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UTrailing is a universal trailing stop having 6 main operating modes: in points, on bar Highs/Lows, using fractals, volumes and indicators (Parabolic SAR, and Moving Average).

Key features

  • The virtual (invisible) trailing stop
  • Simultaneous closure of all orders in the terminal using "hot keys"
  • Total (average) stop for profitable and unprofitable orders
  • Closure of locking orders with a given profit
  • The possibility of choosing the direction of the trailing stop (only for orders to Buy or only Sell)
  • Working with crypto currencies (#Bitcoin, etc.)
  • Trade simulator (in tester) for demonstrating the EA operation



  • Magic Number (-1 for all, 0 for manual) - if -1 trails all orders, if 0 trails only orders that are open manually
  • Positions - the choice of direction, can be: Long&Short, Long or Short
  • Language info panel - language selection (English, Russian) for information messages;
  • Background graphics - selection of chart background (Dark, Light);
  • Slippage
  • Multiplier for cryptocurrency: - crypto currency multiplier.
    • х10 - multiply all parameters by 10 points;
    • х100 - multiply all parameters by 100 points;
    • х1000 - multiply all parameters by 1000 points;
    • х10000 - multiply all parameters by 10 000 points;
    • х10000 - multiply all parameters by 100 000 points;
    • Disabled - disable for common currency pairs.


  • Trailing Stop - the choice of the trailing stop from 4 options:
    • Normal
    • Mobile stop loss
    • Total (averaged) stop
    • Disabled
  • Virtual trailing stop - allow virtual (invisible) trailing stop
  • Timeframe for trailing stop - the choice of timeframe for the trailing stop
  • Mode of operation - selection of trailing stop modes:
    • Points
    • High/Low
    • Volume
    • Moving Average
    • Parabolic SAR
  • Trailing stop value
  • Trailing step
  • Retreat from High/Low and fractals - indent (in points) from the extremum of the bar or of the fractal
  • Level of Volumes - level of volumes in the indicator Volumes
  • Period MA
  • Shift MA
  • Method of averaging MA:
  • Type price MA:
  • Step Parabolic
  • Maximum Parabolic


  • Breakeven - allow breakeven
  • Profit to enable a breakeven
  • Level breakeven


  • Close off lock, if the profit - to allow the closure locking orders
  • Profit in the Deposit currency - the amount of the profit in the Deposit currency after reaching which the lock orders will be closed


Settings for the strategy tester only!

  • Period MA for testing;
  • Lots - for testing;
  • Stop loss - for testing;
  • Distance between the orders - to demonstrate the Total (averaged) stop operation;
  • Multiplier - martingale multiplier to demonstrate the closure of locks;
  • The total number of orders - number of orders for testing.

The complete guide to the EA UTrailing can be found in the "Comments" section.

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Version 2.0 - 2018.01.10
Added the function "Multiplier for cryptocurrency" allowing you to quickly change settings depending on the specification of cryptocurrency.
Added Block 5 "SIMULATOR TRADE" - you can change settings for the run in the strategy tester.
Fixed a bug in the "Total (averaged) stop".
Fixed other bugs.