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PointerX is based on its own oscillator and built-in indicators (Pulser, MAi, Matsi, TCD, Ti, Pi) and operates independently. With PointerX you can create your own strategies. Theoretically all indicator based strategies are possible, but not martingale, arbitrage, grid, hedging, neural networks or news.

PointerX includes

  • 2 Indicator Sets.
  • All Indicator controls.
  • Adjustable Oscillator.
  • Take Profit controls.
  • Stop Loss controls.
  • Trades controls.
  • Margin controls.
  • Timer controls.
  • And some other useful operations.

The Expert Panel is provided for visually displaying your settings. To view the settings of indicators, just cover the field of desired indicator on panel with a mouse.

The expert ticks on M1 period and is completely automatic, but you can also trade manually together with. It was tested on symbols:

  • All Forex Major.
  • All Forex Crosses (2,3,4,5).
  • All Metals.

You can run it for all based timeframes, is fast and has a good error control.


  • Optimize the EA at least every two months for a period of one year and, if necessary, change the criteria.
  • Leverage 1:500.
  • Please try to use minimal filtering.

Input Parameters

  • Buy_positions - START/STOP buy operations.
  • Sell_positions - START/STOP sell operations.

Indicators Sets

  • SET_1 - 10x selected indicators (interrelationship "and").
  • OR/AND - relationship between sets.
  • SET_2 - 10x selected indicators (interrelationship "and").

Indicator Input Parameters

  • Pulser - 4x different combination inputs (*LB=0).
  • MAi - 5x different combination inputs (*LB=1).
  • MAtsi - 3x different combination inputs (*LB=1).
  • TCD - 3x different combination inputs (*LB=1).
  • Ti - 5x different combination inputs (*LB=0).
  • Pi - 3x different combination inputs (*LB=0).

*LB=fixed LastBar (for details, please see our indicators description on market)


  • TimeFrame - all based timeframes.
  • Period - selected TimeFrame period in bars.
  • Coeff - coefficient (xOscAVG) - 1xOscAVG on M1~1xSpread in Points (here you can change the oscillator spread).
  • SPM - switch "strong price movements" function ON/OFF.
  • SPM_factor - function factor (xOscAVG).
  • LastWave - switch "LastWave" function ON/OFF.
  • ShowLines - switch Oscillator Lines ON/OFF.

(Please note, that these settings affect most of calculations)

Take Profit

  • Auto_TP - switch "auto_take_profit" calculation ON/OFF.
  • High_TP - if Auto_TP=ON, place take profit high.
  • TP_band (xOscAVG) - take profit band fixed distance (if Auto_TP=ON + this distance).

Stop Loss

  • Use_SL - switch ON/OFF "stop loss".
  • Auto_SL - switch "auto_stop_loss" calculation ON/OFF.
  • High_SL - if Auto_SL=ON, place stop loss high.
  • SL_band (xOscAVG) - stop loss band fixed distance (if Auto_SL=ON + this distance).
  • MDF - auto modifying "stop loss" function (like trailing stop).
  • MDF_sense - function sensitivity.


  • MaxTrades - max active trades allowed (pending and manual orders are excluded).
  • SequenceTrading - switch ON/OFF starting orders algorithm.
  • StartSequence - next order start sequence in H1 bars.
  • MaxDevPips - max deviation in trade operations.
  • FIX_lot - fix lot size (0.0=AUTO_lot).
  • Equity_risk% - if use AUTO_lot, equity you want to risk in %.


  • MarginFree - switch "MarginFree" function ON/OFF (closing less profitable orders {descending}, if below parameters reached - pending and manual orders are excluded).
  • StopOut% (+base MarginCallLevel) - closing orders before MarginCallLevel in +%.
  • Max_EQ_dev% (AccBal) - max equity deviation in % of Account Balance.


  • Timer - switch "timer" function ON/OFF (auto close expired orders - manual orders are excluded).
  • MaxOpenDays - max days before expired.
  • Expert_name - sets expert name.
  • Magic_number - sets expert magic number.
  • PanelColor - sets desired panel/button colors.

Additional Information

Please NOTE, that build-in indicators you cannot run visually. You can fine tune the EA settings in tester with ours Demo-indicators, they are free.

Are you satisfied with our work? Share your experiences and leave a comment. If you need help using our trading tools or you have an issue or question, please contact me.

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Version 2.4 2017.10.25
1. Faster code execution
2. Fixed displaying comment in Trade Comment Column (trading fix lot)
3. Reduced log messages (they do not repeat themselves)