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Harmonic Cypher

The indicator detects and displays Cypher harmonic pattern also known as Anti-Butterfly (see the screenshot). The pattern is plotted by the extreme values of the ZigZag indicator (included in the resources, no need to install). After detecting the pattern, the indicator notifies of that by a pop-up window, a mobile notification and an email. The indicator highlights the process of the pattern formation and not just the complete pattern. In the former case, it is displayed in the contour triangles. After the pattern is complete, a potential reversal zone appears on the chart. The default settings are somewhat extended for a greater amount of patterns.

  • zzDepth, zzDev, zzBack - ZigZag parameters
  • AB_min, AB_max - minimum and maximum ratio of AB and AX levels
  • CX_min, CX_max - minimum and maximum ratio of CX and AX levels
  • CD_min, CD_max - minimum and maximum ratio of CD and CX
  • bearColor - bearish pattern color
  • bullColor - bullish pattern color
  • CountBars - limit the amount of bars to be processed by the indicator (reduces the initial download time)
  • UseAlert - enable pop-up messages
  • UseNotification - enable push notifications
  • UseMail - enable email notifications
  • prefix - text label for indicator objects on a chart (enter various values for these parameters when applying several indicators to the chart)
  • MessageAdd - text line added to the notifications sent to indicators
  • ShowPreset - allow the pattern display during its formation
Ali irwan
2017.07.20 13:36   


Gennadiy Voltornist
2017.04.16 20:36 

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Maksym Mudrakov
2016.08.29 11:56 

В сочетании с другими индикаторами, которые определяют паттерны, даёт очень качественные сигналы.