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PipFinite Trend Laser

Pipfinite creates unique, high quality and affordable trading tools.

Our tools may or may not work for you, so we strongly suggest to try the Demo Version for MT4 first. Please test the indicator prior to purchasing to determine if it works for you.

We want your good reviews, so hurry up and test it for free...we hope you will find it useful.


Trend Laser with Volt Impulse

  • Strategy: Confirm impulsive signals
  • Watch Video: (Click Here)

Trend Laser with Energy Beam

  • Strategy: Confirm Trend Laser signals with momentum
  • Watch Video: (Click Here)
  • Strategy: Improve filtering by combining trend and momentum
  • Watch Video: (Click Here)

Trend Laser with Razor Scalper

  • Strategy: Enter scalping signals in the direction of the trend
  • Watch Video: (Click Here)


Advanced trend detection software using complex algorithms that can be used as the supporting tool or system.

Functions mainly as a filter to help you trade in the direction of the trend. It works in any pair or timeframe

  • Unique trend detection that avoids whipsaws and uncertain market noise
  • Analyzes statistics of maximum profits and calculates possible targets for the next signal
  • Flexible tool, can be used in many ways to improve a trading system
  • Trend Filter
    • Additional filter for existing systems
    • Use Period = 4 to 10
  • Entry Point
    • Entering a trade from a confirmed system
    • Use Period = 2 to 3
  • Exit Strategy
    • Exit will depend on traders discretion according to his/her strategy
      • Support/Resistance Areas
      • Reversal signals from price action patterns
    • Statistical data
      • Exit trades once profit reaches the "Average Profit"
      • Partially close trades when profit reaches the "Minimum Move"
    • We can use Exit Scope as alternate exit strategy
  • Multi Timeframe
    • Higher and lower timeframe directions are the same:
      • Buy trend laser signals on H1 if H4 is uptrend
      • Sell trend laser signals on M15 if H1 is downtrend
  • Supporting Tool
  • Color schemes for light and dark charts
  • Never repaints
  • Never backpaints
  • Never recalculates
  • Signals strictly on the "Close of the bar"
  • Compatible with Expert Advisor development

Video References

Please Watch in High-Definition to further understand


  • Overall Trades - The total number of past signals
  • Profitable Trades - The total number of past profitable signals. It is counted by a signal that turned into profit at some point and does not include exit strategy
  • Success Rate - Percentage(%) of past profitable signals. An important filter to scan better performing instruments
  • Best Profit - Is the highest max profit recorded
  • Average Profit - Value that predicts the possible max profit of next signal
  • Minimum Move - Average of past signals lower than the average profit value. Can be used as Minimum TakeProfit or Exit target for scalping


If we have 4 Past Signals

  • Signal 1 made 5Pips Max Profit
  • Signal 2 made 20Pips Max Profit
  • Signal 3 made 8Pips Max Profit
  • Signal 4 made 15Pips Max Profit

Average Profit = (Signal 1 + Signal 2 + Signal 3 + Signal 4)/4 = (5+20+8+15)/4 = 12Pips

  • Signal 5 is expected to reach 12Pips Maximum
  • Average Profit Value can be used Takeprofit or Exit Strategy Value.

Success Rate - Can be used to locate better trending markets

  • Example 1
    • If a pair has Success Rate Lower than 85%. We can skip trading this pair and look for other pairs with higher success rate
  • Example 2
    • EURUSD H1 Success Rate is 86% while AUDUSD H1 Success Rate is 92%. A wise decision is to pick AUDUSD signals

Improve Your Trading

Use a simulator and live trading panel (Click Here)

2017.03.16 19:39 

Simple way to trade - on news time go for a walk but normal times a great indi

John Canning
2017.03.16 09:00 

This is a great indicator. It keeps things simple, but therein lies its effectiveness.

2017.03.03 10:09 

Hi there,

How can I make an update on from PipFinite TrendLaser 5.0 ?

2017.03.02 17:22 

How can I make an update on from PipFinite TrendLaser 5.0 I have version 3.0 of PipFinite TrendLaser.

