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The Expert applies the martingale principle. The main task was to reduce drawdown and obtain a balanced chart by trading on 4-6 charts simultaneously.

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  1. The EA is recommended for use on 4-6 currency pairs.
  2. It is recommended to trade pairs with 4 or 5 decimal places.
  3. Using pairs containing the JPY currency is not advisable.
  4. The Step parameter is determined experimentally. In general, when trading 6 pairs, it is recommended to set Step=50. The greater the value, the fewer orders are opened.
  5. It is not recommended to simultaneously trade using the expert and testing it in the strategy tester due to the use of Global variables.

Preparation for work

Do exactly as written below. Step by step.

  1. Disable AutoTrading.
  2. Before the first start, press F3 and delete all existing global variables.
  3. Open the required number of charts for the EA to work with.
  4. Drag the EA to each of the charts. Set the value of Graph according to the number of the chart. Example: EURUSD - value of Graph = 1; GBPUSD - value of Graph = 2; EURGBP - value of Graph = 3; and so on.
  5. Enable AutoTrading.

Everything is ready - the expert is set up and ready to work.

Input parameters

  1. Profit - the desired profit in the deposit currency to be locked when a series of orders is closed. Recommended value is Profit = 10;
  2. Step - distance between orders in points of the chart. Recommended value is Step = 50;
  3. Lot - the volume of market orders. Recommended value is Lot = 0.01;
  4. Martingale - value of the martingale parameter. Recommended value is Martingale = 1.3;
  5. Graph - number of the chart.

Best regards, Dmitriy.

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