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PipFinite Breakout Analyzer

The Breakout Indicator That Has Been Proven & Tested!

Breakout Analyzer uses an advanced algorithm based on high probability price patterns.

Each trade is analyzed on the statistics panel to help you evaluate the best breakout setups.

Bonus Strategy 1

Breakout Analyzer with Volume Critical

Bonus Strategy 2

Breakout Analyzer with Strength Meter


  • Universal compatibility to different trading systems
  • Analyzes statistics of breakout signals to forecast possible targets
    • Average Breakout - Average profit that can be achieved from the max profit of past signals
      • Can be used as approximate target for next breakout signal
      • Can be used as target for trend trading systems
    • Short Term Breakout = Average profit of signals below the Average Breakout
      • Can be used as target for scalps
      • Can be used as target for counter trend trades
  • Multiple Signals
    • Gives many opportunities to enter a trade
    • Gives many possibilities to filter out signals from other indicators
  • Exit Strategy
    • Support/Resistance Areas
    • Statistical data
      • Exit trades once profit reaches the "Average Breakout"
      • Partially close trades when profit reaches the "Short Term Breakout"
    • We can use Exit Scope as alternate exit strategy
  • Recommended Settings
    • Period = 4 on H4 & Higher timeframe
    • Period = 5 on H1 timeframe
    • Period = 6 on M15 timeframe
    • Period = 7 on M5 & Lower timeframe
  • Never repaints
  • Never backpaints
  • Never recalculates
  • Signals strictly on the "Close of the bar"
  • Works in ALL pairs & Timeframes
  • Compatible with Expert Advisor development

Video References

Please Watch in High-Definition to further understand

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David Rand
David Rand 2018.11.22 13:39 

Pipfinite Breakout sends out many signals. IMHO I think you need to pick one direction of trading to use it because I find far too many bad signals when you choose to trade against the trend. I am using EMA's 9 & 50 to determine trend and then I only take trades in direction of trend. It increased my win rates on paper. Now, I will try to incorporate this into an EA. Anyone out there that wants to share in EA ideas on how to improve this indicator, lets chat.

mikesfavor 2018.11.14 09:02 

Extremely bad indicator, all these people rating it five stars are definitely paid reviews. Any person reading my review, if you want to lose money, buy this indicator. All the breakouts are false. I lost $400 with this rubbish indicator

HMSTOMAHAWK 2018.08.15 13:39 

I was a lost trader until i know about PipFinite Products....when i bougth the first tools of PipFinite my plan to do and be a trader begin to chance...Thanks PipFinite your tools are are very very Amazing thanks for help people like me in this moment i begin to believe in me like a trader thanks to this amazing tools

Alonso11 2018.08.12 04:34 

Great indicator.

jimbrass 2018.06.25 12:26 

I love this indicator!! Thanks

Xavier Pages
Xavier Pages 2018.05.03 08:58 

Ha pasado mucho tiempo desde que tengo el indicador Break Out Analyzer y estoy encantado de tenerlo como complemento de mi estrategia habitual de trading. Yo tengo varios indicadores de la marca Pip Finite y estoy contento con todos ellos. Break Out es eficaz y merecedor de 5 estrellas. Gracias Karlo por tu esfuerzo dia a dia para mejorar y hacer el trading más sencillo.

datorazak 2018.04.08 16:57   

Worst...this indicator shown the profit that not by original profit... but repaint on the highest... i feel waste my money to buy this indicator.

FXT1126 2018.03.16 15:18 

It is a very good indicator.

Sepp1985 2018.02.19 08:19 

Works perfect. Combine with your own strategy.

changtx 2018.02.14 08:17 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

mamboleo 2018.02.05 12:22 

It's a very, very usefull indicator. Go on with producing products like this !! Thank you.

Domdv 2018.01.30 08:49 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

mohdidrus 2018.01.19 14:39 

Good combination Breakout Analyzer, Exit Scope and Strength Meter. Excellent support from PipFinite. The developers have put in great amount thoughts in the product and in the context of the market dynamics.

Sergey Zhuravkov
Sergey Zhuravkov 2017.12.08 19:43 

Вот уж не ожидал, однозначно белый список, очень хороший индикатор, редко такой встретишь, действительно не перерисовывает, даёт отличные сигналы, особенно от Н1 и выше, рекомендую к покупке, не пожалеете. Автору огромное спасибо, успехов в работе, всем профита!

