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Summit Of Mountains


  • It only needs a small initial deposit.
  • Suitable for multi-currency trading.
  • Immunity to the large delay and the size of the spread.

‌Monitoring of my accounts: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/mizrael

How it works

  • After launching the EA on a chart, the EA remembers the first order's Open level.
  • The EA sets a Sell order grid above it.
  • A Buy order grid is set below it.
  • If the total profit of Buy and Sell orders exceeds the value of the Profit parameter, the EA closes the order data.
  • Further on, after complicated logical calculations, the EA can close the order with the most negative profit.
  • The EA repeats its work.


  • I recommend using multicurrency trading by launching the EA on required currency pairs, while setting a new Magic value for each pair.
  • I do not recommend using the EA for trading and testing it in the tester simultaneously.


  • Profit - total profit value of orders for the given currency pair for Buy and Sell, upon which the orders are closed.
  • Loss - loss, at which a trade may be closed.
  • Step - minimum distance between orders with the same magic numbers on the give currency pair.
  • Lot - order volume.
  • Martingale - lot multiplier.
  • Magic - order magic number.

Recommended settings values

  • Profit = 10.
  • Loss = -10.
  • Step = 0.001 for four- and five-digit pairs. Note! Step = 0.1 for two and three-digit pairs or the ones having JPY.
  • Lot = 0.01.
  • Martingale = 1.
  • Magic = 1.
2018.03.16 17:26 

I think it is the best expert, so far, in the market.

The pros: all.

The cons: the designer is not too prone to answer or keep contact with his subscribers.

The buying price is absolutely out of whack, and the moderate renting price always gives an open door to a possible future rise or suspension.