23 July 2016, 17:43
Juan Fernandez

BtB DashTrend 

23-07-2016 ( v0.20 )


Global settings

    • App UID: Settings persistence UID
    • Magic Number: Orders UID
    • Timeframe: Timeframe
    • Suffix: Broker suffix (empty = auto detection)

MA Settings

    • Period: Period of MA
    • MA type: Type of MA (44 types)
    • Price: Price type (20 types)
    • Double Smooth Average: Price smooth
    • Adaptive Average: Adaptive response to market volatility
    • Bands: Bands ( pips ). Enable bands TP/SL strategy
  • Max Simultaneous Trades: Max number of orders opened at same time


  • Alarm: PUSH notifications


    • Buy/Sell/Neutral Color: Signals colors
    • Background/Border/Text Symbol Color: Panel colors



This EA manage 28 pairs covering 8 major currencies crosses. Every major currency have 7 crosses. Are not showed mirror crosses for avoid corsses duplicity

  • AUD
  • CAD
  • CHF
  • GBP
  • EUR
  • NZD
  • JPY
  • USD



Panel is the heart of this tool. You can see symbol signals, control PUSH notifications or enable symbols for trading. All panel settings are persistent between sessions


Symbol is composed by:

    • Enable/disable pair
    • Enable/disable notificacitions
    • Symbol name
Analyzer helps to check symbols settings performance. It allows to choose profitable symbols to trade and hwat kind of risk will provide that settings



    MA Info

    • MA type
    • MA period
    • Spread ( real time )


    • Total trades
    • Win ratio


      • Profit ( pips ) - Profit ratio
      • Spread comission ( pips ) - Percentage of total profit. Spread is calculated taking spread at the EA load moment
      • Net proftis ( pips ) - Percentage of total profit


    Totals are calculated taking the selected symbols

      • Win ratio
      • Profit win ratio
      • Proftis ( pips )
      • Net profits ( pips )


    1. If you have low win ratio but high profit (+60%) that MA is losing almost all trades in range market ( many trades with small losses ).

    2. Median win ratio/profit with all pairs is normally 30%/55%. If you remove bad pairs it's around 42%/65%. That 10% is a big difference in profits.

    3. Percentage numbers are calculated in different way. For example profit percentage take the total pips made for all trades ( good and bad ) and get what percentage are profit. This show how effective is your strategy or how much you didn't made for take wrong trades. This explains too why 10% of profit is bigger number. If you have a total 100 but you made 25. A 10% more is not 2,5, is 10 pips more.


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