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Moving Average Trader

The EA opens orders, when a fast MA crosses a slow MA:

Buy - from bottom to top, Sell - from top to bottom.

It provides for closing orders on breakeven and trailing stop.

It is also possible to open additional orders when the price moves towards the open position.


  • MagicNumber - order identifier;
  • StartLot - lot size;
  • SL - is the size of SL in points;
  • TrailingStop - trailing stop size in points;
  • Breakeven - breakeven;
  • LevelBreakeven - breakeven size in points;
  • LevelBreakevenProfit - the distance in points at which breakeven is activated;
  • AddOrders - open additional orders;
  • NumAddOrders - the number of additional orders;
  • AddOrdersStep - step of opening additional orders in points;
  • AddOrdersSL - SL size of additional orders in points;
  • MAPeriod1 - period of slow Moving Average;
  • MAPeriod2 - a period of fast Moving Average;
  • ShowTradeComment - display of the general information panel on the chart;
  • HeaderColor - header background color;
  • BGColor - the color of the main background.

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