Thanks for your help

Jitendra Bodmann
2017.03.01 20:26   

just a review to confirm my purchase. I will update with rating soon...

2017.02.27 19:03 

I bought Razor Scalp + Trend Laser 1 week ago - when I asked for best settings - I can see default isn't best match for the combo ... I had a PM with in 5 min to send proof of payments. Well I bet they have the info on file who bought etc... but I'm a kind guys so send the info.

Now for the last 5 days I've waited on best pratic info for the 2 indicator combo.... and heard nothing.

With default settings the indicators react way to slow :-(

1 star

Boris Tacyniak
2017.02.27 18:06 

Avoid, can't work event if you follow indication + an another indicatoy "Pipfinite".

2017.02.27 02:00 

Very good indicator

2017.02.25 06:18 

Good indicator Great support !

2017.02.23 00:41 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2017.02.18 16:43 

signal is one candle late so if you're using an hour candle your signal will be an hour late.

2017.02.09 13:58 

Excellent indicator nice entry points combined with confirmation is great

2017.02.03 11:01 

i need new version please

2017.02.01 16:27 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2017.01.31 06:53 

been using this indicator for 1 day, it is not as impressive as the intro, mostly late signal half way of a trend, so far no profit.

update 2017.01.31:

after couple of week, I think this is the worth purchasing decision I've ever made so far, always late, if this is how it work, I can draw the line by my hand and sell it too, just wait half of the trend. Making money never been easier.

2017.01.27 10:39 


Can u give me good setup for m5 and 1h (period etc...)

and, its possible to use it in EA ?

thank you

2017.01.25 12:51 

good indicator

Giacomo Rastelletti
2017.01.17 11:08 

Very nice indicator and amazing support

Obed Everardo Rodriguez Luna
2017.01.17 04:32 


2017.01.16 21:36 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2017.01.07 05:52 

Very good tools.. I still need help to set it properly please

2016.12.29 22:07 

I am using this indicator with volt ımpulse and getting good results for now, but ı am new and looking for better parameters, ı will update my review after 1 month with results.

But Thank you for Karlo for this good products.

Pichet Khantipong
2016.12.28 10:12 

Very good Indicator

2016.12.07 10:17 

One of the most over-rated indicator in this marketplace.

There are even cheaper and better trend indicators available !

Hermann Langer
2016.12.02 08:37 

This realy works. Tried it in Timeframes from M5 to D1, the indicatorar gives accurate entry signals. Some are a bit late, some are on spot. If you are used with indicators you know that no indicator can do ALL the work. And the problem in Forex are not the entries, but the exits. One could simply use change of Trend laser signal to exit, although it works,its a bit rough. If one uses Price Action for exiting, good trades are made on regular basis. Higher TF's like H4 also working excellent, but one need patience. I use Trend Laser in conjunction with Razor Scalper to find entries and this works really well. Exits manually. All in all Trend Laser is an excellent tool, if one want to standardize entries in a trading system!

2016.11.30 11:07 

Very Good Indicator. I have purchased Trend laser and Vol Critical to confirm signals. Working with a trailing Stop for exit. I was used to work with a similar trend indicator in 1H Grafic. But that one include an helps me to accurate information the exit strategy with some data.

Congratulations for the job.

David Prasetyo Pratama
2016.11.23 19:57 

Really great. I got 100% profit on first day of trade using live account.

Exceptionally great if you combine this with a great confirmation indicator.

Will update after a few more weeks trading.

2016.11.12 21:35 

Hi, I buy trend Laser and I find it great. I use it for scalping, I enter the trade only if in M5 success rate is over 90% and if the trend is the same of M30 and H1 but not in lateral closed prices. I see also stock. to confirm trend laser. I tested before in demo and after in real account. I TP (80%) always before the min. aver. and 20% with trailing stop or manually.

Period: 3

Ram Avramov
2016.10.20 23:21 

I love this indicator made great EA out of it 250% in 20 days,


2016.10.18 08:30 

Good seller

Hendrikus Pelgrim
2016.10.16 09:49 

Absolutely worth 5 stars, use it with a confirmation indi and you never go wrong!

