[Recommended] The Right Way To Get The Jackpots

[Recommended] The Right Way To Get The Jackpots

3 June 2023, 15:43
Lucky Susandji

This blog is intended to assist customers who already own the "Crypto Forex PRO" product in finding stable jackpots at any time. It can also be beneficial for general traders to personally verify that this product has been designed as beautifully as possible. It is suitable for all traders, even beginners, who can quickly master it and have the opportunity to earn guaranteed profits with safe and responsible trading analysis.

a. The "strategy tester" demonstrates how to recognize the characteristics of each reported pair, for example, using XAU/USD with H4 timeframe. 

b. The "reversal" strategy can be utilized for executing limited pip "scalping" with hit & run approach, taking advantage of the best opportunities indicated by yellow arrows, red circles, and blue/red horizontal lines. 

c. If you are an aggressive trader, you can take immediate action or utilize martingale. Alternatively, you can wait for more favorable positions. 

d. Every event can be observed, including chart color changes, which also contribute to reducing risks. 

e. You can conduct multiple backtests on different timeframes, as each timeframe has its unique characteristics. Combining them will enhance the strength and stability of your trading decisions. 

[For those who are not members, you can watch the demo livestream on the link below]

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