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EA Protrader Pivot

EA Protrader Pivot is a automate and semi-automate Expert Advisor based on candlestick charts. Each order set stop loss with 300 points and take profit 50 points. If one of two orders reach stop loss the new order open with new lot size (start lot is  0.01 lot and max lot is 0.30 lot).

This EA was backtested with EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, GBPJPY in time frame H1.



- EA open buy and sell orders based on levels of candlestick chart with the first volume is 0.01 if this order touch stop loss EA continue open new order with new lot size until taking profit but max volume is 0.3 lot.


- Trader opens the first order if this order was stop loss EA will open a new order with double size until taking profit or stop loss. 


-          Flatform: MT4

-          Symbol: EURUSD, USDJPY.

-          Time frame: H1

-          Minimum deposit: 200$

-          Leverage: 1:500 and higher

-          ECN broker

-          Virtual Private Server hosting (VPS)


- Lots: start volume  (default = 0.01 lot)

- StopLossB:  Stop-loss Buy Orders (Points) 

- TakeProfitB: Take profits Buy Orders (Points) 

- StopLossS:   Stop-loss Sell Orders (Points) 

- TakeProfitS:  Take profit Sell Orders (Points) 

- TakeProfit :  Take profit Buy-Sell Orders (Points) 

- TimeFilter:  true-EA is checked for time trading; false-EA is not checked

- StartHour: Start hour trade

- StartMinute:   Start minute trade

- EndHour:  End hour trade

- EndMinute:  End minute trade  

- AutoTrade:  true-EA is automated open orders; false-EA is not automated open orders.

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Version 1.1 2019.03.29
More stable