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Candle Pattern Finder

The indicator finds candlestick patterns based on Gregory L.' Morris "Candlestick Charting Explained: Timeless Techniques for Trading Stocks and Futures".

If a pattern is detected, the indicator displays a message at a bar closure.

It recognizes the following patterns: Bullish/Bearish (possible settings in brackets):

  1. Hammer / Shooting Star (with or without confirmation*)
  2. Inverted Hammer / Hanging Man (with or without confirmation*)
  3. Engulfing (high or low sensibility**)
  4. Piercing Line / Dark Cloud Cover (high or low sensibility**)
  5. Three White Soldiers / Identical Three Crows (high or low sensibility**)
  6. Morning Star / Evening Star including Doji Star
  7. Rising Three Methods / Falling Three Methods
  8. Meeting Lines
  9. Harami, including Harami Cross

* - "Without confirmation" - a signal occurs straight at the closure of the bar that forms the candlestick pattern. "With confirmation" - the indicator waits for the next (confirming) bar closure.

** - "Low sensibility" - the pattern is recognized in strict conformity with the description from the book by Gregory L. Morris. "High sensibility" - uses additional criteria that take into account a variety of pattern options in the Forex market, which are not used on the stock market. This has increased the number of correct signals without increasing the number of false ones.


  1. The indicator implements virtually all candlestick patterns available for Forex from the book by G. Morris.
  2. The indicator is not tied to the size and shape of candlesticks, since it uses the intellectual recognition technique, which is similar to human perception - patterns are recognized so as a human eye would visually recognize them.
  3. You can choose to recognize separate candlestick patterns. Flexible settings for each pattern.
  4. Two languages are supported: English and Russian (the Language parameter). You can also add the names of the candlestick patterns, and in your mother tongue (send a private message to me).
  5. Sounds and message notifications of pattern formation. Emails and push notifications (parameters ON/OFF-Mail and ON/OFF-Push).


Parameters of candlestick patterns

  • Parameters of Hammer and Shooting Star (Disable / Single bar (without confirmation) / Bar with confirmation)
  • Parameters of Inverted Hammer and Hanging Man (Disable / Single bar (without confirmation) / Bar with confirmation)
  • Parameters of Engulfing pattern (Disable / High sensitivity / Low sensitivity)
  • Parameters of Cloud pattern (Dark/Piercing Cloud) (Disable / High sensitivity / Low sensitivity)
  • Parameters of Three White Soldiers/Identical Crows (Disable / High sensitivity / Low sensitivity)
  • Enable Morning Star and Evening Star (Disable / Enable)
  • Enable Rising/Falling Three Methods (Disable / Enable)
  • Enable Meeting Lines pattern (Disable / Enable)
  • Enable Harami pattern (Disable / Enable)

Notifications and Alerts

  • ON/OFF – Sound when the signal - enable/disable sound signal
  • File name of sound
  • ON/OFF - Alert - messages in the terminal when signals emerge
  • ON/OFF - Mail – sending notification emails
  • ON/OFF - Push – sending push notifications to mobile devices

Color Settings

  • Color of Up-model – color for the descriptions of bullish patterns
  • Color of Down-model – color for the descriptions of bearish patterns

Other Settings

  • Show Pattern Description – show/hide pattern descriptions
  • Language – English or Russian

You can test the indicator's demo version here

Reviews 13
De Wet Nel
De Wet Nel 2020.06.03 19:19 

Perfect, Good guy. Thank you for your personal assistance!!

Nicolas Dobrovsky
Nicolas Dobrovsky 2020.04.02 11:18 

High quality indicator

joelliy 2020.02.11 09:47 

works very well!!

De Wet Nel
De Wet Nel 2020.06.03 19:19 

Perfect, Good guy. Thank you for your personal assistance!!

383702 2020.04.06 01:46 

Not very accurated it doesn't shows the engulfing patterns when the trend pulls back and continues. Example during the up trend the price pulls back and then make a engulfing pattern that particular pattern didnt showed up even with the more accurate settings. Please is it possible to change this?

Nicolas Dobrovsky
Nicolas Dobrovsky 2020.04.02 11:18 

High quality indicator

joelliy 2020.02.11 09:47 

works very well!!

Dávid Gyalus
Dávid Gyalus 2019.02.19 15:39 

This indicator has in my opinion the best value comparison to the price, you need to just set the setting properly! That is really important, because if not, it will show you too much signal, anyway belive you dont need as much. So just set the setting like ------> only with confirmation, and low sensivity accurate signals! Cheers quys!

khalaf2011 2018.06.07 15:45 


Peter 2018.01.30 19:46 

Excellent candlestick indicator! It's accurate, well programmed and works like a charm :)

EDGARS BARTULANS 2017.10.16 19:50 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

pnutfx503 2017.05.31 07:58 

It work better than the one's that I paid more money for very easy to use.

3110494 2017.02.03 12:13   

Just purchased candle finder on mql5 but I can't set it up on mobile devices mt4 please help

garethconcise 2016.06.07 08:59 

Just bought this product, does what it says on the box but really helps you learn your candles without being intrusive. Highly recommended.

Dennis Pratama
Dennis Pratama 2016.06.04 10:47 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

scarte64 2015.10.26 20:12 

Does exactly as promised, and has a good amount of customisation to have confirmation or take off the names of the patterns etc, just what I needed.

Version 1.21 2017.03.29
Updated to the new terminal build
Version 1.2 2016.04.11
1. Added the "Description Font Size" parameter, which adjusts the font size of the pattern description

2. Now the indicator is able to pass the EA not only the information on the candlestick pattern appearance, but also the type of the pattern using the global variables of the terminal.
Version 1.1 2015.06.08
Now the indicator is more sensitive to identification of "Hammer" and "Shooting star" patterns.