I recommed this indicator to all.

2016.10.11 08:47 

Excellent indicator. In fact all their indicators are well thought out... helping you to mark out the pathway for making right trading decisions. Also, amazingly helpful with quick response to troubling problems that arise from time to time regarding any indicator applications you may encounter. I give them 5 stars and a big 'YES' to the FX FACTOR.

2016.10.09 21:13 

I use this with Volt Impulse and it works really well on my live account over the past 2 months.

I trade H1, match up the signals, confirm with higher timeframe, precise entry on the M1 and it gives me 85%+ success.

Never had results this good, but I did have to play around with the settings for a while.

Thirupathi Shanigarapu
2016.10.07 18:57 

i purchased this indicator, the problem,is recently i was upgraded my computer, that time, i was re installed mt4 indicator, now this indicator is not working...

2016.10.06 14:59 

indicator, more useful. I use real account. moment good result.

2016.09.27 22:58 

ALWAYS LATE TO THE PARTY- I paid for this app, excited about the prospects of it... but the indicator always seems to be late to signal the next turn. On most occasions, the chart would be going on its 5th to sixth candle before the turn signal is given. That is far too late for a majority of moves. And that is too bad for me because I'm all about getting the 'meat' of the move. So I would pass on this, but maybe try another one of thier products. Volt looks promising.

2016.09.24 07:22 

Good work very helpful and it make trading ezy

David Vieira Kurz
2016.09.22 23:54 


Original review (2016.08.24 14:40):


It works very well for me, but to be honest I first had to find the right settings which fits to my trading style.

I use it with in combination with the Pipfinite Volt Impulse using following settings:

Sensitivity = 5.0 (Volt Impulse) and period of 14 (Trend Laser) during Frankfurt and London Session. During Asia Session i found that a sensitivity of 6.0 with a period of 21 is more accurate for my trading style.

When both show me a signal, I enter the trades.



Updated review (2016.09.22 23:54):


After using the both mentioned indicators for some weeks i came to the conclusion that following settings fits (mostly) perfect for me.

During Frankfurt and London Session:

Sensitivity = 7.0 (Volt Impulse) and period = 14 (Trend Laser). During Asia Session i found that a sensitivity of 6.0 with a period of 21 is more accurate for my trading style.

I trade the EUR/USD and DAX30 (GER30) on the M5 time frame. But to get better results, I use the H1 time frame as confirmation. That means if Trend Laser + Volt Impulse show the same signal (BUY/SELL) on M5 + H1, I place the order. That increased my profitable trades noteworthy!


2016.09.20 07:50 

solid trend indicator, always fast and great friendly help from Karlo

muhammad husaini
2016.09.06 04:51   

good indicator, i bought on sept 06.2016, i used it on live account, no need to test in demo.. i believe this indicator will work good

2016.08.25 22:44 

Awesome indicator, easy to operate maximize profit !!

Asser Badrawy
2016.08.23 22:26 

First I tested and was great

buy with Volt impulse and using in my live account

good start

and Excellent support from Karlo

fx9 fx9
2016.08.22 12:20 

Excellent Indicator, it work`s better with Stochastic Indicator as it helps to filter out false signals / market noise.

Andrew Lee
2016.08.19 03:41 

Excellent support and great set of indicators. Fantastic to use as part of your overall trading strategy.

Mahmoud Nowishy
2016.08.15 16:00 

Very handy Indicator as usual from Karlo, if utilized properly

Thanks Karlo again, Keep up the good work

kiran gudepu
2016.08.09 16:18 

Great service, very quick response. Karlo's products are really amazing and easy to use.

2016.08.02 21:21 

Excellent Product and support.

Brian Hudson
2016.07.27 03:52 

Very useful!

Hzkol Ghorban
2016.07.19 10:33 

I enjoyed!

2016.07.18 16:13 

I agree. A very useful tool!!

salimlpinjar pinjar
2016.07.17 13:08 


its wrks well on higher time frame, like H1 and H4.thanks karlo!!!

