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PipFinite Impulse PRO MT5

Are You Tired Of Getting Hunted By Spikes And Whipsaws?

Don't become a victim of the market's erratic moves.. Do Something About It!

Instantly make smarter decisions with Impulse Pro's precise balance of filters & accurate statistics.

Timing Is Everything In Trading

Anticipate the next big move before it unfolds in 3 Simple Steps!

To learn more, please visit ► www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/718212

Advantages You Get

  • Early impulse detection algorithm.
  • Flexible combination to different trading strategies.
  • Advanced statistics calculation following the entry point, take profit and exit signal.
  • Never repaints, never backpaints, never recalculates.
  • Signals strictly on the close of a bar.
  • Works in all symbols and all timeframes.
  • Integrated pop-up, email, push notifications and sound alerts.
  • Fully compatible with Expert Advisor (EA) development.

How To Trade

Step 1: Trade Setup

  • Enter a signal if Statistics Success Rate is higher than 65% (Statistics Success Rate > 65%).

Step 2: Set Take Profit

  • Option 1: Take profit on TP1.
  • Option 2: Partial take profit on TP1 and close remaining position on TP2.

Step 3: Exit Strategy

  • If buy signal did not reach take profit, exit buy signal on a new sell signal.
  • If sell signal did not reach take profit, exit sell signal on a new buy signal.

Advanced Statistics Calculation

Win Condition

  • TP1 Hit - when a signal reaches at least TP1.
  • EXIT Win - when a trade is closed on opposite signal and resulted in a positive profit.

Loss Condition

  • Exit Loss - when trade is closed on the opposite signal and resulted in a negative profit.

Success Rate

  • Percentage of signals qualified for win condition.
  • Used as reference to find better pairs and timeframes.



  • Volatility Period - number of bars used to calculate the algorithm.
  • Volatility Factor - minimum volatility multiplier required to confirm impulse moves.
  • Take Profit Factor - multiplier used to calculate take profit levels.
  • Maximum History Bars - maximum number of bars used for calculation.
  • Misc Parameters - control the universal visibility of objects and buffers.
  • Display Parameters - control the visibility of objects drawn on a chart.
  • Graphics Parameters - control the appearance and colors of drawn objects on a chart.
  • Dashboard Parameters - control the visibility and colors of statistics found on a chart.
  • Alert Parameters - control the alert options enabled.

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Isaac 2018.11.24 09:42 

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Singgih Widodo Widodo
Singgih Widodo Widodo 2018.07.11 06:56 

mantap paman..! sejauh ini jaran goyang..

Ceontec 2018.07.10 18:09 

Top Programm

chirdchai panthong
chirdchai panthong 2018.06.29 18:24 

good product

Neto Nobrega
Neto Nobrega 2018.06.28 00:20 

Good product!

Memon 2018.05.23 20:11 

Testing it currently but looks promising so far

Versión 1.6 2018.11.30
Improved internal function for targets.
Versión 1.5 2018.11.16
Updated internal functions
Versión 1.3 2018.11.08
Improved display & creation of drawn objects