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EA Piranha

Our team tried its best to create an Expert Advisor accessible to everyone. Now you will be able to start trading right now regardless of the broker's trading conditions and the size of the initial deposit.

Monitoring of my accounts: https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/author/mizrael

Preparation for work and recommendations

  • It is recommended to trade multiple currency pairs simultaneously. Set a different value of Magic (input parameter) for each pair
  • In order to reduce the deposit load and decrease the drawdown. It is necessary to set the same Magic (input parameter) on mirrored currency pairs.
  • When using the EA on pairs with JPY, make sure to set the Step parameter to 0.2 or greater.
  • It is not recommended to simultaneously trade and test the EA in the strategy tester due to the use of the same Global variables.


  • Profit - the total profit value of orders with the same magic number and the same direction (Buy or Sell). When reached, these orders are closed.
  • Move - breakeven step after closing an unprofitable order.
  • Step - the minimum distance between orders on the given currency pair and with the same direction (Buy or Sell).
  • Lot - order volume.
  • Martingale - lot multiplier.
  • Magic - order magic number.

Recommended settings values

  • Profit - 10.
  • Move - 5.
  • Step - 0.002. For pairs with JPY, Step - 0.2.
  • Lot - 0.01.
  • Martingale - 1.1.
  • Magic - 1.

Best regards, Dmitriy.

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