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Three Moving Averages Message

Three Moving Averages Message is a notification system for the MetaTrader 4 platform. It consists of three moving averages which have their own adjustable parameters. Slow and Long lines determine long-term trend, while Fast and Slow lines - short-term. If the lines Fast and Slow are crossed during a trend, the indicator displays a recommendation for buying (selling). If the lines Slow and Long are crossed, the indicator notifies of the start of a up/down trend. Concerning other types of crossing, the indicator just informs about them. It can be done using alerts (AlertMessage), comment displayed in the top left conner of the chart (Comments), mobile notifications (MobileMessage) and email (GmailMessage).


  • Language – select English or Russian language;
  • Fast(Slow, Long) Period – period of the moving average;
  • Fast(Slow, Long) Shift – shift of the moving average relative to the price chart;
  • Fast(Slow, Long) Mode – select a method of averaging for the moving average: simple, exponential, smoothed, linear-weighted;
  • Fast(Slow, Long) Price – select a type of price used: close, open, high, low, median, typical, linear-wighted.

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