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Balance Control

Balance Control is a suite of information about your trading account.

The indicator returns the annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily earnings from your operations history.

Also, other helpful data of the leverage used, account leverage and free margin are shown on the chart.

The most interesting feature of this indicator is the aggregation of positions and the ability to view the chart in question with a simple click.

When you click on a symbol of open operation, a new chart is opened. On this chart, you could upload your favourite template to analyze the market.


  • DASHBOARD SETTINGS (only colors)
    • Balance Section Text color
    • Symbol color
    • Titles color
    • Text color
    • Profit color
    • Loss color
    • Open_In_A_New_Chart (you can open the new chart in the new or the current window)
    • User template to add on the opened chart (you can apply a custom template on the opened chart)
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