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Configurable Dashboard Pro by RunwiseFX

Displays multiple indicators, across multiple timeframes and symbols to give a comprehensive overview of the market. Uniquely, the indicators are configurable and can include custom indicators, even those where you just have the ex4 file or those purchased from Market. Standard indicators can also be selected, the default being ADX, CCI, market price above/below Moving Average (MA), Moving Average Cross (MAX), MACD, Momentum (MOM), OsMA, RSI, Parabolic SAR, William's Percentage Range (WPR). Use [+] button to expand symbol and see readings of each configured indicator.

The product will also alert when selected timeframes change direction, which can take place when only multiple timeframes are in agreement. The last alert direction is shown with number of pips moved since the alert. The Average Daily Range (ADR) is also shown, so can tell if symbol is 'done for the day'. Optionally, can also display the number of pips moved since the timeframe changed direction.

The dashboard shows solid arrows if all indicators are in agreement (depending on Important_alertThresholdPercentage input) or hollow arrows if majority.

The properties of the standard indicators can be changed via the indicator inputs and a wide variety custom indicators are supported.

Notes when using strategy tester: Only the symbol under test will be shown correctly. Alerts will appear in the Journal tab. Indicators on the weekly and monthly timeframes may not be calculated.


  • Important_alertThresholdPercentage - Threshold at which alert will happen and solid arrows will be shown, e.g. if set to 75 would mean 75% of indicators would need to agree
  • Important_alertOnlyWhenAllSelectedMatch - If true, then will only alert if all the selected timeframes are in agreement
  • Important_defaultAlerts - Set to 1 if alert should be on by default. Values are comma separated for each timeframe
  • Important_periodsToShow - Periods (timeframes) to show. Values are comma separated
  • Important_symbol - Symbol to show information for, comma separated. Can also specify currencies
  • Important_symbol2 - Additional symbols
  • Important_symbolCurrencyExclude - Exclude symbols that have any of these currencies (comma separated), e.g. exotic currencies
  • CustomN_indicatorName - Custom indicator name as appears in Indicators folder in your MetaTrader Data Folder
  • CustomN_indicatorDisplayAs - Indicator name to display as in the dashboard. If left blank then will truncated CustomN_indicatorName
  • CustomN_indicatorProperties - Indicator properties. Should be comma separated in the order they appear in the indicator. Boolean type inputs should be set as 0 or 1 and text inputs should be enclosed in double quotes. If left blank then the default indicator properties will be used
  • CustomN_colorIndex - Color index of the indicator to show in matrix. Can be comma separated if buy and sell indexes need to be supplied
  • CustomN_shift - Candle shift to use for indicator capture, where 0 is live candle and 1 is most recently closed candle
  • CustomN_midPoint - Mid point to be used if only one color index is supplied and gives the indicator value that represents the transition from buy to sell
  • CustomN_nullValue - Null value to be used to decide if the indicator value should be ignored / regarded as not present. AUTO is EMPTY_VALUE or 0
  • CustomN_captureMethod - Controls how the indicator value should be interpreted (see video for examples)
  • Include_* - Allows the standard indicators to be turned on/off, in terms of being in the dashboard and contributing to the alert
  • Box_* - Allows the position of the matrix to be changed
  • Property_* - Allows the properties of the standard indicators to be changed, e.g. period of moving average
  • Gen_alert* - Allows the alert to be sent to mobile / email.
Note, further details for setting inputs can be found in the manual - see Comments tab.
jhjones 2019.06.27 01:58 

A game changer for me - for the better. This completely configurable matrix shows the status of your chosen indicators in each of your chosen timeframes for all of your chosen symbols. No more chart scanning. The Dashboard sends me an email when my trade setup conditions are met. Support has been excellent... even at the weekends.

newzat835 2019.05.08 09:29 

Good indi

sunnychow 2019.01.29 15:44 

Good product.

-dimitror- 2019.01.20 17:33 

Excellent dashboard, a top-notch tool as all RunwiseFX products.Thank you for adding an open chart future.

ROYPERTH1 2018.12.12 12:36 

Excellent product. Summarizes all relevant data in one single GUI. Well done.

Peter 2018.11.06 07:27 

I own and use many of the RunwiseFX indicators and EA, these are all superior tools and adds value to my trading!

The Pro Dashboard works like a charm and helps me keep track of a whole bunch of indicators.

stevedee 2018.07.25 21:58 

What I have been looking for - for years! First dashboard I have seen where you can insert custom or preferred indicators, other than the usual ones included in such dashboards (like MACD, RSI, etc). I was told this programming could not be done - yet here it is at a very reasonable price. Now I have at-a-glance my special indicators over many timeframes for agreement and better trading. Had issue with installation (my fault) and they got back to me ASAP with a very clear explanation. Good job!!!

thetruman 2018.03.14 19:57 

This is an excellent dashboard and highly configurable to receive alerts on several markets. The level of customer service is outstanding too. Five full stars

Version 3.8 2019.08.08
- Added new input Main_onlyResetOnNewCandle so can turn off only resetting for new alert on new candle. This will mean will alert every change in arrow even if only briefly showed the opposite direction.

- Added new input Property_ALLshiftToUse which allows the shift to be changed when capturing our default indicators. The default is shift 0, which is the live candle, but be changed to 1, which is the closed candle value.
Version 3.7 2019.07.29
- Added new input Main_alertResetForTimeFramePrct to give more control over when the alert is reset and can alert again

- Made sure reset for new alert can only happen on new chart candle of the timeframe the Dashboard is running on. This ensures don't get rapid repeated alerts if indicators on buy/sell cusp.
Version 3.6 2019.06.24
- Fixed issue increasing / decreasing capture mode not working properly with F:CCI
Version 3.5 2019.05.29
- Added input Main_defaultShowExpanded which if set to true will show the symbols in expanded mode, where you can see what the individual indicators are reporting
Version 3.4 2019.05.29
- Expanded number of custom indicators that can be added to 10

- Added support for setting inputs to Tipu RSI indicator
Version 3.1 2019.03.21
- Fixed issue with repeated alerts if indicator not found
Version 2.3 2019.01.17
- Added Property_*appliedPrice inputs to allow applied price to be set for RSI, CCI, etc.
Version 2.2 2018.12.12
- Added additional inputs for setting custom indicator properties in order to get over 63 character limit of string inputs. The inputs Addn_inputProperties can be used to provide additional inputs, comma separated
Version 2.1 2018.12.10
- Improved support for Price Action Real Power indicator, so that visualization could be turned off via inputs
Version 2.0 2018.12.07
- Can now switch to chart if click on symbol or arrow on Dashboard. Note, arrow is best as will know which time frame period. If chart doesn't exist for symbol/period then one will be opened. This new functionality can be turned off by setting Main_openChartOnItemClick to false.
Version 1.6 2018.08.16
- Improved support for reversal type indicators
Version 1.5 2018.03.23
- Fixed issue where symbol could appear twice in list shown

- Improved support for PipFinite range of indicators
Version 1.4 2018.03.14
- Fixed issue where alert may not happen under certain circumstances
Version 1.3 2018.02.28
- Fixed issue where couldn't add multiple instances of indicator to the same chart
Version 1.2 2018.01.16
- Fixed issue with click on panel objects not working