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HMA Color with Alerts MT5

Hull Moving Average (HMA) is well-deservedly popular among traders because of the effective averaging of market noise and a relatively small delay.

The current MetaTrader 5 version changes its color when the movement direction changes. Sound and text signals are available. It also supports sending email and push messages.

It is possible to trigger a signal on the current incomplete bar, although such a signal may be canceled before completion if conditions are no longer appropriate.

One of the possible HMA indicator applications:

Use two instances of the indicator with different periods on the chart. The small period (approximately from 12 to 25) shows the current timeframe movement, while the large period (approximately from 60 to 120) highlights the trend. A trade is performed when the lower HMA changes its direction towards the higher (older) one.


----- HMA settings ----- (HMA indicator parameters):

  • HMA period;
  • HMA averaging method;
  • applied price

--- Notifications/Sounds --- (notifications and sound settings):

  • ON/OFF - Sound when the signal - sound signal;
  • ON/OFF - Alert - signal alert messages;
  • ON/OFF - Mail - send emails;
  • ON/OFF - Push - send push notifications to mobile devices;
  • Sound file on the closed bar - the final signal - sound file name for a final signal (on a closed bar);
  • Sound file on the current bar - the possible signal - sound file name for a preliminary signal (on the current bar);
  • Enable the possible signal on the current bar - enable a preliminary signal on the current incomplete bar
gvzfo 2020.05.15 23:07 

Very good!

Detleff Böhmer
Detleff Böhmer 2019.09.24 07:39 

Ein nützlicher und sehr genauer Trendindikator, richtig eingestellt liefert er sehr genaue Ergebnisse. Danke für das teilen.

sami.m767 2019.07.28 19:59 

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Nikolay Gaylis
Nikolay Gaylis 2019.01.07 17:40 

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leandro fruhauf
leandro fruhauf 2019.01.04 02:27 

Excelente esse indicador. Parabéns ao criador

Roumen Zahariev
Roumen Zahariev 2018.12.04 17:12 

Перфектен и полезен индикатор.

Perfect and useful indicator.

David Diez
David Diez 2018.11.28 14:45 

Getting rich.

Mikf 2018.08.21 17:05 

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coletrade 2018.03.26 19:24 

Very useful trend indicator. Thanks for sharing