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Pattern 1 2 3

The indicator automatically identifies the 1-2-3 pattern on the chart.

  1. The indicator is able to monitor the formation of pattern in real time. It informs the trader when the pattern is completely formed (when the price breaks the line in point 2) and displays the completed patterns in history. The patterns are never redrawn.
  2. The indicator can identify patterns on any instruments (currency pairs, stock market, gold, etc.) without the need to adjust to each instrument.
  3. Simple and clear visualization of patterns. It is possible to display points 1,2,3 on a chart (option "Show points #1,2,3").
  4. The indicator determines the possible targets for triggering the pattern. The targets are calculates based on the Fibonacci levels or the Fibonacci extension (set by the Method of calculating the Profit Levels parameter). From one to five targets can be calculated. These targets have a description on the chart, which contains the Fibonacci number and the price level. In order to show them, enable the display of graphical objects descriptions (press the F8 key on the chart and select the "Show object descriptions" option).
  5. The indicator uses a custom proprietary non-redrawing ZigZag for determining patterns, therefore the indicator never repaints its signals.
  6. The indicator generates audio and text message when a pattern is formed. It features sending email messages and push notifications to mobile devices (the 'ON/OFF-Mail' and 'ON/OFF-Push' parameters).

You can test the indicator's demo version here.

NEW !!! Now you can try an Advisor trading on the "Pattern-123" system.

Features of trading the 1-2-3 pattern

  1. The 123 pattern can indicate either a reversal or a trend.
  2. The 123 pattern is effective on any instruments and timeframes from M5 to MN.
  3. The greater the number of bars forming the pattern (from point 1 to point 3), the greater the price movement is predicted after breaking the pattern.
  4. If point 1 has a pin-bar (Hammer or Shooting Star in candlestick analysis), it strengthens the pattern.
  5. For Intraday trading, it is recommended to look for the pattern only on the European and American sessions.
  6. According to the trading system, a pattern is considered to be triggered when a bar breaks the line at the level of point 2. That is, the bar must close on the other side of the line, and not simply touch or pierce it. However, the indicator can also consider a simple touch of the line from point 2 as pattern triggering (parameter "Method for pattern triggering").


Main Parameters

  • Number of bars for the indicator calculation - the number of bars for the indicator calculation
  • Depth of ZigZag - the number of bars to search for ZigZag peaks (analogue of the Depth parameter of the standard ZigZag)
  • Color to BUY / Color to SELL - the color of lines forming a buy/sell pattern

Parameters of profit levels

  • Method for pattern triggering - choose method: "Touch of the line from point #2" or "Breakout of the line from point #2"
  • Show the Profit Levels - show the profit levels (Disabled - do not show; Current pattern only - show the target levels for the current pattern only; All patterns - show the target profit levels for all patterns in history)
  • Method of calculating the Profit Levels - method for calculation of profit levels (Fibo Levels; Fibo Extention)
  • Profit target #1 (Fibo number) - Profit target #5 (=0 - disable) - Fibonacci number for calculating the target №1 - №5 (if =0, line is not displayed)
  • Style line of the Profit Levels - line style of profit levels
  • Method of calculating the Stop Loss - calculate SL from point 1 or point 3 to output the stop level
  • Show points #1,2,3 - show/hide points
  • Points size - choose size

Notifications and sound

  • Text of the Message - information about the pattern (Full - all levels; Short - only the price level of breakout line in point 2)
  • ON/OFF – Sound when the signal – enable sound signals
  • Signal of the line breakdown - pattern 123 is complete – name of the sound file for line breakout - the 1-2-3 pattern completed
  • Pre-alarm - pattern 123 began to emerge – name of the sound file played when a pattern starts to form
  • ON/OFF - Alert – enable messages in the terminal when signals occur
  • ON/OFF - Mail – enable sending notification emails
  • ON/OFF - Push – enable sending push notifications to mobile devices

Reviews 19
Aravind 2020.02.14 10:17 

Very Good indicator

chookiat lichai
chookiat lichai 2019.08.16 15:06 

Very Good

Keokone 2019.05.22 21:48 

Very good indicator if you use it with intelligence

Aravind 2020.02.14 10:17 

Very Good indicator

aoley315 2019.09.22 09:40 

After purchasing the indicator, I found a lot of problems.

From a formal point of view, this is a good indicator.

However, when used in practice, there will be too much noise, which is not practical.