Matthias Lintz
Matthias Lintz 2017.09.12 19:54 

Very good and useful Indicator , very good in combination with Volume Crirical!!

Big Pippin
Big Pippin 2017.09.06 18:18 

I tried this indicator for a while and still using it to date. I really really really really like it.

After couple of tweaks here and there, and with massive testing on my demo account, It remarkably improved my winning trades.

I finally don't have to be worried all the time if I am mistaken with any trade I do.

Thank you <3

jagadish123 2017.08.09 15:23 

Thanks Karlo for such a nice Indicator, working great on GJ H1 with parameter 3, Breakout 84 (11 are false) 87% wining signals. Many time more than 1:3

Earth2511 2017.07.08 08:41 

I purchased Pipfinite Breakout and regretted it as it works like Moving Average 20. I brought it up to seller but she insisted it is different from MA20. Their advertising video is very misleading and deceiving. Most of their Actual indicators show SELL below MA20 , how can I always sell a pair of currency below MA20 which mostly rebounces after 15minutes and I also have to cover the High Spread.

Elpis 2017.07.01 19:01 

An exceptional indicator.

nawapat 2017.06.23 10:34 

great indicator.It easy to me for make the profit.

Iwan Iskandar
Iwan Iskandar 2017.05.12 09:25 

Bought this a long time ago, and just started to use it now. Good Indicator when I tried it in M15, I placed my SL above or below the arrow, and my TP is the same as SL or the Average Pip. In a way this indicator gives you money management.

tsatsa 2017.05.09 00:22 


1-what timeframe works best?

2-how to avoid losing trades in ranging market?

3- whats the best place to put stops

Cierra Watley
Cierra Watley 2017.04.27 04:25 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Richard Caughell
Richard Caughell 2017.04.09 16:14 

The only reason this thing looks good is because of the statistics placed on the side of the chart. The thing performs no different then a MA and with more indepth MA's you could do better.

Lee Benny Salim
Lee Benny Salim 2017.04.04 09:39 

Good indicator can be used for reversal or continue trend. Thanks Karlo

thesaifhaddad 2017.03.16 07:07 

Great product for scalping


please send me the last version

could you give instrctions to run the indicator

Nidhal Chedly
Nidhal Chedly 2017.02.03 13:38 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Kurt Hanson
Kurt Hanson 2017.02.03 00:34 

Excellent Indicator. Great entry tool when used with Support/Resistance zones. For my style of trading, H1 time frame works well, along with other filters depending on which currency pair or exit method one employs. Nothing is perfect, expect losses as an inevitable cost of trading.

Mehdi Movahedalavi
Mehdi Movahedalavi 2017.01.20 09:38 

Good Job carlo


dennis teachworth
dennis teachworth 2017.01.13 17:28 

This is an excellent indicator. I've looked at many indicators (some very fancy) over past years and this indicator is very solid. It's help with sets ups, and quickly help me determine the best pair and time frame to trade before the Euro open. I use this with a simple 5,12,50 MA along with and advanced ADX/RSI indicator for true momentum. I make consistent money every week. Very simple, very clean. I really like to keep my screen from clutter so I can see price action on the chart. I would like to see some of the percentage wins/loss data as provide with the Trend Laser, which also and excellent indicator. Great job on the Breakout Analyzer, wonderful indicator.



Foone Manika
Foone Manika 2016.12.28 14:17 

Very Good Product & Excellent Support!

Labidi Anis
Labidi Anis 2016.11.27 15:52 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Maverick1974 2016.10.21 18:44 

Amazing indicator, i used for H1 and D1 with very good results, i have alsoo the trendlaser with big results!

Great support!

Thank you Karlo

kiran gudepu
kiran gudepu 2016.08.09 16:17 

Great service, very quick response. Karlo's products are really amazing and easy to use.

Francisco 2016.07.23 09:41 

Great indicator, great support. Thank Karlo

Suwit Kamonwanon
Suwit Kamonwanon 2016.07.11 09:48   

Best indicator

mpantogi 2016.07.08 11:58 

Great Indicator, Easy to use!

sameerbusiness 2016.05.31 13:04 


Alex Sum
Alex Sum 2016.05.03 15:34 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Rogerio Oliveira
Rogerio Oliveira 2016.04.20 13:23 

Amazing indicator!

I recommend this indicator, perfect.

richiewillie2us 2016.04.09 04:26   

Well maybe we should have an option for the software not to count breakouts that move less than a user specified number of pips, I think that would satisfy ama above and I think it would be a fair thing to do to give users a more realistic statistical base based on their own parameters

Audrey Versace
Audrey Versace 2016.03.16 18:09 

just perfect..

