Breakout Hedge EA

Breakout Hedge EA

28 September 2017, 14:30
Julian Lo

This is the newest EA created by Kashif Javed.  It takes a proprietary breakout signal until the signal changes to the opposite. If there is a profit, trades will be closed and a new trade will begin.  If there is a floating loss, the EA opens a larger size order to hedge until there is profit by the opposite signal.  The EA is a dashboard. You may trade all 28 pairs or trade selected pairs by setting restrictions.  This is the best EA I have tried.  

Below is a screen shot of the EA in action.  It is self explanatory.

This  is what live trades look like (sell, buy and sell):

9_29 What a difference a day makes!  Floating profit of $337!

Profit from closed out trades for today:

Manually closed all trades on Friday afternoon.


The trade logic and filters have been evolved since my first post.  As long as the market eventually moves, EA will be profitable.  It hedges in two ways 1) within the pair, buy and sell, 2) among all pairs winners cover losers.  This is the best way to trade. You then have a life to do something else.  

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