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Price Action Diver Power

PRICE ACTION DIVER POWER is a ready-made trading system which independently analyzes the market and determines the key moments of price reversal and rollback according to the rules of Divergence and Convergence.

The indicator gives clear signals about opening and closing trades, as well as shows the levels for placing Take Profit.

All trade alerts duplicate in the form of PUSH-notifications. You can place a trading platform with indicator PRICE ACTION DIVER POWER on the VPS-server, receive trading signals on your smartphone and trade using the mobile version of the MT4 or MT5.

The function of visualization of signals and calculation of statistics shows trading history WITHOUT REDRAWING, and also allows the user to adjust the parameters of the indicator for each specific currency pair or timeframe.

A manual on how to set up and use the PRICE ACTION DIVER POWER indicator can be found here - https://yadi.sk/i/teQS3lXcZZi7pA

Set-files for automatic configuration indicator PRICE ACTION DIVER POWER - https://yadi.sk/d/hBIlQZf2KjkaUA

Set files for trading on the D1 timeframe (portfolio for investors) - https://yadi.sk/d/bPDhfRnX5OEEUg

ATTENTION: PRICE ACTION DIVER POWER doesn’t work in the MT4 tester, as in Meta Trader 4 strategy tester is impossible to analyze the entire market basket at once!! Thus, the PRICE ACTION REAL POWER indicator only works on live quotes. 

Janya1958 2019.03.17 20:55 

Two weeks ago I rented this indi to test it out. And I have this to say: there is no way to lose overall by following the rules of Igor. It's unbelievable how exactly it works! Read the manual very good and you can not go wrong. Igor, thank you for your effort to help other traders succeed!

Lingxiang Zhang
Lingxiang Zhang 2019.03.12 10:24 

Follow the rule:Get the signal to open the order,and close the order when get the close signal.(ProfitFacotr>1.5)

That's all.

Very clear rules.

Shermin 2019.03.11 04:17 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

Noor Dewansyah Hamidy
Noor Dewansyah Hamidy 2019.03.09 05:01 

Just bought this indicator few days ago after a long observation and read many positive reviews here........

And all I can said is this indicator is amazing. What other peoples said about the seller is right, Igor is very kind and answering all my silly question regarding the feature, setup and everything.

Thanx Igor for your dedication and hard work!

Let's make money together!!

PS: I will upload my profit with this indicator within my 2 days trade since I bought in comment section, check it out!

rainwalker123 2019.03.06 19:42 

Очень хороший индикатор и отличные сигналы без перекраски. Очень выгодно.

The indi is working very well, you need patience and a good moneymanagement.

brown888 2019.02.13 20:54 #

Albert Gazizyanov
Albert Gazizyanov 2019.03.06 12:09 

Прошел месяц с тех пор, как я тестировал индикатор Price Action Diver Power.

Я поставил 10 звезд автору за эту работу!

Индикатор очень хорошо помогает в торговле. Он эффективен, если применять с головой.

Обратная связь от Игоря очень быстрая. Всегда отвечает на ваши вопросы и помогает правильно применять индикатор.

Настоятельно рекомендую. Стоимость покупки отобьете в первую неделю месяца торговли.

Katsuyuki Ohama
Katsuyuki Ohama 2019.02.28 18:52 

Amazing Product I had in my whole life!!!!

I have been having this indicator for a few weeks now and investment of $70 already come back on 1 trade. (with the right money management) One pair can take a very long time to get signals but its extremely accurate. If you been trading for a very long time and can detect the major sup/resistant accurately then you are able to find and enter the best trade ever. Make sure you find a realizable WINDOWS VPS!!! not the mql5 or forex VPS!! then you will get the notification on your phone right away!! I have the many currency pair of 15min charts and 1-hour charts and a few 4-hour charts open on my Windows VPS. Total of 20 charts opens on my MT4 on VPS, you can have more charts and currency pair open but you have to evaluate the pair that is most profitable and the best of the best.

