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PipFinite Impulse PRO MT5

Tired of missed trading opportunities because of over-analyzing? The solution is Impulse Pro's new detection algorithm!

Equipped with the ideal balance of filters, Impulse Pro has the ability to generate signals that are confirmed but NOT late.

For improved reliability, Impulse Pro also includes statistics of signals, which can help you filter trades with confidence.

Maximize impulse trading

Please read the important information on https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/718212

Test the demo version and explore its features, it would be a useful tool added to your trading arsenal.


  • Ability to easily recognize impulsive moves.
  • Effective and flexible combination to different trading strategies.
  • Advanced statistics calculation following the entry point, take profit and exit signal.
  • Never repaints, never backpaints, never recalculates.
  • Signals strictly on the close of a bar.
  • Works in all symbols and all timeframes.
  • Integrated pop-up, email, push notifications and sound alerts.
  • Fully compatible with Expert Advisor (EA) development.

How To Trade

No over-analyzing needed, just follow 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Trade Setup

  • Enter a signal if Statistics Success Rate is higher than 65% (Statistics Success Rate > 65%).

Step 2: Set Take Profit

  • Option 1: Take rofit on TP1.
  • Option 2: Partial take profit on TP1 and close remaining position on TP2.

Step 3: Exit Strategy

  • If buy signal did not reach take profit, exit buy signal on a new sell signal.
  • If sell signal did not reach take profit, exit sell signal on a new buy signal.

Advanced Statistics Calculation

Win Condition

  • TP1 Hit - when a signal reaches at least TP1.
  • EXIT Win - when a trade is closed on opposite signal and resulted in a positive profit.

Loss Condition

  • Exit Loss - when trade is closed on the opposite signal and resulted in a negative profit.

Success Rate

  • Percentage of signals qualified for win condition.
  • Used as reference to find better pairs and timeframes.


  • User manual: Click here.
  • Impulse Pro Video below the description.


  • Volatility Period - number of bars used to calculate the algorithm.
    • Volatility Period - 7 to 10 when used in general trading.
    • Volatility Period - 5 to 6 when used in scalping.
  • Volatility Factor - minimum volatility multiplier required to confirm impulse moves.
    • Volatility Factor - 2.0 to 2.50 when used in general trading.
    • Volatility Factor - 1.5 to 1.75 when used for scalping.
  • Take Profit Factor - multiplier used to calculate take profit levels.
    • Increasing this value will give more take profit but decreases success rate.
    • Decreasing this value will give less profit but increases success rate.
  • Maximum History Bars - maximum number of bars used for calculation.
  • Misc Parameters - control the universal visibility of objects and buffers.
  • Display Parameters - control the visibility of objects drawn on a chart.
  • Graphics Parameters - control the appearance and colors of drawn objects on a chart.
  • Dashboard Parameters - control the visibility and colors of statistics found on a chart.
  • Alert Parameters - control the alert options enabled.

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Singgih Widodo Widodo
Singgih Widodo Widodo 2018.07.11 06:56 

mantap paman..! sejauh ini jaran goyang..

Ceontec 2018.07.10 18:09 

Top Programm

chirdchai panthong
chirdchai panthong 2018.06.29 18:24 

good product

Neto Nobrega
Neto Nobrega 2018.06.28 00:20 

Good product!

Memon 2018.05.23 20:11 

Testing it currently but looks promising so far