher timeframes. Well done

aworth55 2019.06.18 12:35 

Wow. Is this allowed?

Version 1.3 2019.10.20
- Change colour to Indian Red for final 10 seconds of the countdown
- Allow user to move the text to one of the chart corners
- Allow user to define a prefix description before the timer text
- Add option to set Custom Periods Seconds for non-standard custom charts

- Improve colour handling and respond to colour scheme change events
- Use Outline colour when body colour matches background
- Enable user configurable suffix text
Version 1.2 2019.10.17
- Allow user to change text colours for Bull and Bear candles
- Add option to copy colours from candle bodies or candle outlines
Version 1.1 2019.06.19
- Improve visuals and performance in Strategy Tester