Santiment SAN

Santiment SAN

5 December 2017, 11:09
Dragan Drenjanin
The crypto economy is booming lately and one the best performers is Santiment. Santiment`s market cap again doubled this week reaching above $155 million compared to last week’s $75 million and $30 million a week before. The trading value also skyrocketed registering the highest yesterday with above $63 million.

Key Highlights:

  • With a steep upward movement, SAN/USD touched another high at $2.86
  • The coin is trying to breach the peak resistance with support around $2.31
  • SAN/BTC gained 100 percent week-on-week and currently holding around 0.00022 BTC

Jumping to the charts, the token was trading sideways in till the midweek. It was facing a stiff resistance above $1.28 but also had support at around $1.02. But then it took a huge leap to reach $1.75 where it faced some resistance. But support at $1.61 also acted as a pivot and initiated a steep upward movement. Within 24 hours, the token reached $2.71 where it faced a strong resistance level. A strong support level also formed around $2.31.

At this level, the token is desperately testing the resistance. In the daily chart, the coin also breached the resistance to touch an all-time high at $2.86, but it could not hold the value.

Due to the resistance, the oscillators are giving mixed signals. Stoch is moving bullish at around 47 percent, and RSI is at 52 percent. But MACD has stabilized without any significant signals.

Against Bitcoin, Santiment also performed excellently. SAN/BTC pair went up from 0.00011 BTC to 0.00022 BTC over the week. This is a gain of 100 percent.
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