Alessio Bizzarri
Alessio Bizzarri 2016.03.05 18:37 


ama 2016.02.23 10:19 

I found that this indicator is simply a 'slightly customized swing system'. If you all have known it, you all will not buy this indicator at 88USD.

I bought it but I don't regret it because I'd learnt something from this crap.

- Inaccurate in low volatility market

- Inaccurate in inverse trend market

- There are cases that are recognized as succeeded signals but have too small positive pips to make profit. Therefor w/l ratio displayed by this indicator can not be trusted.

- This indicator definitely needs good exit strategies, but this indicator does not have it.


I got interest explanations from developer. I show this for buyers.


I rated as 1-star regardless of whether test or live. This indicator counts low profitable signals as succeeded signals. Therefor w/l ratio of this indicator is essentially lower than displayed results by this indicator.

I will post higher rate if above drawbacks fixed or good exit indicator added in it.



Okay we understand but please read a comprehensive recommendation on how to use Breakout Analyzer,

First of all Breakout Analyzer does not include exit strategy because it is not a stand alone indicator. As what we usually advice our clients breakout analyzer is best combined with your own trading system to produce optimum results and to improve your trading decisions. The profitability and its consistency will depend on how well the tools will complement your system as well as your trading requirements. Also, our products do not guarantee any profit and consistency of earning as its profitability will solely depend on how it was used by the trader to his own advantage.

Since it is a manual tool, exit strategy will depend on the trader on how he will manage his own trading positions. Most of our successful clients using our tools often use Support/Resistance or Supply/Demand Zones as TP or SL. Some also use Swing High/Swing Lows. Some also use ATR based targets.

Since Breakout Analyzer has statistics most of our clients use it as their reference in setting your Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.

You can use the Short Term Breakout as targets for scalping and Average Breakout for your final tp levels.

Example if you see a new buy signal and the screen shows Short Term Breakout = 15 pips; Average Breakout= 30 pips then at the point of the signal appear then you can set your TP as 15 pips for scalps or you can use 30 pips for max profit.

Currently most of our clients who are successful in using the Breakout Analyzer use it with support and resistance levels. For example when price action bounce from the support level take the buy signal and when the price bounced from resistance level take the sell signal.

You can also combine breakout analyzer with strength type indicator. You can use the CCI indicator. If CCI is above 0 then only take buy signals from Breakout Analyzer and when CCI is below 0 only take sell signals.

You can also use it with trend indicator, you can try 100 period of MA. If price is above MA and the MA is sloping up take only buy signals when the price is below MA and MA is sloping down then only take sell signals.

If you want to combine Breakout Analyzer with other Pipfinite Tools, you can use Strength Meter to filter strong breakouts and volume critical to trade breakouts after overbought or oversold conditions.

Overall these are just examples in many ways of trading Breakout Analyzer, since it is a manual trading tool requiring trader's discretion at all times.

As for comparing Breakout Analyzer with EMA crossover,

In technical, breakouts are defined by

Bullish Breakout, is a close above a resistance

Bearish Breakout, is a close below support

So its totally different





I read your explanation but I'm knowing that this indicator is recommended to use with other systems. And I found a flaw in your explanation. This indicator's average breakout values are not trustworthy. If I use these values to set TP levels, I will lose many pips. This can be confirmed easily in back test.

Just some succeeded signals that have high pips are pushing averages. As for it, you all suggested trend indicators to avoid weak momentum but I'm understanding it. I'm a trend seeker.

This indicator must not draw signals in low volatility scenes.

And your explanation movie saying that open positions just after signal bar. I can't do such a dangerous entry.



That's why we said that breakout values can be used as reference ONLY.

Most of our clients using this clients exit on Support/Resistance or Supply/Demand Zones.

If your concern is low volatility you are correct because this tool is ideally used during high volatility sessions.

Example if you are trading intra day then you can simply avoid low volatility sessions by just trading the London and US session time and avoiding



and avoiding asia session



I will try



You can always wait for other signals if at the close of the bar you find it dangerous for you to enter because there will be many signals that will come.

Based from our experience there is no SINGLE indicator that can give you perfect entry and exit because the market is dynamic that's why you need to combine this indicator to a trading system to work.





I think signals that have low pips must not be described as 'Breakouts'.

