Kopir MT4 - order copier (part 2) settings

26 July 2018, 22:37
Alexandr Gavrilin

Part 1


  1. Mode– the role of this instance

Server – mode of operation as the master account (the disclosing party).

Client – mode as a client. (receiving party)

Duplication — the duplication of transactions in the account, when opening trades such as mql5 signal or manually\EA copier has an open transaction with the specified settings of the volume. All settings can be used in this mode for more flexible copy settings.

  1. Server accounts– list of accounts separated by commas, from which copied.
  2. History count(days) – number of story to handle in the analysis to close deals. It is recommended to leave the default value.
  3. Time manager usethe copier according to the schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday – the time range in which it is allowed to open trades. The closure is not affected. Format: HH:MM-HH:MM you can specify in the format of HH-HH, and you can specify multiple ranges separated by commas.

HH – hours, MM – minutes.

  1. List Filter magicfilter magic ID transactions.

This system is very flexible and allows to use special characters:

“-“ mode, disables the specified magic when copying

“*” the beginning of the magic must be the same as specified, then the transaction is copied.

For example:

-123 all Medici will be copied, except 123

0,123,345 these Medici will be copied, the rest will not!

*123 will be copied by all Medici beginning with 123 (i.e., 123568, 123888, etc.)

  1. Symbols list Filter– name filter tools server.

By using the mark before the name of the tool allows to use exceptions.

“-” – disables the ability to copy the specified tool

“!” – strict compliance with the name of the tool, if the same, then copy.

For example:

EURUSD,GBPUSD is copied only specified tools

-EURUSD – copied all instruments except EURUSD

!AM – the exact name of the tool, for example, you copy CFD and the beginning of the names are similar, you can use this design in the filter.

Note: This feature is not available in the free version. Free version works only on AUDUSD.

  1. Comment Filter list– filter by review.

By using the mark before the name of the tool allows to use exceptions.

“-” – disables the ability to copy the instrument with this review (part of review)

“!” – strict compliance review

For example: transaction review “Amresling”

-Amre – disables the ability to copy all the tools in the comment which is “Amre”

!Amresling – allows you to copy an instrument with the comment “Amresling”

resling – copies all of the tools containing in a commentary, “resling”

