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ZigZag Trend Channels

ZigZag Trend Channels indicator is designed to find channel trends. This indicator uses the zigzag indicator, some channel lines and some algorithms. This indicator also sends signal warnings for processing entry points.

Up trend, down trend and triangle trend formations. Easy to use and understandable. Channel lines appear on the screen and trend forms are written.

Suggestions and Features

  • This indicator has 3 trend features.
  • They are up trend, down trend and triangle trend formations.
  • This indicator shows the trend channel lines.
  • Channel line colors as the user desires.
  • There are alert settings for signals.
  • Email alert feature.
  • Mobile app alert feature.


  • Depth - the depth feature is set from here.
  • Deviation - the deviation feature is set here.
  • Backstep - the back step feature is set here.
  • BreakPips - this feature is used for calculating signal warnings.
  • UpperBandColor - upper band color adjustment is done here.
  • LowerBandColor - the lower band color is adjusted here.
  • Back - this feature specifies how much backward calculation to perform when calculating trendlines.
  • AlertsOn - Alert properties turn on / off setting. This feature is active and other features are active.
  • AlertsEmail - email alerting.
  • AlertsNotification - mobile application alert on / off setting.
  • AlertSound - audible alarm on / off setting.
pnutfx503 2018.06.11 13:29 


Tim Eubanks
Tim Eubanks 2018.03.16 12:37 

Indicator not working on my platform.