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DivToFibo EA

DivToFibo is a traditional medium-term Expert Advisor that is able to work with any currency pair and has low requirements for trading conditions. Its strategy is based on trend roll-back towards the Fibo levels when a divergence is formed. Wide settings of trend and divergence search help to successfully avoid false signals.


  • medium-term trading, not scalping
  • clear logic
  • no martingale
  • trades any pair
  • spread/execution-tolerant


  • Minimal deposit: $1000 ($10 for cent accounts)
  • Account type: any
  • Currency pairs: any
  • Timeframe: M15


General settings

  • UseInnerPresets - use the EA's internal settings

The EA ignores all external parameters except for risk control section in this case. With this function, there is no need to load particular presets for every pair. The internal settings are identical to attached presets and work with all pairs formed by AUD, EUR, GBP, USD, CHF, JPY and NZD.

  • Hide_TP - hide take profit from a broker

Absence of a visible take profit is good against dishonest brokers but is bad in case of disconnections.

  • MagicNumber - magic number of the EA's orders
  • ShowPanel - show the information panel

Risk control section

  • Lots - fixed lot size
  • Risk - dynamic risk
  • LotDigits - number of digits in lot size
  • FixLots - use fixed lot
  • TPLevel - take profit level in percents of trend size (values close to the Fibo levels, e.g. 23 or 38, are recommended)
  • MinTP_Points - minimal size of take profit in points (signal is skipped if calculated take profit is smaller than this value)
  • LockDistance - minimal step between orders in the same direction
  • UseFixedSL - set a fixed stop loss
  • SL_Points - fixed stop loss size in points
  • MaxSpread - maximal spread to open trades

Stop loss control section

  • UseFixedSL - use stop loss in trading. Optimal stop loss settings for every pair are included into internal presets and are activated when UseInnerPresets and UseFixedSL are enabled. These settings correspond to larger values of stop loss that have low impact on everyday trading but save your deposit from abnormal price movements
  • SL_CalcMethod - stop loss calculation method
  • SL_CalcFrom - reference point for setting stop loss
  • SL_Points - value of stop loss in points when SL_CalcMethod = Manual points
  • SL_TrendPercent - value of stop loss in % of trend size when SL_CalcMethod = In % of trend size
  • ATR_Period - ATR period used for calculation of stop loss when SL_CalcMethod = ATR based
  • ATR_Coeff - coefficient of ATR
  • BBands_Period - period of Bollinger Bands used for calculation of stop loss when SL_CalcMethod = Bollinger Bands based
  • BBands_Coeff - coefficient of Bollinger Bands

Divergence control section

  • Use_RSI_Divergence - use divergence with the RSI indicator (the possibility to use other indicators is expected to be added in next releases)
  • RSIPeriod - RSI indicator period
  • DivergenceMinLength - minimal length of divergence
  • DivergenceMaxLength - maximal length of divergence
  • StartMax - minimal value of RSI for the first maximum of bearish divergence
  • StartMin - maximal value of RSI for the first minimum of bullish divergence
  • DivergenceStrength - minimal incline of divergence on the RSI chart
  • MaxDivIncline - maximal incline of divergence on price chart (helps to avoid very strong movements)
  • FractalBars - size of fractals that form divergence

Trend control section

  • SearchLength - depth of trend search on the chart
  • MinTrendLength - minimal length of trend
  • AdditionalBars - extension of trend into history
  • TrendLifeTime - trend life time in bars, after which all information about trend is deleted
  • TrendSleep - allowable period of trend stagnation
  • TrendProlongation - extension of trend as it develops in future
  • Bollinger_Period - period of Bollinger channel that is used to evaluate trend size relative to the current volatility
  • MinTrendRange - minimal trend size relative to the width of the Bollinger channel
  • ControlMA_Period - period of the moving average that is used for trend searching
  • ControlMA_Tg - minimal inclination of the moving average in trend
  • MaxTgChange - allowable change of inclination of moving average over the trend
  • ShowTrendOnChart - show trends on the chart

Custom parameters section

There are settings asked by buyers but useless in my opinion. These functions have no impact on trading by default. You may ignore them.

  • CloseAllPositionsAt - close all open positions at the end of the week. The function is disabled by default. It is possible to select Friday or Saturday for brokers with a large positive GMT.
  • HourOfClosing - hour to close positions.
  • StopBar - trade closes anyway after stop bars are passed.
  • MaxTrades_CurrentPair - maximal number of simultaneously opened trades for the current pair.
  • MaxTrades_AllPairs - maximal number of simultaneously opened trades for all pairs. You need to set the same magic number for all pairs to use this function.