These are just false signals



Even though it is a false signal it is still technically considered as a breakout as I have said before

breakouts are defined by

Bullish Breakout, is a close above a resistance

Bearish Breakout, is a close below support

Also, false signals cannot be avoided. Your job as a trader is to filter out those false signals that's why you are using other indicators for it to work to complement your style.

You cannot always trade on every signal that the indicator will give you it is up to the trader to decide which setups or signals to take in confirmation to his own trading system.





Almost traders did not recognize small pip signals as breakouts.



If we are talking technically about breakouts, a breakout either successful or not whether strong or weak is a close above resistance for bullish breakout and close below support for bearish breakout

Since we are coding an indicator, we are talking technically here with a set of rules to follow for the indicator to calculate.





Traders recognize breakouts with small pips as 'TEASE BREAKOUT'.

Tease breakout will be recognized as false breakout.

I think you must get rid of tease breakouts from 'Breakouts' If you can sincerely show the performance of this indicator.



Strong or weak it is still considered as a breakout because we are talking of its technical definition.

There is no way to predict the market, if we have an algorithm that only predicts strong breakout there is no guarantee that it will predict a strong breakout in the future because the market is dynamic so this weak breakout is part of calculation.

Since our indicator does not repaint therefore it is 100% honest in giving signals even though signal is weak or strong, if the indicator repaints then it will be easy to only show the strong breakouts.





Prediction does not exist, but the report that your indicator displays is calculated and displayed after the 'virtual profit' in BreakoutAnalyzer calculated. It seems BreakoutAnalyzer is calculating somewhat exit point, isn't it?

Therefor it is not a problem of prediction.

You said BreakoutAnalyzer does not have exit strategy. But it is calculating profit and is displaying it.

If you say this is a honest indicator, BreakoutAnalyzer must make the points that are deciding profit be exit points.

Why dont you all do that? I don think it is honest.



Breakout Analyzer calculates the maximum profit per signal.

If the signal is weak it will still calculate it even if profit is low that is why there is an average breakout, this value is calculated based from the average of the maximum profit of all breakouts whether strong or weak breakout and this value is not an ABSOLUTE exit strategy because this is just an APPROXIMATION.

If you want a good exit strategy, most of our clients simply use simple support and resistance to exit that's why we keep on repeating that Breakout Analyzer is not a stand alone indicator it needs to be combined with other indicator to work as a trading system.





You are saying strange things. You said prediction method does not exist but you are saying whether Breakout Analyzer is absolute or approximation.

All traders will not expect absolute method and existing exit strategies are all approximation. This is what all have known.

Therefor you must adopt 'YOUR APPROXIMATION' as exit point. It is natural, isn't it?



We are not talking about strange things we are just being technical for you to understand.

We are saying that the statistics is just APPROXIMATION therefore it is not ABSOLUTE


1st signal went 5 pips max

2nd signal went 7 pips max

3rd signal went 10 pips max

(1st signal + 2nd signal + 3rd signal) / 3

5+7+10= 22/3

= 7.33 pips is the Average of the 3 signals which is just used as an approximation because it is gathered from statistical data

In trading forex, there is no indicator that can consistently predict the future that is why all exit strategy using statistical method just like this average breakout can only be used as reference

Well if this definition does not suit you then you might be referring to another indicator you are expecting.





I'm not talking about average breakout. I'm talking about pips point that is displayed above or below bars.

You are using these values to count breakouts and false breakouts. Average breakout value is not a problem.

Therefor you all must adopt these points as exit point. If you say it is not important value, why are you all show these values as performance of this indicator. it's strange. I think it is not honest.



Please note that the numbers you are referring to is the maximum profit per signal which does not include exit strategy.

Maximum profit is needed because it is used to calculate the average breakout.





You are calculating 'profit' means you have exit strategies, aren't you?

As I though, you are saying strange things.

Do you think so when you read back your comment?



The exit strategy is just an approximate value based from the statistics of maximum profit of all signals

I hope this is clear for you





Don't you think so when you read back your comment?



We are not sure what are you pointing out but if we are referring to technicalities, we have explained to you how this tool works.

Well if you cannot accept our explanation that is fine with us but we are just trying our best to explain it to you.





my recent comment is just a typing error.

I can just say that Breakout Analyzer signals in low volatility are just 'SETUP' but not breakout.

I don't say anymore. It's my conclusion.



