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Two Moving Average Message

The alerting system for the MetaTrader 4 platform 'Two Moving Average Message' consists of two moving average lines with individual parameters. The indicator can generate alerts (AlertMessage)б display a comment in the upper left corner of the main chart window (CommentMessage), send notifications to the mobile terminal version (MobileMessage), send emails (GmailMessage) and play two different sounds at the intersection of lines upwards or downwards.


  • Language – choose language - English or Russian;
  • Fast(Slow) Period – moving average period;
  • Fast(Slow) Shift – shift of the moving average relative to the price chart;
  • Fast(Slow) Mode – choose the MA moving average: simple, exponential, smoothed, linear-weighted;
  • Fast(Slow) Price – used price type: close price, open price; high; low; median; typical; average weighted;

Function SoundCrossing has been added to alert parameters. It plays files Sound_UP and Sound_DN in the wav format, which can be created using a program and added to the Sounds folder of the installed terminal. If this function is enabled, alerts are not displayed.

Sergey Romanenko
Sergey Romanenko 2014.07.28 14:10   

Не заменимый индикатор, который позволяет не проспать и не проворонить сделки. Спасибо автору.