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UTrailing - universal trailing stop, made in the form of an Expert Advisor, but without their own mechanism for opening orders. It has 7 operating modes: on points, on High/Low bars, on fractals, by volumes and on indicators ATR, Parabolic SAR, and Moving Average. EA UTrailing useful to any trader, but most of all like for traders who trade by manual, for them it will be a great helper.

A complete guide UTrailing EA guide is available in the Discussion section.

In the strategy tester, only demo trading is possible, by default with market orders, and if trailing pending orders is enabled, you can see how the EA works with pending orders.

Main features

  • 4 types: regular trailing stop, percentage trailing stop, mobile stop loss, total trailing stop;
  • 7 modes: by points, by bar extremes, by fractals, by volumes and by ATR, Parabolic SAR and Moving Average indicators;
  • Trailing stop for all orders opened in the terminal;
  • trailing stop of open positions can be configured to work with selected orders: only by symbol, by magic number or by direction;
  • trailing of pending orders is configured by order type, by direction, by points, fractals, bar extremes and does not depend on the selected direction of the positions;
  • Simultaneous stop losses for all open orders;
  • Closing orders by a specified profit/loss percentage;
  • Closing locking orders (lock) at a specified profit;
  • Virtual (hidden) trailing stop.
  • "Hot buttons" for fast commands (Close All, Close Loss, Close Profit, Delete PO, Delete SL);
  • Audio alert on opening an order and modifying a trailing stop;
  • Works with crypto currencies (#Bitcoin, etc.);
  • Works on accounts with 4 and 5-digit quotes.



  • Allow the EA to work - if you select false, the EA will suspend its work, stop monitoring orders and will not move the stop loss.
  • Magic Number (-1 for all, 0 only manual) - magic number. Set -1 to trail all orders, set 0 to trail only orders opened manually.
  • All Symbols - allow trailing stop on all symbols immediately.
  • Positions - select direction.
  • Add Stop Loss for all open orders
  • Stop Loss in points
  • Breakeven - enable the breakeven function.
  • Profit to enable a breakeven - level of take-profit in points, at which a breakeven is enabled.
  • Breakeven level - the breakeven level.
  • Profit/Loss percent - close orders by profit/loss percentage.
  • Profit % for close orders - percentage of profit for closing orders.
  • Loss % for close orders - loss percentage for closing orders.
  • Close at profit -close all orders and delete pending orders if profit has reached the set value.
  • Profit in the deposit currency - the amount of profit in the deposit currency for "Close at profit".
  • Slippage - Slippage order.



  • Selected operating mode - select a trailing stop. There are four options:
    • Normal - usual trailing stop,
    • Percentage - trailing stop by %, 3 levels,
    • Mobile stop loss,
    • Total trailing stop - total (averaged) trailing stop.
  • Virtual trailing stop - enable virtual (invisible) trailing stop.
  • Timeframe for trailing stop - select a timeframe a trailing stop is to work on.
  • Trailing Stop type - select a trailing stop type by:
    • Points
    • High/Low
    • Fractals
    • Volumes
    • Moving Average
    • Parabolic SAR
    • ATR
  • Trailing stop level
  • Trailing step - trailing stop step.
  • Indent from High/Low and fractals.
  • ATR period
  • Level of Volumes

Block 4. CLOSE OFF LOCK - close lock.


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Versão 6.2 2020.01.12
Fixed a bug: during each initialization, the EA removed all graphical objects from the chart.
Versão 6.1 2019.12.27
Fixed a bug in the trailing stop by on the percentage.
Versão 6.0 2019.12.23
Added: command to permit work and trailing stop on the indicator ATR. Changed the structure of the control menu and display messages on the chart, fixed bugs.
Versão 5.1 2019.02.05
Fixed errors in trading pending orders.
Changes have been made to the operation of "hot buttons" now they can be configured only to work with one symbol or with all the symbols, removed the settings for the magic number and direction.
Added take profit for pending orders.
Versão 5.0 2018.09.27
1. Добавлена возможность для счетов с 5-значной котировкой изменять уровень трейлинг стопа и безубытка дробными числам. Например: если установить уровень трейлинга 1.6 пункта, то для 5-значных счетов это будет 16 пунктов, а если шаг установить 0.5, то это будет 5 пунктов. Для 4-значных счётов по прежнему будут работать только целые числа.
2. Добавили команду "Close at profit" и размер профита "Profit in the deposit currency", если включить эту команду, то при появление прибыли больше "Profit in the deposit currency" советник закроет все открытые ордера и удалит все отложенные.
3. Команда включения трейлинга для открытых позиций перенесена в блок 3, в раздел "Mode selection:".
4. Команда включения трейлинга для отложенных ордеров перенесена в блок "2. TRAILING PENDING ORDERS".
5. Внесены изменения в информационные сообщения на графике.
6. Добавлены комментарии.
7. Исправлены ошибки.
Versão 4.0 2018.07.11
In the new version, features for trailing pending orders have been expanded. Now the trailing can be selectively adjusted by the type of pending order and the direction, which does not depend on the choice of the General direction. Pending orders can now be moved not only by points, but also by fractals and bar extremes.
Versão 3.0 2018.04.09
1. Optimized the control menu of the Expert Advisor: the commands that are used more often moved up, and the commands that are used less often moved down.
2. Added:
- All Symbol;
- trailing pending orders;
- adding a stop loss when opening an order;
- closing orders by profit/loss percentage;
- buttons for quick commands (Close All, Close Loss, Close Profit, Close Loss, Delete PO, Delete SL);
- trailing stop by percentage, three levels of partial reduction of the position by percentage;
- sound signal;
- ability to remove the info panel from the chart;
- ability to remove buttons for quick commands from the chart;
- setting to delete graphical objects.
Versão 2.0 2018.01.10
Added the function "Multiplier for cryptocurrency" allowing you to quickly change settings depending on the specification of cryptocurrency.
Added Block 5 "SIMULATOR TRADE" - you can change settings for the run in the strategy tester.
Fixed a bug in the "Total (averaged) stop".
Fixed other bugs.