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Trade Panel Pro by RunwiseFX MT5

Fully functional manual trade panel with lot size calculation, one-click trading, hidden (virtual) stop loss/take profit and pending orders, scale in and out of trades (partial close), auto SL/TP and more. Works with all symbols not just currency pairs. Brings an incredible amount of functionality to MetaTrader for free.


  • Lot size calculation - based on % of account to risk or fixed amount
  • Hidden (stealth) stop loss, take profit and pending orders
  • Partial closes (scale-out)
  • Easy to use configuration pop-up forms via CONFIG button
  • Stop loss, take profit lines can be positioned manually on the chart
  • Automatic stop loss - variety of calculation methods can be selected
  • Automatic take profit based on risk reward ratios or pips
  • Trailing stop loss and break even, which can be triggered when target reached
  • Sets broker SL/TP as backup but further away than hidden level
  • Hidden pending lines can be set to alert or trade, based on market price or candle close. Can be set with expiry and auto One Cancels Other (OCO).
  • Scale in (open additional tickets), plus automatic scale-in when target reached
  • News events (both text and vertical lines)
  • Optional multi-trade mode for multiple trades / pending orders on the same chart/symbol, all with separate SL/TP
  • Can be configured on a per symbol and/or timeframe basis, e.g. to have different SL for different symbols or timeframes
  • Includes indicators providing multiple timeframe trend, support/resistance, pivots, average daily range (or average true range - configurable), current spread and ask/bid prices in large text, color coded as price changes
  • Logs trades including execution time, slippage and profit, in a spreadsheet CSV file
  • Robust error handling
  • Additionally: Can download configuration from our library to give a Close All Trades button on account
  • Underlying code base has been in live use since 2015
Take things even further with our Strategy Builder product that can convert your favourite indicators (both standard and custom) into an EA that can alert or trade automatically. Also features real-time statistics of profit and draw-down, as well as auto optimization of indicator inputs, SL/TP/exit regime, trading hours, etc., for best profit. Can also download additional rules from our library, such as news filters, daily account profit target close, etc.


    Please see the link to the pdf manual placed on the first page the product's Comments tab. Also see video below.

    EA Inputs

    The system is configured via the panel's CONFIG button rather than relying on inputs. However, here are a few inputs you may wish to change:

    • Main_confirmTradeClose - set to false to turn off confirmation on trade close click
    • Box_* - change to position of the panel on the chart
    • Gen_GUIScale* - increase size of panel if set to (say) 1.5, e.g. for Retina display
    • Gen_GUIFontSize - font size of text on panel
    • Important_brokerSLTPSetOnOrderSend - set to true if broker requires SL to be set on Order Send
    • Gen_forcePointToPipDivider - set to 100 if trading indices so 1 pip is 1 basis point for most brokers
    • Gen_askBidPricesShow - turn on/off big ask/bid price 

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    Version 1.4 2020.07.31
    - Added automatic detection of offline/Renko charts so don't need to set input to process market ticks

    - Auto fixes to configuration file for some configuration issues

    - Improved performance of GUI of lots of objects on the chart
    Version 1.3 2020.07.09
    - Fixed issue where couldn't manually adjust SL by dragging line if trail mode was on
    Version 1.2 2020.05.10
    - Fixed start-up issue with MetaTrader 5 build