Introducing and presenting two books - معرّفی و ارائه‌ی دو کتاب

Introducing and presenting two books - معرّفی و ارائه‌ی دو کتاب

1 August 2021, 17:07
Saed Modarresi

Introducing and presenting two books

              Recently, I wrote the third edition of "Secure trading in all types of stock markets and Forex" along with "Introducing and Guiding the SM01Forex Robot". However, due to the wide range of audiences, I also wrote the English version of it in the form of another book. These books are the result of several years of research on "The implementation of automated trading in a variety of stock markets in countries and the international Forex market".

The result of 24/7 work over the past few years was three products:

An advanced super robot that can predict market trends or even automated trading.

Two books on complete and comprehensive analysis techniques in regional stock markets and international forex markets in Persian and English

I published the books on the Internet and made it available to everyone through a few sites. Enthusiasts can download or read these two books directly through the following addresses.

Book link in English:

Book link in Persian:

              You can also visit LinkedIn site to view the main specialized post using the following links:

Post links in English:

Post links in Persian:



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