Well we respect the opinion of our clients, we are just trying to explain our technical point of view.



makis sideris
makis sideris 2016.02.05 20:21 

i put indicator on my demo acound and it is going very well i will try for one month and then if i will earn then i will put on my real acound since now i have almoste aboute 75% win agains lose signals- five stars for now

wallyk13 2016.01.30 23:42 

Great Indicator, Easy to use!

sam_poii 2016.01.28 18:57 

great indicator, easy to use :)

Robson Cristiano De Campos
Robson Cristiano De Campos 2016.01.23 17:57 

I Loved!! It is a GREAT TOOL!!!

Franck 2016.01.12 14:45 

Outstanding work from the developer. I have to say that i purchased many of his indicators, and all in all i find the breakout Analyzer being the best combine with the razor scalper, and Trend Laser. A bit of a personal touch (Own strategy), and trading becomes much easier.

Kabirov1990 2016.01.12 01:01 

Восхищаюсь вашей командой, и тем как вы подходите к делу. Отличный анализатор!

tradergeek 2015.11.24 06:15 

This is such an amazing tool for newbie traders and pro traders. A must have tool that all traders should include in their system.

Brian Smith
Brian Smith 2015.10.31 06:12 

This is a bada$$ indicator. I love this thing! I am doing so much better now!

technow 2015.09.18 01:32 

If used with VOLUME CRITICAL and STRENGTH METER have great results!!!!!

Pat Butler
Pat Butler 2015.09.03 09:49 

Use breakout analyser with strength meter on same page of MT4 to get good results. I have recommended them on T2W forum.

Rinor Memeti
Rinor Memeti 2015.09.01 15:39 

Great tool!

andreas73 2015.06.09 08:09 

Its really refreshingly that there are Products that work without repainting and so on...

In Addition its an indicator based on price action, thumbs up!!

More worth than the price I bought it for, but please left it where it is, ...so I will buy some more

Thank you and publish more of that stuff.

jdroid 2015.04.25 06:40 

Very good tool for H1 and higher timeframes. Good signals/alerts combined with price action trading - especially signals with price moving away from supply/demand zones.

chirag10310 2015.04.22 14:32 

Fianlly I purchased it . thanks

Today i Get profit USD 50 Pips in mini lots 0.10. and period is 5 minute.


David Aw Kok Chuan
David Aw Kok Chuan 2015.04.20 12:55 

I lost on my first trade upon purchasing this product. Because my lot size is small and the move is less than 10pips. There is also divergence in the direction that I went long. So it is not the fault of the indicator.

First of all. If you are having problems with monitoring your setup. This is a tool you must have. It tells you when price has break support or resistance. After which it is up to your trading system to decide whether you wish to wait for a pullback especially for lower time frame or place 5 pips above/below the signal.

What I like about this product.

1. It save you time looking for setup. 2. It tells you when price has broken any levels.

3. It tells you statistically whether the move gives you more range to profit or whether the profit margin is thing.

What I don't like.

1. The signal appeared with level price has broken and calculate the number of pips where price has broken. It gives a false impression that there is some more pips left.

2. The signal comes with a level price has broken and an arrow which you should trade on base on its bias. I would prefer if the level is shown. Than when price breaks that level that the alert comes.

I'm a pure price action trader. Using just a Samsung note 3 to trade. So I can roughly gauge whether price will reverse upon hitting the level or break without hesitation. Many times the signal comes after price has break the level and close far far away giving you little profit margin.

To complement this tool. You need a momentum indicator. Once signal has given. You need to assess whether the move is weak or strong. Macd divergence is excellent to assess the strength of the move. Currency strength meter is another.

Hope the creator can alter some of the suggestion.

Great concept creation.

Stacey B.
Stacey B. 2015.04.09 10:38 

Simply the best. Really, hope Marithess will keep on updating it or providing some useful specifications sets. Glad I was in time to buy it at lower price, but I think it worth every penny, not depending on price. Push notifications enable function is super cool. Marithess, good job, girl!

Version 6.0 2018.11.08
Improved compatibility to latest build
Improved display for high resolution monitors
Version 5.0 2017.03.02
Optimized performance
Screen comments of signals can be enabled or disabled
Version 2.0 2016.06.09
Improved display of drawn objects
Updated alerts
Updated buffer values returned
Version 1.3 2016.05.23
Added Sound Alerts File Name
Updated input descriptions
Version 1.2 2015.08.06
Improved compatibility with the new build
Added display options
Version 1.1 2015.04.20
Added support/resistance line for indicator buffers