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Hedge Martin

Hedge Martin Expert Advisor restores loss-making positions making them profitable by opening an opposite position with an increased lot.

Trading strategy

The EA works on a trend market selecting the appropriate curency pairs. The robot trades depending on the previous candle direction.

The first order is set according to the following rules:

  • If the previous candle is bullish, the EA opens a buy order;
  • If the previous candle is bearish, the EA opens a sell order;
  • If the price goes in unfavorable direction, an opposite order is opened after a specified Delta distance with the volume increased by the KLot ratio up to the MaxLot maximum lot, then the lot is set to minimum again - Lots;
  • Open positions are closed by Profit or Loss in the deposit currency.

The EA test and optimization results in the strategy tester

The EA is optimized at an interval of 01.03.2016-01.03.2017. Symbol EURUSD Н1.


Trading volume

  • Lots - trading volume;
  • KLot - lot multiplication;
  • MaxLot - maximum lot.

Closing position

  • Loss - loss in currency;
  • Profit - profit in currency.

Opening position

  • StopLoss - stop loss;
  • TakeProfit - take profit;
  • Delta - distance between orders;
  • Slip - slippage;
  • Magic - magic number.

Trading time

  • StartHour - trading start hour;
  • StartMin - trading start minute;
  • EndHour - trading end hour;
  • EndMin - trading end minute.

Error processing

  • MaxEntry - number of attempts to set an order;
  • LongPause - long pause after errors (4,8,129,136,137,141,146);
  • ShortPause - short pause after errors (3,130,131,145).
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