PLEASE!!! Make sure you understand that you don't have the same money management on each time frame since 4-hour chart can have huge DD so don't over trade or enter big lots because you will end up losing money. (for real) Also sometimes you will get 3~6 signal's/notification in one day so make sure you have enough balance on your account or don't over trade on each signal because you might end up missing the better trade. This indicator is very useful for a new trader as well because its very simple to understand the concept of the strategy and how to use this indicator. At the same time make sure you learn about Hiper pairs and slow-moving pairs, some pairs such as JP or GBP can move lots of pips in few hours and might hit your SL before hitting the TP. Some pairs move so slow so might take a few days to get the TP signals so you need to be patient about it as well.

For those you are thinking to buy this indicator It is your DUTY as a future trader to learn the basic skills of the chart pattern, price action, and sup/resistant etc.... If you don't know anything about trading then PLS educate your self first before buying any indicator. I see many bad reviews on outstanding indicator like this because a new trader is just taking every single signal and end up losing money because of a lack of education and money management. I don't want any people who put any bad review on this indicator just because you lost money, this indicator can bring a huge advance in your trading career if you have the right mindset and knowledge about trading.

I honestly this indicator is worth more than $70 because it provides an extremely accurate signal as well as the person who made this indicator, Igor is very helpful and informative to all kind of question you will have. Igor is extremely passionate about products he made so this indicator was not made on base on making money motivation. MANY MANY MANY indicators here on MQL5 has more then 100~500+ 5 start review but make sure do your research about that product. Those provide motives is to make quick money by providing a useless indicator, May of them give you a free extra indicator if you give them a 5-star review. Just think about it?? If provide is truthful and confident about his/her product you will never be asked to give a 5-star review for an exchange of free stuff. I had a deep conversation with Igor and I can tell you that he's a very talented, passionate and highly skilled trader. This indicator might have few reviews but you are paying for premium quality of a product.

Anton Garbar
Anton Garbar 2019.02.25 08:18 

For the first two weeks it trades in profit. It would be interesting to see an adviser on this system.

11277440 2019.02.24 17:42 

Best indicator and make many pips!

Alexander Dubenskiy
Alexander Dubenskiy 2019.02.24 06:17 

This is an exceptionally innovative oscillator type indicator! I'd say this indicator definitely among top 5 oscillator type indicators I've encountered on any platform (trade through 4 platforms besides mt4/5). There are quite a few lagging indicators such as macd, cci, rsi, stochastic etc and there are few very nice implementations of these on the market however there is only so much one can squeeze out of these, we can put these through genetic optimizations, particle swarm optimizations, neuro nets, hive optimizers however per what I've seen so far sure one can improve on these however improvements are mild at best, the reason is core math/ideas behind them are outdated. This is the only oscillator type indicator so far I've wished to have in other platforms! Very much appreciate your work Igor and thank you for stepping fourth and sharing the fruits of your labor with the rest of the community! You could have easily just kept it to yourself and friends, it is that good. ^^

Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 2019.02.23 06:36 

This indicator is amazing and support from Igor is incredible. Its an excellent indicator for my trading style. Really good entry signals based on sound logic and well researched settings files which Igor is constantly improving.

Gerhard Füssel
Gerhard Füssel 2019.02.21 09:16 

It's a 2 in One: a great indicator And a good strategy; for experienced traders as well as for inexperienced ( if they are willing to learn ). The push notification is not working on MQL5 Server but only on VPS of other providers!

AntonSokolov 2019.02.18 10:16 

Отличный индикатор, отрабатывает свою стоимость полностью, главное соблюдение ММ и не торопиться с реальным счетом, лучше поторговать с ним пару недель чтобы понять его особенность по настройкам и специфике работы. Разработчику огромная благодарность за постоянную поддержку и разьяснение всех нюансов в работе индикатора. Очень удобна система уведомлений, особенно когда индикатор работает с удаленного сервера. Сейчас основной индикатор в моей торговле.