The EA automatically detects the number of digits in the quotes. Attached and integrated presets are suitable for any account type of 4 or 5 digits.

Cristobal Giron
2018.05.09 13:07 

It's also a bit disappointing to see price of the EA has gone down. It just adds to the disappointment to see that not only we had massive losses, but new customers will get the EA at a lower price.


I change my score to 4 stars for 2 reasons:

1st The author is honest enough to keep the signs with D.D included

2º After a thorough study of the strategy you can see that this D.D is within the foreseen for this strategy.

I maintain that the author lied about applying a dynamic price and I think he should repay me 170 dollars more than he pays for the ea.

2018.05.04 18:30 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2018.05.02 06:22 

Unfortunately, exit strategy (loss cut) is very bad. For example, When the strong downward movement of GBPUSD occurs, there is no pull back movement. But, this ea opens buy positions several times. Eventually, we obtain huge drawdowns. Regarding this point, author should improve this bad strategy.

Tolve Francesco
2018.04.09 18:15 

secondo me il migliore ea sul mercato. trading medio termine io lo messo su un vps e lo guardo una volta al giorno alla sera fa tutto lui.

valutare bene il lotto con il fondo che si ha e importante io con 8000 euro leva 1/400 uso rischio 0.15 che vale a dire su un eur/usd 0.04 lotti.

Brendan Lu
2018.03.26 22:52 

Not recommended, horrible risk control and the accuracy isn't good either. Need to manually save positions many times, not worth the price.

2018.03.23 02:46 

Never buy this EA ! it doesn't have stop loss at all , it keeps opening orders against the trend no matter how strong the trend is, like the Martingale 、Averaging 、 Grid or Scalp strategies, this shit EA expose future risk to make a smoothed curve of growth.

and do not believe the back-test or live signal monitoring of any dangerous strategies , because in the 99% situation , you can earn small profits constantly ,but finally today's happiness will end up with your tears someday in the future, but the market won't feel pity for you, neither the authors of these shit EAs.

I spent 870 dollars purchased this EA and lost 3500 dollars in few hours (0.4 lots per trade) , warning again: don't buy this EA if you don't want to make a big mistakes like me.

I recommend you guys who is interested in this EA ,please Google or do some math to prove what I said is true or not.





我花了870美金买了这个EA,然后在几个小时内损失了3500美金,只开了0.4手而已。 再次警告:如果你不想和我一样损失巨大,千万不要购买此EA.


Tobias Maier
2018.01.19 10:51 

So far so good :)

2017.11.03 18:13 

I had been watching the signal for about a month before I began to use the EA. I have liked the method of trading,its safety, its logic, its one trade at a time feature for each traded pair. There isn't one negative. I like its 200 pip gain for its first week of trading.

One more thing .. I totally loved therobot when it took a loss on gbpnzd short trade the previous week.it did not add to the position and made use of a pullback to close out. There was to be more selling later and the short trade could have been a profit but the logic closed it at the least loss in the prevailing scenario which had every making of another extension of 200 pips and an increase in possible loss.

It's a well deserved five stars rating !

Version 1.9 - 2018.04.09
The DivDeltaBD variable has been moved to external parameters.
The used lot is now displayed on the panel.
Version 1.8 - 2018.03.26
Fixed an error that occurred when opening deals on currency pairs with exotic names.
Added the line "Awaited profit for all pairs" to the information panel.
Improved the speed of the initialization/deinitialization process.
Version 1.7 - 2018.03.21
Errors concerning tracking of opened trades after update have been finally fixed.
The stop loss turning off while using HideTP has been fixed.
Version 1.6 - 2018.03.13
Significantly reduced memory consumption.
Improved the system of trend searching during initialization.
Added the section of custom parameters.
Version 1.5 - 2018.01.30
Fixed an error that let to discrepancy in determination of the trend at the first start of the EA.
Added the ability to force close positions at the end of the week.
Version 1.4 - 2018.01.25
A lot of stop loss options had been added.
Reoptimization of parameters for some pairs had been carried out.
Optimal stop loss parameters had been included into internal presets.
Version 1.3 - 2017.11.21
Spread filter is added.
Fixed stop loss is added.
Minor errors are fixed.
Version 1.2 - 2017.10.17
Fixed the error "Cannot modify order. Take profit is less than minimal available take profit."
Version 1.1 - 2017.08.15
Fixed errors related to modification and recurrent opening of orders.