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PipFinite Energy Beam MT5

Pipfinite creates unique, high quality and affordable trading tools.

Our tools may or may not work for you, so we strongly suggest to try the Demo Version for MT4 first. Please test the indicator prior to purchasing to determine if it works for you.

We want your good reviews, so hurry up and test it for free...we hope you will find it useful.


Energy Beam with Swing Control

  • Strategy: Confirm swing pullback signals
  • Watch Video: (Click Here)

Energy Beam with Trend Laser

  • Strategy: Confirm Trend Laser signals with momentum
  • Watch Video: (Click Here)
  • Strategy: Improve filtering by combining trend and momentum
  • Watch Video: (Click Here)


Momentum analyzer calculated using an array of price action filters.

Functions as a filter to detect underlying momentum. Works in any pair and timeframe

  • Analyzes various levels of price movement and generates the best filtered result
  • Filtered results
    • Blue Beam - Bullish momentum, only look for buying opportunities
    • Red Beam - Bearish momentum, only look for selling opportunities
    • Gray Beam - Flat momentum, stay away from market
  • Balancing "Confirmation" vs "Lag" - Determine the Number of Filters required to suite your trading needs
    • Increasing Number of Filters improves confirmation but increases lag (slower)
    • Decreasing Number of Filters weakens confirmation but decreases lag (faster)
  • Number of Filters
    • 5 filters - less confirmed + less lag
    • 6 filters - confirmed + average lag (default)
    • 7 filters - more confirmed + more lag
    • 8 filters - most confirmed + most lag
  • Flexible tool, can be used in many ways to improve a trading system
  • Settings
    • Period = 7 to 14 can be used to detect immediate momentum
    • Period = 30 or higher ideal for filtering signals from other indicators
  • Multiple Filtering - Load 2 or more Energy Beam with different Period settings
    • Faster calculation (Energy Beam 1 Period = 7)
    • Slower calculation (Energy Beam 2 Period = 30)
    • Combination of the 2 indicators can improve filtering
      • If both are Bullish, only look for buy signals on your system
      • If both are Bearish, only look for sell signals on your system
      • If the 2 filters have different colors, ignore taking any signal from your system
  • Higher Timeframe Filter - Use momentum of higher timeframe to filter signals on lower timeframe
    • Daily Timeframe is Bullish(Blue Beam)
    • Only take buy signals on H1 from your system
  • Supporting Tool
    • Ideally combined with price action trading
    • Ideally combined with Support/Resistance
    • Improve Trend Laser filtering
    • Confirm Swing Control signals
  • Color schemes for light and dark charts
  • Never repaints
  • Never backpaints
  • Never recalculates
  • Calculation fixed at "Close of the bar"
  • Compatible with Expert Advisor development

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Version 5.0 - 2017.03.02
Optimized performance
Screen comments of signals can be enabled or disabled