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Display Stochastic System

The Display Stochastic System indicator for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform (see description (in Russian)) is compactly sized for a chart window, while displaying Stochastic indicator results for all time frames in a single window. Parameters for each time frame are set separately. Font size, corner and color can be set according to your preferences. By default, a buy signal is green and a sell signal is red. The overbought market is dark red (prepare to sell -> wait for the red color). The oversold market is dark green (prepare to buy -> wait for the green color). It should best be used together with the Display ADX System indicator because when the ADX is trending, it is recommended to ignore Stochastic signals.

Good luck in trading!

sunnychow 2018.12.16 09:07 

Thanks for sharing

Tim Eubanks
Tim Eubanks 2018.03.20 04:11 

Nice MTF stochastic display

Maksym Mudrakov
Maksym Mudrakov 2016.08.31 13:39 

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Vadim Strelkov
Vadim Strelkov 2014.05.06 15:20 

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