The formation of the trend is mainly after the completion of the 123 mode, that is, after breaking the 2 point horizontal line. If only 2 points of horizontal line are needed

After the breakthrough, the market signal is stable and other signals are redundant. Any other signal warnings are noise.

There are no such separate alert message reminder options set in the metrics.

Your indication is that multiple message reminders appear with a switch and the sound is the same. This is not a very good difference, it is trouble.

If you can solve the problem, the usefulness of the indicator will be enhanced.

I hope that you can improve the function as soon as possible to meet different needs.

chookiat lichai
chookiat lichai 2019.08.16 15:06 

Very Good

T4Trade 2019.06.21 14:26   

i purchased it recently,i want to see the push notification on the brak of line 2.this indicator gives prealarm on when the pattern is emerging,please someone help me,because when it gives alarm is of no use,because that is not to be entry point,entry point is break of line 2.Thanks

Keokone 2019.05.22 21:48 

Very good indicator if you use it with intelligence

sunnychow 2019.03.22 17:10 

It is good tool

Stephen Jenkins
Stephen Jenkins 2019.01.28 19:35 

Love it ... Works with Renko :)

Mostafa Nasar
Mostafa Nasar 2019.01.19 04:55 

love this indicator

AnnaEmanova 2019.01.02 20:09 

Very good

Ali Sadr
Ali Sadr 2018.08.07 13:51 


Evgenii Golovan
Evgenii Golovan 2018.05.08 22:59 

не плохой продукт за свои деньги

EDGARS BARTULANS 2018.02.16 09:46 

Very Good Indicator for trade !

Хороший индикатор , удобен в торговли !

omega6 2017.10.12 20:01 

Trading a lot with the best 123 indi out there !!! Today again: All 5 levels hit, 5 trades adding up (highest 300% target), boy I can tell you !!!

You have to use PA and one or two of Pavels indis to find out when the chance is highest to catch such moves. Then trading is a lot of fun.

Vidya-Trading 2017.08.23 12:41   

Works good but repainting! Not suitable as signal for opening positions

Oleg Pozdnyakov
Oleg Pozdnyakov 2017.07.20 00:16   

ЧТО-ТО Этот индикатор на vps сервере не устанавливается на график терминала.

pnutfx503 2017.05.31 07:54 

One of the best 123 indicator's.

Tim Rijnbeek
Tim Rijnbeek 2017.03.22 16:33 

Like most indicators , not bad , but not waterproof , it is very sharp , but when a reversal comes , you are in the loss straight away ,when it does what it suppose to do you can hit the set TP levels.

Since i am a long time member of this site , still props to the creator , maybe people can find a way to see reversals coming , so combine this one with your own setup

Berk Turker
Berk Turker 2017.02.07 14:17 

Good Product, Good Work

Alexey Sokolov
Alexey Sokolov 2017.01.03 14:31 

Паттерн 123 отличный, удобный. +++++

Version 3.5 2019.04.24
At the request of traders, the ability to report a change in the Zigzag direction has been added (the "Allow Messages about the change of Zigzag direction" parameter).
This message appears only if there are no more important messages about the formation of the Pattern-123 or the breakdown of the point #2 line at this moment.
Version 3.4 2018.05.18
Fixed minor error in defining a stop level
Version 3.3 2018.05.04
1. Now the messages contain detailed information on the patterns: price level of the breakout line in point 2, Fibo target and stop loss levels
2. Added the option "Text of the Message": Full (detailed information on the pattern: all levels) / Short (only the price level of breakout line in point 2)
3. Added the option "Method of calculating the Stop Loss" (calculate SL from point 1 or point 3) to output the stop level
4. Fixed minor bugs.
Version 3.2 2017.07.27
1. Based on traders' request, a new pattern triggering method has been added, in which the price only touches the line from point 2 (parameter "Method for pattern triggering").
2. Added two additional Fibo levels for target calculation. Now the indicator has five levels for each pattern. The level will not be displayed if it is 0.
3. Added displaying of points 1,2,3. Enabled by the "Show points #1,2,3" parameter
Version 3.1 2017.03.29
Updated to the new terminal build
Version 3.0 2017.02.01
Starting with this version, the indicator uses a non-redrawing zigzag which is very close to the standard ZigZag.
The frequency of zigzag change is configured in the "Depth of ZigZag" parameter - an analogue of the "Depth" parameter of the standard ZigZag.