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Deals CopyMaster


DealsCopyMaster opens additional positions on a single symbol in the appropriate amount and tracks them automatically.

Opening additional positions may be necessary in case a subscriber starts to lag behind the provider dramatically in the volumes of the currently opened positions and in the volumes difference when provider's balance was at some moment of time equal to the current subscriber's one.

In multicurrency/multisymbol mode, the EA is attached to the chart of each financial instrument separately and tracks positions only of a certain financial instrument. Pending orders are not managed.


The Expert Advisor includes the following features:

  1. When subscribing to a Signal from Signals service, it allows a subscriber to follow the trading level without lagging behind the provider;
  2. Adding and tracking trades opened by this EA:
    • Calculating lot according to user's requests to open additional trades;
    • Opening additional positions;
    • Duplicating SL and TP levels;
    • Closing positions.
  3. Provide users with a trading data;
  4. Make recommendations about an adequate deposit level for subscribing to a signal.

Input Parameters

  1. CALC_METHOD - lot calculation method:
    • 0 - fixed lot (by default);
    • 1 - lot in % of the free funds in proportion to the number of running DealsCopyMaster EAs;
    • 2 - lot in % of the free funds without regard to the number of running DealsCopyMaster EAs;
    • 3 - fixed lot during the day. However, the lot is differentiated by growth in proportion to the day results (in case the funds have decreased, it is equal to the previous one).
  2. EXPERT_QUANTITY - number of DealsCopyMaster EAs;
  3. COPIES_QUANTITY - limit of additional trades;
  4. ORIGINAL_QUANTITY - amount of original trades to start the adding;
  5. FIXED_LOT - fixed lot size;
  6. LOT_PERCENT - lot size in % of free funds if addition involves differentiation of funds;
  7. LAST_LOT - last lot value in case the EA is reinstalled;
  8. INITIAL_DEPOSIT - subscriber's initial deposit;
  9. MARGIN_LEVEL - margin level, at which a new order is not opened;
  10. MAGIC_NUMBER - EA's unique number;
  11. PROVIDER_CURRENCY - Signals provider's (Signals service) deposit currency;
  12. PROVIDER_BALANCE - Signals provider's (Signals service) initial balance;
  13. DEPOSIT_PERCENT - the percentage value of using the deposit by a subscriber when subscribing to a signal;
  14. SLIPPAGE - slippage in points;
  15. ENGLISH_LANGUAGE - language of messages;
  16. PRINT_REPORT - displaying EA's actions in the journal;
  17. PRINT_INFO - displaying the account data on the screen;
  18. PRINT_DATA_LINE - displaying the data line;
  19. COLOR_INFO_NAME - data name display color;
  20. COLOR_INFO - data display color.

The EA considers the number of symbol's decimal places. In case of 3 and 5 decimal places, Slippage parameter is recalculated automatically by multiplying by 10.


SL and TP levels are duplicated only according to the data of the first original order.

Positions are closed by the EA only if no original trades have left at this financial instrument. Proportional closing of positions is not provided.


It is highly recommended that you check out the EA's features on a demo account first and examine a Signal provider's trading method before using the product on a real account.

If you apply grid or pyramiding strategies, it would be reasonable to add positions at the end of a grid or at the beginning of a pyramid respectively, since additional positions are closed in the absence of all the original orders. Also, the limitation by the number of additions is recommended.

Keep in mind the money management rules, when setting requirements for calculating a suitable lot for opening positions by the EA. Also, do not forget about the leverage!

Vsevolod Morozov
Vsevolod Morozov 2015.07.01 12:07 

Очень полезный советник! При торговле на сигналах незаменим, позволяет по сути выставить любой нужный вам размер лота, спасибо Игорю!