2016.07.14 19:33 

hi,i recommend pipfinite for beginner traders and its good fantastic useful very simple to used and understand, its good to use with small time frame e.g. 30min chart and 1hr chart its give you alert pips minimum movement and maximum movement, its work for me well. thanks.

David Lehnhardt
2016.07.13 00:21 

Guter Indikator, der auf höheren Zeitebenen auch gute Gewinne bringen kann.

für Anfänger hervorragend geeignet.

Christian Schuller
2016.07.11 15:11 

Very nice indicator! Like it especially for high time frames you cannot go wrong. ;)

2016.07.11 14:57 

Best Indicator

Suwit Kamonwanon
2016.07.11 09:49   

Best indicator

2016.07.11 08:25 

Nice and easy indicador. Good service from Karlo.

2016.07.06 00:50 

Has no predictive power whatsoever

Wojciech Mtl
2016.06.23 09:44   

very good tool for manual trader

2016.06.20 05:48   

One of the The best Indicators specially if u look for D1,H4 and H1.

If all are in the same trend then u r gonna earns some $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Leszek Kot
2016.06.17 01:45 

I bought the indicator some time ago. I ordered EA from another coder. It was working just fine until the indicator was updated so EA stopped working. I asked Karlo for old files to email to me but she refused. I had on another occasion old file send from other developer and it worked. In this case customer service very bad and I will never buy anything from her any more.

Kevin Manrrique
2016.06.02 02:50 

I just bought the system. I'm going to try it out and give my feedback in a week from now. Thanks to the developers, and MQL5 community.

May 27, 2016 (Update) - Good afternoon here in Toronto, ON, CA. I have a little issue that turned huge with this indicator. This indicator is amazing and can do wonders! There's only ONE problem. Entry's and exit on trades are very off. This can be changed very easily by adding "Shift" to the settings so we can bring the indicator forward or backwards depending on the clients that purchased the indicator or people looking into it.

I've spoken with Karlo about this situation and she said it will take a month or so. What I don't understand is that why does it take a month to fix a very easy, and simple solution that can solve many problems. She told me that it can interfere with the settings. Which I believe that won't happen because shifting has nothing to do with the settings. It's an input that works by itself. It doesn't work with other settings. We were going back and forth about this problem which is a EASY FIX. I just hope that they can update this indicator with the "shift" input in the settings by Monday.

I wouldn't be asking them to add this easy 1 line input but I can't even access the script which is understandable because it's locked by developers. So Please to Karlo and developers of this system. PLEASE ADD THE "SHIFT" INPUT IN THIS SYSTEM BY MONDAY.

Please and thank you.


Kevin Manrrique

If anyone is having the same problem or has issues please comment below my reply so Karlo and the developers can see and fix these issue quickly.

May 31, 2016 - *Still waiting on that update for the "Shift" input, I think everyone will be very happy! Also look for my signals TWTForexGroup. Thanks Everyone*

June 1, 2016 - They said they can't insert a simple shift for the indicator because it will interfer the system? Such BS. You have the best developers and can't add a simple line to a script... Very very disappointed.

Mansoor Nizamuddin
2016.05.31 13:06 

The best thing i can ever have Thanks Alot

Vasiliy Goryunov
2016.05.30 08:06   

I bought the system. i'd like to say there are not good and precision enters for trades with this settings...

maybe the reason is "ADD THE "SHIFT" INPUT IN THIS SYSTEM BY MONDAY" :-))


Kayode Oyegunle
2016.05.27 09:59 

Very good indicator, very helpful in analyzing and decision making.

2016.05.06 21:35 

This indicator is really only as good as a MACD or a moving average based system. When it's on a trend it's good, but when the market is not, watch out.

It still comes down to having a crystal ball that tells you when to get out at the right time.

Enrico Lombardi
2016.05.05 17:09 

Is not so perfect as the people say...

Konstantin Evsyukov
2016.05.02 23:07 

It 's great,it 's great :) Я говорю это полная ерунда,вы что слепые? Хлам. Одна звезда за работу и ту позже удалю.