brown888 2019.02.13 20:54 

wow, great results but when I load it aways negative even when I use the set. files. I would filter the trades but since alerts come late after the divergence it's useless. recommend that the indi sent alerts when there is a divergence so we look for an entry using a different strategy. 3 stars cause I do think it a great indi just need the alerts when there a divergence and not when a certain level is crossed

Wind direction
Wind direction 2019.02.13 11:55 

Good indicators!It's not so much an indicator as a strategy!As long as the fund management, will get very good earnings!And easier!Still need to improve nevertheless!The notification function of MQL5 is relatively weak, which cannot remind me to wake up from a dream and occasionally miss the best transaction information. I hope the seller can actively solve this problem!I've been using it for two weeks. It's really good

Nunez Mayra
Nunez Mayra 2019.02.10 17:21 

This is a very good indicator. I have been using it for the past 2 weeks and this is very accurate! Thank you for adding the presets for 15min tf as well. Looking forward to a future EA.

arted 2019.02.10 08:42 

Хороший продукт для заработка и хоть он еще нуждается в совершенствовании ставлю пять благодаря хорошей поддержки разработчика. Игорь всегда на связи и по возможности быстро вносит изменения.

Пользуюсь две недели и получаю свой профит.

hubli 2019.02.08 15:13 

Hi Igor, Thanks for the sharing of the latest settings. Will try it next few weeks. BTW, I had installed it without any issue and I can see the interface are almost same as what you put here. Just one thing, can this indicator load when the market is not open? I opened my MT4 today and find the following message

"2019.02.09 17:00:39.935 cannot load 'C:\Users\lenovo\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\9ACB2E2CE0389240C909714389C79575\MQL4\indicators\Market\Price Action Diver Power.ex4'

It seemed this indicator cannot be loaded when market is not open? This is a bit strange.


Darin 2019.02.04 13:20 

Been using it for about 2 week and i have to say it is amazing. It's accuracy on the 4H timeframe is awesome. I cant wait for the EA of this version to be out as currently i am missing a few opportunities as indicator push alerts somehow does not record in MQL5 mobile messages chat ( Flashes once and it disappears without having a record logged) . Other that this, this is an awesome indicator worth having!!

Update on my review:

1. I have used email notification so that i wont lose out any push notifications.

2. Indicator has alot of potential as i am seeing profits since the day i have purchase it.

3. There is a great deal of commitment from the developer to improve consistently.

4. SET files for D1 Timeframe has been really accurate

5. I will really look forward to this indicator becoming an EA in future!

6. Indicator is honestly underpriced, love that developer isnt rising the price as it is really a gem and definitely something for long term.

I am using Price Action Real Power as well and i will soon leave a review! But Price Action Diver Power is definitely more suited for me as i am using a VPS.

jeff0170 2019.02.01 20:19 

5 Sterne für die Unterstützung.

Nach 4 Wochen Miete heute gekauft.

Viktor Kashlev
Viktor Kashlev 2019.02.01 13:25 

Отличный продукт. Один из лучших на Маркете. Не индикатор, а рабочая торговая система. Соблюдайте рекомендации разработчика и ММ.

Anatolij Anufriev
Anatolij Anufriev 2019.01.23 10:03 

The Diver indicator shows about 95% of positive trades, for many pairs, this is an amazing indicator. The strategy shows where to open and where to close a trade. Since the purchase of the indicator, I earned ten times more. Igor thank you very much for another good product.

Ted NO FX 2019.01.20 08:10 

2019.01.24: I've Using diver indicator for about one week and all i can say that, it is an amazing and high profit factor indicator. Most of pairs got in profit. I love the way of push alert: where to open and where to close a trade in profit or loss. I recommend to buy this diver indicator. Author is very helpful and friendly, thank you. Lets make $$$.

2019.01.20:Testing... will update later! So far holding trades from push alert buy/sell.

Versión 1.6 2019.02.03
Fixed errors in visualization of deals.
Download new set files from the indicator overview page.
Versión 1.5 2019.01.27
- fixed a bug in the online operation of the indicator;
- added the function of determining the timeframe for alerts and PUSH-notifications.