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Taranus Light

Taranus Light is lite version of the universal assistant for traders, the Taranus EA for Forex. Taranus Light uses only market orders. The trailing stop features of the EA have been expanded by adding functions from the UTrailing EA. The EA is suitable for both experienced and novice traders.

Features of Taranus Light

  • Opens only market orders.
  • Two trend-based strategies: using one Moving Average (МА) or two МА.
  • Two filters for determining the trend direction - Auto_Trend 1 and Auto_Trend 2.
  • Two strategies for the flat using trade levels: breakout and rebound.
  • Trailing of "third-party" orders, including manually placed ones.
  • Trailing stop for all symbols, that is, for all orders opened in the terminal.
  • Configuration of trailing stop by direction, magic number and symbol.
  • 4 trailing stop modes: normal, percentage, mobile total.
  • 6 trailing stop types: by points, by bar extremums, by fractals, by volumes, by indicators (Parabolic SAR and Moving Average).
  • Virtual (hidden) trailing stop.
  • Closing orders when the specified percentage of profit/loss is reached.
  • The coordinated work of multiple instances of the Taranus Light EA for the total profit or limitation of the total loss.
  • Opening and closing orders by time (days, hours, minutes, seconds).
  • Sound notification when opening a new order and moving trailing stop.
  • "Hotkeys" for quick commands ("Close All", "Delete SL", "Close Profit", "Close Loss");
  • Works on accounts with 4- and 5-digit quotes.
  • Currency of the current account can be either US dollars (USD) or Russian rubles (RUR).

Parameters (part)


  • Magic Number - magic number. If 0, then only for the orders opened manually. If -1, then for all orders on the current symbol.
  • All Symbols, except opening orders! - enable trailing stop for all symbols.
  • Direction of positions - trading direction.
  • Close, if the Profit! - if the Profit value is positive, the EA will close all orders and stop its operation.
  • Close by Stops! - the EA will ignore indicator signals and close all positions only by stop loss or take profit.
  • Trailing Stop open positions - enable the trailing stop function.
  • Breakeven - enable the breakeven function.
  • Profit to enable a breakeven - profit to activate breakeven.
  • Level breakeven - breakeven level.
  • Pending orders trailing stop - enable trailing pending orders.
  • Add Stop Loss - add stop loss.
  • Stop Loss value - stop loss value.
  • Take Profit - take profit value.
  • Slippage - slippage in points.


  • AutoStop - automatic calculation of stop loss and take profit based on the market volatility.
  • Coefficient for AutoStop - coefficient 1 means values of the ATR (14) indicator on Н1.
  • Lots - fixed lot size.
  • Risk in % - AutoLot calculation - automatic calculation of lot size.
  • Profit in % - profit percentage by equity, when reached the EA will close all positions and stop its operation.
  • Loss in % - limitation on loss percentage by equity, when reached the EA will close all positions and stop its operation.
  • Gross Profit - when the gross profit percentage is reached, all positions on the account will be closed and all EAs will stop their operation.
  • Gross Loss - when the gross loss percentage is reached, all positions on the account will be closed and all EAs will stop their operation.
  • New Start upon opening bar - start of a new operation cycle of the EA, and recalculation of new profit and loss values.

Block 3 «THE TREND» - select the trend direction.

  • AutoTrend 1 - automatic detection of the trend direction using the Moving Average (MA).
  • Timeframe for AutoTrend 1 - timeframe to determine the trend.
  • Slowdown AutoTrend 1 - slowing of the indicator (sensitivity setting).
  • Period trend MA - period of the trend moving average.
  • Shift trend MA - shift of the trend moving average.
  • Type trend MA - calculation method of the moving average.
  • Price for trend MA - applied price for the moving average.
  • AutoTrend 2 - automatic detection of the trend direction using Awesome Oscillator and Parabolic SAR.
  • Timeframe for AutoTrend 2 - timeframe to determine the trend.
  • Step Parabolic SAR - step of Parabolic SAR;
  • Maximum Parabolic SAR – maximum of Parabolic SAR.

The complete guide to the Taranus Light EA, the .set files and templates can be found in the Comments section.

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Version 4.1 2018.12.19
Исправлена ошибка при выводе комментариев.
Version 4.0 2018.12.18
in block 6 "TRADING LEVELS":
- mode switch "Setting trading levels:" where you can select: "Auto levels" or " Trend lines";
- parameter "Retreat from the level/line, in points";
- switch modes "Set levels by:" where you can choose how to build the trading levels of "High/Low", "Fractals" or "Points" (the values set by the trader);
- mode switch for trend lines "Select trend lines:" where you can select: "Two lines together", "Buy line only" or " Sell line only";
- "999" Trend line Buy - name for the buy line;
- "111" Trend line Sell - name of the sell line.

- showing information messages on the chart;
- changed the operation of the hot buttons, the "Close All" button, when it is pressed, now not only closes all orders on the account, but also blocks the work of all EA Taranus Light (similar to the action of the hot keys "Shift + 0"), pressing the button again removes the lock;
- hot buttons "Close Loss", "Close Profit", "Delete PO","Delete SL" now work only on the chart of your symbol (your currency pair) and execute the order on all orders of this chart without taking into account the magic number and direction of the order;
- fixed bug and changed work when closing by profit or loss percentage;
- the location and purpose of the commands in the block 3."RISK MANAGEMENT";
- the unit structure 6."TRADING LEVELS".

- from the control menu command "All Symbols, except opening orders!";
- trailing pending orders.
Version 3.0 2018.04.13
- "All Symbol" trailing stop (for all symbols);
- trailing stop based on Moving Average or Parabolic SAR;
- trailing stop by percentage, 3 levels for partial reduction of position volume;
- trailing of pending orders;
- placement of stop loss for orders with a different magic number;
- "hotkeys" for quick commands ("Close All", "Close Loss", "Close Profit", "Delete PO", "Delete SL").
Version 2.1 2017.06.28
Fixed bugs:
1. in the automatic calculation of the lot size;
2. in the operation of the trading levels;
3. in display of the information on the chart.
Version 2.0 2017.06.01
1. Revised the EA control menu, it is now more convenient.
2. Added AutoStop - setting the stop loss and take profit levels automatically depending on the market volatility based on the ATR indicator.
53. Autolot is now based on Balance and not on Equity as it was before.
4. Implemented additional "slowing" parameter for AutoTrend 1 - indicator sensitivity level, the higher the value the slower AutoTrend 1 reacts.
5. Two types of trailing stop: conventional and mobile stop loss.
6. Four trailing stop modes: by points, by High/Low, by fractals and by volumes.
7. The EA is now allowed to open market orders when all indicators are disabled and when only one direction is selected (Long or Short).
8. Added the ability to open orders with only AutoTrend 1 active and when a single trading direction is set (Long or Short).
9. Added a lower arrow pointer to the chart (for "Indicators: and "Trading levels"), which shows the direction of the open order. If there are no open orders the arrow is located horizontally.
10. Added a caption near to the lower arrow, which shows the indicator the EA currently uses for operation.
11. Significantly increased the visualization speed in the strategy tester.