2016.04.26 00:30 

the indicator could be ways better if they would add one or two simple features for better historic trade analysis, such as with SL x and TP y you would have created z Pips profit (way better then their average move and maximum possible profit) and i also would have further ideas to improve the output of this pretty interesting indicator ....

By now it is 2 out of 5 for me because there is huge yet unused potential, without a lot of work !!

2016.04.23 11:17 

I bought a laser and razor trend scalper,, how do it so that alerts are not together in one instance,,, its notification alert laser trend in box A and alerts razor scalper in box B

2016.04.23 10:39 

nice indicator.. amazing support..

Qingshan Li
2016.03.26 06:19 

Great products and great support!

2016.03.24 15:06 

It 's great

2016.03.15 15:47 

I found the indicator nice and useful. They have great customer support.

Matthias Goehringer
2016.03.13 23:24 

Looks goood.

What is the indicator below? And what settings?


2016.03.10 16:10 

Hi all those indicators and developers are probably the most honest in market. I have purchased trend laser and razor scalper. together they work really good and worth of spending.

Alessio Bizzarri
2016.03.05 18:36 


Mujeeb Abdul
2016.03.01 10:37 

Excellent Product


2016.02.20 15:47 


Great indicator, thank you. I am very optimistic!

Can you please send the "iCustom" code to use the indicator in an EA. In addition to the code on how to check for a buy or sell signal in the EA.

Lingxiang Zhang
2016.02.16 19:40 

hope to make more simple trading strategy

2016.02.16 12:10   

how to make this an expert advisor? ijust bought it.

2016.02.06 14:56 

I use this with razor scalper, i chet 15m tf and 4 hours tf, rsi and probability.. and well.. 90% right way man!

Levent Kilic
2016.02.03 18:28 

PipFinite Trend Leser Indicator is a very stable Trendline Indicator with a pure Reality!! A very good product! Thank you!

Noppadol Sangkum
2016.02.03 17:14 

Fantastic indicator



Carl Gustav Ekstroem
2016.01.29 17:32 

This Indicator is amazing, 5 stars ! :D

2016.01.28 13:38 

Очень хороший трендовый индикатор, красиво смотрится. Великолепно!

Evgeny Dubrovin
2016.01.27 22:20 

very good and useful indicator !!! The main thing to use it. I recommend! 6 stars!

Robson Cristiano De Campos
2016.01.23 17:56 

PERFECT, it is easy to use!! Great TOOL

2016.01.12 01:00 

Восхитительный анализатор. Советую!!!

Aaref Dukhan
2016.01.08 02:10 

SUPERB INDICATOR.. Secret Sauce: Combine with Razor Scalper & Exit Scope.. you are UNBEATABLE!

2015.12.31 09:19 

Doesnt lag nor repaint, follow the rules of the indicator and it will help alot with manual trades.Great seller as well.

2015.12.28 12:42 

Fantastic indicator, well worth the money. 5 star review.

2015.12.18 10:14 

This is good indicator when combine with other indicators (macd, rsi, etc.) to make judgement for trading.

John Le
2015.12.17 00:59 

Good indicator but the support are even better. Using Laser + Razor + Stoch + Macd = Profits. Follow the author instruction and you will make money.

2015.12.04 16:40 

Impressive product, reasonably accurate market estimation

Author is very enthusiastic ~

Thank you for your creation

2015.11.25 07:47 

How do you determine TP and SL while using this indicator ?

2015.11.24 06:21 

This is the perfect addition to your trading system. Easy to use and helps me stay longer in my trades to gain more pips. 5 Star developer!

2015.11.05 19:09 

Actually, the Pipfinite Team is providing professional service. If you have any questions, contact them. They will try to solve it quickly.

Siska Nurasila
2015.11.04 18:25 

The best indicator in my trade. you must try now!!!!

share my setup :

1. Trend Laser Periode 2

2. Energy Beam Periode 7 Filter 6

3. MACD 5,35,5

4. Bands 120

5. Pivot Poin Daily

Piotr Przybylski
2015.10.02 22:59 

Hi Thanks Very Well....

YESERTDAY i win 78 $ But There is Alwaays But !!!





