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The expert allows you to build a trading system based on an arbitrary set of technical indicators MT5. The EA uses the following signals:

  • OpenBuy / OpenSell - opening positions;
  • StopBuy / StopSell - closing positions;
  • TakeProfitBuy / TakeProfitSell - get TP levels;
  • StopLossBuy / StopLossSell - getting SL levels;
  • NoLossBuy / NoLossSell - transfer to the breakeven state;
  • MinProfitBuy / MinProfitSell - closing part of a position;
  • CancelBuy / CancelSell - allow a repeated signal to open.

Each signal is formed from several consecutive steps (for Open - 10 steps, for the others - 2 steps), set via input parameters. Each step contains the following fields:

  • indicator (drop-down list) - select the indicator from the MT5 list, including CUSTOM, as well as, in addition, the Open, Close, High, Low prices, the current Bid and Ask prices, the lowest Low and the highest High of the specified interval (Lowest, Highest);
  • tf (drop-down list) - select the time period;
  • action (drop-down list) - step action:
    • EmptyAction is an empty action;
    • Above - more than the previous one;
    • Below - less than previous
    • AboveArg - more argument;
    • BelowArg - less argument
    • AddPoint - adding a specified value of points
    • NotEmpty is not equal to 0 and EMPTY_VALUE
    • CrossUp - upward intersection of the previous indicator;
    • CrossDown - downward intersection of the previous indicator;
    • MoveUp - move up the current indicator;
    • MoveDown - downward movement of the current indicator;
  • param - parameters line separated by commas (int - only numbers, double - numbers with a dot separator, bool - true or false, string - framed with a single quote), for the CUSTOM indicator, the first parameter should be a string with the indicator name;
  • bar - bar index;
  • line - buffer index;
  • arg - step argument (double).

In the input parameters, the name of the steps is encoded with delimited text: <signal name> _ <step> _ <parameter>, for example, OpenBuySignal_0_indicator is a parameter that sets the type of indicator for step 0 of the OpenBuy signal.

The list of parameters for setting up trading:

  • startLot - fixed volume of deals;
  • riskPercent - percentage to calculate the volume of the remaining funds (with a non-zero SL);
  • takeProfit - fixed TP;
  • takeProfit_factor - calculation of TP but SL level
  • stopLoss - fixed SL;
  • noLoss - fixed level of transfer to breakeven;
  • noLoss_factor - breakeven level as a percentage of available funds;
  • minProfit - fixed level of partial closure;
  • minProfit_percent - level of partial closure as a percentage of available funds;
  • minProfit_factor - size of partial closure
  • trailStop - fixed trailing level;
  • trailStop_factor - trailing level from TP level;
  • trailStep - trailing step;
  • numOrders - the number of transactions in one direction;
  • bothOrdersDir - the resolution of Buy transactions in the presence of Sell and vice versa.

Parameters that have fixed values ​​are calculated on 4-digit quotes and automatically recalculated for 5-digit ones.

In the default settings of the advisor, the following strategy is configured on the moving averages MA (8), MA (24), MA (72). For purchase transactions:

  • fast moving above average, average above slow;
  • the last candle is bearish, closes below the fast moving at a distance of more than 15 points above the slow one;
  • a buy deal is opened with the SL level 2 points lower than the slow moving one, TP is 2.5 times the SL;
  • the volume is calculated from the specified 3% risk per trade, when making a profit of 1.5% of the balance of funds - transfer to breakeven and closing half of the volume
  • Trailing is not half TP and closing half of the volume when receiving each subsequent 1.5% profit.

Transactions for sale - mirror. In the video - the results of the strategy run in the tester.

See the articles. And user manual.

Thomas Froeba
Thomas Froeba 2020.01.16 16:45 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

ersan yurdakul
ersan yurdakul 2020.01.11 12:21 

Mr. Sergey is a very good and concerned seller. I highly recommend their schedules. Honest seller. Solves problems immediately. I give it ten stars.

Version 2.6 2020.04.10
add option stopLossMin
Version 2.5 2020.02.06
add two bool params for optimisations
Version 2.4 2020.01.29
fixed AverageLoss
Version 2.3 2020.01.28
add AverageLoss_percent, AverageLoss_price, DiffLoss_percent, DiffLoss_price
Version 2.2 2020.01.27
small fixed
Version 2.1 2020.01.27
fixed AverageClose
Version 2.0 2020.01.27
add buttons for buy, sell and close it
Version 1.27 2020.01.25
fixed averageClose fo 1 order
Version 1.26 2020.01.25
new action: AddToPrice
Version 1.25 2020.01.25
add options autoGrid
Version 1.24 2020.01.23
add objects TREND, TEXT and BITMAP
Version 1.23 2020.01.14
Trailing for virtual StopLoss
Version 1.22 2020.01.11
add options useVirtual_SL_TP
Version 1.20 2019.01.30
Добавлены параметры GridDistance и GridFactor
Version 1.19 2019.01.15
Добавлены настройки работы в выходные дни
Version 1.18 2018.12.15
Новая функция - расхождение/схождение линий индикаторов
Version 1.16 2018.11.18
добавлена функция закрытия по общему профиту
Version 1.14 2018.11.17
Добавлен мартин
Version 1.13 2018.11.17
Мелкие исправления
Version 1.12 2018.11.10
добавлен параметр noLoss_Percent
Version 1.11 2018.11.08
Добавлена функция трейлинга по индикатору
Version 1.10 2018.11.03
мелкие ошибки
Version 1.9 2018.11.02
Добавлены функции CrossArgUp и CrossArgDown
Version 1.8 2018.11.01
Исправлена ошибка подсчета ордеров и позиций для отложенных ордеров.
Version 1.7 2018.10.31
Исправлена ошибка установки TP и SL для отложенных ордеров
Version 1.6 2018.10.30
исправлена ошибка работы с лимит-ордерами
Version 1.5 2018.10.28
работа с отложенными ордерами
Version 1.4 2018.10.08
мелкие исправления
Version 1.3 2018.10.08
Add action Empty
Version 1.1 2018.10.05
мелкие исправления