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Level Moving Averages Message

The Level Moving Averages Message indicator (see the description and video) does not draw the Moving Average line in the chart window but marks the Moving Average level on all time frames in accordance with the specified parameters. The level move frequency corresponds to the TimeFrame parameter value specified. The advantage of this indicator lies in the fact that it offers the possibility of monitoring the interaction between the price and the MA of a higher time frame on a lower one (e.g., the MA level with any period on MN will be displayed as a horizontal line up to the M1 chart).

The indicator features a system of notifications of changes in the market situation (test, breakout, rebound). Signals are displayed as comments in the main chart window, as alerts, push notifications sent to the mobile terminal installed on your mobile device or as email messages. A clear advantage of the indicator is that it enables you to get and monitor signals to control position opening and closing using your mobile device while being away from the PC (in a car, at work, at a grocery store, in a room next door, etc.). Other indicators of this series include Level Moving Averages (without notifications) and Level S Moving Averages (multiple levels).

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