THANKS for Karlo Wilson Vendiola

THANKS for Karlo Wilson Vendiola

THANKS for Karlo Wilson Vendiola


MY SECRET ...I will tell you maybe one day but i am trading from 3 years and this is My Best score ...

2015.10.02 05:20   

nice indicator.When i active 5 times. How can i continue to use it?

Lev Vladimirovic Marushkin
2015.09.19 00:24 

Pipfinite Trendlaser + My Trading System = Holy Grail. Finally i can make a living just through Forex. Thank you Karlo!!!!

2015.09.18 01:29 

Copyright holder is perfect. I think you should improve a bit the signal, the entries are long overdue, if really get into the point will have many stops

Trade Forex
2015.09.15 16:39 

Great customer service, quick response.

jinhee Lee
2015.09.11 13:31 

I use this indicator as a trend filter. It works good for it. You can't use it as a entry signal.

Stacey B.
2015.09.03 18:10 

Great thing. Love all of the PipFinite indicators.

Андрей Мурза
2015.09.03 09:48 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Rinor Memeti
2015.09.01 15:39 


Mikhail Arslanov
2015.08.25 07:56 

great service!

2015.08.20 14:28 


i just bought pipfinite trend laser. simple and very helpful. may i get your email? i cant find any any email address in your web. I would like to ask some question.


Vijayaratna Kumar Boda
2015.08.20 14:05 

Just another useless Indicator. Trend change is displayed after the market is gone far away. You can do that by simply loading two moving averages from MT4 in-built indicators to check the Trend (Say EMA5 & 12)! The points displayed in the indicator you see is how much it has gone + side from the signal but that doesn't count when it comes to practical. After you place the order, your trade is already in minus. Well, as author says, don't use this for entry! Only the advantage is a better visual display than those of Moving Averages! Otherwise, no point in Buying this Indicator.

I have purchased the other "Razor Scalper" Indicator from the same author, that seems to be better & I am evaluating it now. You may spend money on that rather on this!

Valtr Kolban
2015.07.14 19:46 

Amazing developer

2015.07.13 14:46 

I fully agreed with Stephanie Kissel and Valtr Kolban on their concerns regarding there is a lot of indicator out there truly doing the same action like this 88USD indicator and maybe its not a perfect tools for us to get more pips as we expected.

I personally had spoken to the developer and he also telling me that all their indicators are only for references and to make use of it as a basic analysis with their theories base on our style of tradings. Their is no Holy grail indicator for perfect trading..... indeed!!.

The promises is not on the indicators itself, but its more on your style of trading. For me the most important is i don't have to waste my time on hunting and searching a thousand of existing indicator in the market and playing around and only to know the functions of all the features on it.

Even though i can ask my friend to find the same theories as this indicator, but its not making any different. Your personal experiences will tell you not to buy this or that , or not to use this or that indicator or EA's. Trust me, you will never had satisfied with 1 indicator even your friend said its a best tools in the world. You will never know its after your had try on another indicator out there.

The repaint issues on indicator is part of a most highlight stories for us went talking about indicators,so for me its really a big issues so that i can distinguish its later in with repaint indicator. I know there is a lot of repaint indicator but only this indicator given me a chance to exactly understand what is non repaint indicator.

The developer himself also recommend me to get another indicator to bundle with his indicator, so what i can say that he is really a generous and honest guy. He is not promising a perfect indicator but he is given us a chances to less our loses on trading.

For newbies like me out there I'm mostly welcome you guys to get this indicator before searching any promising indicator out there. Me myself i had spending a lot of time and money on trying and learning more then hundred popular indicator in market.

Sorry for all words of praise that i said here, if only there is really a good indicator out there surely one day someone can show me here but i don't think its will cost me 88USD :).

Thank you guys, on customizing and enhancing the concept and theories on this indicator so i can have more confident to use it with my own set of other indicators that i had bundle in my TPL.