  1. Filter minimum lot Minimum lot server, which is allowed to copy. 0 – this feature is turned off
  2. Filter maximum lot — Maximum lot server, which is allowed to copy. 0 – this feature is turned off
  3. Cross Table List Function complementary to the external file of the cross-connect. Necessary to reassign a copy of some instruments on the other. The same applies if the names of the tools are completely different. Recording format: Symbol1Server=Symbol1Client, Symbol2Server=Symbol2Client
    For large quantity use external file kopirmt4_cross.ini (at the end of the manual)
  4. Copy modethe copy mode. Function allows you to copy, for example, only a specified direction Long or Short. By default, copies of Long and Short.
  5. Timeout– the time in minutes during which it is allowed to copy an open trade. The default is 5 minutes
  6. Reopen position– allows you to reopen the deal at a price close to the source, if this deal closed on the client.
  7. Close price usemode activates a unique function of the closing of the transaction in profit as on the server. For example, if the server transaction closed in plus 1 point, then on the client it will also be closed to 1 point. The function is designed to copy scalping strategies. Not recommended if the brokers are different.
  8. Auto lot– the lot is calculated automatically on the basis of the relationship balance a client to a server, given the account currency and leverage. It is possible additionally to adjust the lot using the lot parameter multiplicator.
  9. Use balance or equity mode– a mode used with Auto lot. Allows you to select the balance of the account or in equity.
  10. Use currency accounts– the mode activates the conversion of the lot subject to the Deposit currency. For proper conversion you need to Review the present market you need a tool to receive quotes. For example, if the account is denominated, the value of the instrument USDRUB (USDRUR), if the account is EUR or USD , the EURUSD. If the account is in AUD, then you need the quotes AUDUSD.
  11. Open minimal lot if lot is 0– the Function allows to open a deal, even if the calculation turns out a lot smaller than the minimum, in this case, the deal offers the minimum allowable lot size. If this feature is turned off and this happen, then the deal is not copied.
  12. Lot multiplicator– lot multiplier. 1 = 100% from lot server. If you want to increase the lot 2 times, specify a value equal to two. If you want to reduce in 2 times (1/2), set the value to 0.5.
  13. Fix lot – if Lot multiplicator= 0, fixed lot is used.
  14. Minimal lot for open– if the calculated lot is less than the specified value, which is being opened is specified. 0 – disabled
  15. Maximal lot for open– if the calculated lot greater than the specified value, then open the specified. 0 – off.
  16. Stop by equity– value of equity at which the reproduction of new transactions is prohibited. For example , if you specify 500, and the equity of the account is less than or equal to this value, new transactions are not copied, yet equity will not be higher than the specified value.
  17. Stop by the margin level% — the value of free margin in % at which the reproduction of new transactions stopped. As the value increases above this, the reproduction is resumed.
  18. Stop by drowdown % — the value of the total drawdown in % at which stops reproduction of new deals. While reducing drawdown, reproduction is resumed.
  19. Close all orders– if came the events specified in the parameters stopout level balance or margin level stopout level % closes all open trades by force.
  20. Alert mail use, use of push Alert– send alerts about low equity or margin level on e-mail or smartphone. The notification is sent not frequently than 1 time in 10 minutes.
  21. Copy limit orders– copy a limit order or not. By default the function is disabled.
  22. Copy stop orders– copy pending orders or not. By default the function is disabled.
  23. Scaper mode– mode scalper allows you to enter strictly on the exact price or better. Default is off. In this mode it is possible to skip transactions if the price has not returned to the entry point. Not suitable for copying strategies with averaging.
  24. Reverse mode– inverted mode deals, for example offer to BUY the server, the client opens a SELL.
  25. Pointsprofit or loss in pips at which it is allowed to copy the deal. For example , if -5 is specified, then when the transaction on the server is equal to -5 points, it will be copied to the client at the current price.
  26. Slippage is spread– mode of calculating the accuracy of the input via the ratio of the spread. If the function is disabled, use the calculation in paragraphs.
  27. Filter slippage– entry accuracy as the ratio of the spread or the points.
  28. No close orders– no close orders on the client when they close on the server.
  29. Count server all orders use– count all orders on the server when you activate count orders start
  30. Count copy server orders start— the activation mode of copying if the specified number of orders on the server
  31. Count server orders copy stopmode stop copying for a given number of orders on the server
  32. Count client all orders use– count all orders on the client
  33. Count of client copy stop orders– stop mode on the client for a given number of orders on the client
  34. Auto comment– auto replacement review deals on the information about the account number and the ID of the copied transaction.
  35. User comment– user comment for all transactions, if you specify a space (“ ”), review the transactions erased.
  36. Pause for set takeprofit(min) – delay in minutes before placing take profit from trades
  37. User can modify orders– allows the trader or other advisors to change on the client, stop loss and take profit from trades
  38. User takeprofit useinstall mode of your fixed take profit for all trades
  39. User take at points– profit in the standard Punto
  40. User stoploss usemode to set your stop loss for all trades
  41. User stop at points– stop in standard points
  42. No move stoploss and takeprofitfunction automatically shifts stop loss and take profit at the size of the error log if a transaction is opened at a different price.
  43. Copy stoploss use  allows you to copy StopLoss
  44. Copy takeprofit use  allows you to copy TakeProfit
  45. Stoploss Shift (+/-Points) – allows you to increase or decrease the current StopLoss for a specified amount of points ( + increases, — decreases the size)
  46. Takeprofit Shift (+/-Points) – allows you to increase or decrease the current TakeProfit on the specified number of points ( + increases, — decreases the size)
  47. Lot digits  backup function to force a lot of rounding to the specified precision (default 0 – auto detect precision)
  48. Equity Tral Start (%) – activate a trailing stop in % of the profit. For example asked 5% +5% profit on open orders with a single server or all orders activate trailing stop with a step. If you reduce the profit below the threshold step, all transactions of a selected group of close forcibly on the client.
  49. Equity Tral Step (%) – step of the trailing stop in %
  50. Trailing All Servers Use to track all orders from all servers open on the client, or keep track of each server separately

Part 3 FAQ

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