Build A Waves Surfing Strategy ( Auto Trading ) - Chapter 2

Build A Waves Surfing Strategy ( Auto Trading ) - Chapter 2

10 May 2016, 21:11
Juan Fernandez

1. Introduction

In this chapter I will explain what tools I will use and what task will have in the system. I will explain EA strategy builder too ( called priorities ). It's important understand how works every tool, which limitations have every one and how mix it for get a balanced auto system. This will show too is hard get that balance and sometimes you have chose a compromise solution.

Note: Even you see manual versions in captures, for auto trading i will use the Server version of tools. This version send external signals and can handle 28 pairs for instance. Those special versions are ready for multi-frame and multi-currencies trading

2. The tools

2.1 Trend

This is the lead indicator in this strategy. Trend is a set of MAs. Give us enough kind of solutions for adapt indicator to our needs.

In this case we will use high TF for get long runs when price is outside consolidation area. Then we want a MA capable to give enough smooth for remove spikes or small pullbacks are done in this TF while we have fast reaction to trend changes because in high TFs this change can means long price movement.

We have infinite combinations with Trend. Using Strength Mode we can use new role inside EA ( DashPIN )

2.2 Strength

Strength will get the momentum task in the strategy. Even Strength is not really a pure momentum indicator like RSI, we can set up with enough sensitivity for have a fair response. Strength is based in currency crosses correlation and have is good filter for noise in range moments.

Depending where trigger levels choose, we can decide if we want early entries or confirmation in strong movements

2.3 SnR 

SnR is a multitask indicator. SnR is using fibo levels for decide what kind of signal will send. Different signals levels can be change for trader. SnR give us fast reaction to swings because is a PA indicator

In our auto system will have 2 roles:

  • 1. Show areas where price can swing when we are in trend moment
  • 2. Control breakout when we are in range moments.

SnR is the "wall" will find Trend indicator when we enter in consolidation area 

3. The brain

EA is the brain used for mix all tools. EA ( DashPIN ) have some important tasks

  • Read tools signals ( PINs )
  • Mix signals using prioritiy levels
  • Manage trades using processed signals

Full explanation how works is out of this article but I will explain the most important feature. The strategy builder called Priorities.

Priorities are builded around PINs and Plugins.

PIN is a group of plugins ( indicators ) 

Plugins are indicators used for send signals. One PIN support a max of 5 plugins. Every plugin have own priority level. This level affect how PIN signal ( group ) will be create. Higher value means more important is in the mix.

DashPIN have 5 PIN groups. Every PIN have own priority level too. All PINs are mixed in same way than plugins inside a PIN. This mix will out in a special PIN ( PIN Out ). This PIN in used for trigger trades commands.

Priorities are the heart of DashPIN. Same plugins configuration can have different behaviour only changing priorities values 

4. Final words

Now we have all tools needed for start to implement out auto strategy. In next chapter I will try different approaches while I search a good mix for trade. If you have some question let cooment. I will try resolve the doubts :)

This EA have a lot of colors. Where is the favourite trader color? The green will show it in your account. Or maybe only color you will see is the red...

5. Links

If you liked some tools you can take it here
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