2015.07.05 15:38 

I Don't Like Hype at all,

because hard working people are out here in america dealing with a lot of Hardship trying to get ahead

and I would not waste my time on a review if the Product was Garbage,

but I am glad and feel very blessed to have come across this Product and Karlo Product line,

I have only had this product for a week and have only followed the simple trading instructions

found on the Trend Lazer Product Page(youtube Video) on how to trade with the Trend Lazer,

and it is just a blessing, The product will pay for it self 20x with the first signal it gives on

the 4H Chart, in the main direction of the overall trend direction from the D1 chart,

Listen if you are on the fence, get off you have found an Indicator that will give you the

Results you are looking for, which is, when to get in at the right time and Make money, follow me on Instagram

I am a real person getting real results @jonjon_912

2015.06.16 11:23 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2015.05.29 20:05 

It has PipFinite ways to trade ;)

2015.05.28 13:47 

fantastic tools from Pipfinite, one by one

i have 5 of their tools, this is speak for itself ;)

if you follow the tools' rules, you will be happy

very good support from them, they are very kind and helpful, you really get what you pay for, i really recommend pipfinite tools

2015.05.04 19:20 

Very good Indicator, Amazing Support and Guidance from the Developer!

2015.04.17 17:36 

Excellent Indi!!!!

Petr Moskaljuk
2015.03.21 19:27 

Отличный индикатор !! Perfect!

Stephanie Kissel
2014.11.07 13:53 

It works as all other Trendline Indicators. And i give 3 Stars, because what i found out is, that the system isnt calculating the "Minimum SL/TP" which it is showing as SUCCESS in all the pictures, its also if the system makes only 0.1 pip Profit!!! BUT THIS nobody cant take. Its only for the SYSTEM! Near no Trailingstop if hidden or not cant take 0.1 pip as profit. So i dont understand why the system sees this as successfull trade! Its total nonsens!!! So the system adds very often 0.1 - 4 pips as success, but no broker let you take this. So the statistic is total wrong for to make a profit. Its only that the system is happy. And in Timeframes like 1 minute and 15 minute this is total often the case. So this minimum SL/TP is total useless and this Average Profit too! There are a lot of free trendindicators for free, and they do the same work, and better - no joke. I had 9 at the same time installed to compare them all, becausee i was shoked from when i saw that the system was happy with his success. I also played with the period setting to 3 in lower TF. But Pipfinite Trend Laser has a loooot to improve. I had wasted my money here i can say. I was expecting that the Minimum TP is a number which believeable and the SuccessRate isnt nonsens. You will never reach the same Successrate. Dear Author, please write in your description that the successrate isnt working for traders. Sure no system cant say where the trend is going and how far, but your statistics, that total B... Sh...!!! That that makes me really pis....

3 Stars i give, because it looks nice. Normal i would give 1 star because this joking statistics.

2014.08.07 18:47 

for a trading system

it's simple & good. we got EL, TP, SL

just need stay away from the news time.

but I still use Symphonie_Trendline to trading. it's more accurate.

Version 5.0 - 2017.03.02
Optimized performance
Screen comments of signals can be enabled or disabled
Version 3.0 - 2016.06.09
Improved display of drawn objects
Updated alerts
Updated buffer values returned
Version 2.7 - 2016.05.23
Added Sound Alerts File Name
Updated input descriptions
Version 2.6 - 2015.09.25
Added a buffer for the EA development
Indicator buffer #19 = maximum efficiency
Version 2.5 - 2015.08.19
Added success rate as buffer for EA development
Buffer #18 = Success Rate Filter
Version 2.4 - 2015.08.06
Improved compatibility with the new build
Added display options
Added the new Black&White color scheme
Version 2.3 - 2015.04.06
Included average profit and minimum move on the buffers for the EA development
Improved calculation of the minimum move for trend scalping
Modified alert message
Version 2.2 - 2015.04.02
Simplified statistics
Added setting to control display location
Added setting to highlight Laser (on or off) for personal visual preference
Version 2.1 - 2015.03.20
Improved display of objects
Version 2.0 - 2015.01.20
Added Max History Bars to have more accurate SL and TP values from latest bars.
Added Display Settings to hide objects.
Improved calculation of trend.