Build A Waves Surfing Strategy ( Auto Trading )

Build A Waves Surfing Strategy ( Auto Trading )

9 May 2016, 16:26
Juan Fernandez

1. Introduction

In the search of good trading system, traders try a lot of methods for find the "perfect system". Knowing the perfect system dont exists and knowing traders can be profitables in many ways, this series of articles will try explain how build a fair system using the most simple way possible for create it.

When you have develop an auto system you have a limited environment for convert some complex like human trading in something easy for can be code. That means you have cover all market moments, not only the good moments for the system, converting it in a special obstacles challenge.

Personally I think the big challenge for an auto system is convert basic and inflexible rules in something more smart ( random ) and not dependent of the "perfect alignment of the planets".

The Holy Grail. This is the picture all traders dream every day. Unfortunately the real life is more hard than plot an indicator over the past 

2. Guide

The article is separated in 4 chapters
  • Strategy theory
  • EA and indicators
  • Strategy implementation
  • Strategy Improvement

Every chapter will explain the problems and the solutions for can accomplish the goal.


3. The plan

This series of chapters will explain how build a system for trading market waves. Waves are the natural behaviour in Forex trading. Almost all systems try catch this behaviour in any way. Really waves are like surfer trying catch the most strong wave to catch the optimum benefit from it. 

I will base articles in the build of my own auto system. I will use it for all knowledge acquired while I developed it and its perfect example of all problems you can find when you are developing or set up auto systems.


Big profit and low DD. Looks fine but not always you have a good day

4. Final words

That's is all in this chapter. Evidently I will enjoy opinions or experiences of others traders.

See you in next chapter :)

5. Links

If you liked some tools you can take it here

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