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Night Hunter Pro


EA has a live track record with many months of stable trading with low drawdown:

Best Pairs (default settings)

High-risk performance

Only 9 copies of the EA left at $1499!

Next price --> $1799

Night Hunter Pro is the advanced scalping system which utilizes smart entry/exit algorithms with sophisticated filtering methods to identify only the safest entry points during calm periods of the market. This system is focused on a long-term stable growth. It is a professional tool developed by me years ago that is constantly updated, incorporating all the latest innovations in the trading area. Nothing fancy here, no testing Holy Grails, no "risk-free martingale", only strict rule-based approach to trading, allowing to maximise return while having risks under control

I recommend disabling trades on weekends (p. 5.5) while markets are volatile!


Recommended timeframe: M5

MT 5 version can be found here

Tested for FTMO compatibility - write me about details

EA is FIFO compatible

The EA does not use martingale or grid. It only enters a trade with pending orders and uses a stop loss for each trade!


  • One Chart Setup: you only need one chart to trade all symbols
  • Multiple currency pairs support
  • Solid backtest and live performance
  • Advanced News Filter
  • Auto GMT detection
  • Self Diagnostic System
  • Negative Swap Filter
Backtests should be done with Tick Data Suite GMT+2 with US DST. This GMT offset is used by most brokers

How to install

  • The EA must be attached to ONLY one M5 chart, EURUSD is recommended
  • If your broker uses a suffix (e.g. EURUSD.a) you should update names in the Symbol parameter
  • Use recommended pairs only. You don't need .set files, all settings are stored internally in the EA
  • Please allow web requests to the following URLs for news filter and GMT detection (delete spaces!):

      1. https: //ec.forexprostools.com
      2. https: //www. worldtimeserver.com

    Please, check the guide if you have questions!


    • The EA requires good brokerage conditions: low spread and slippage during the rollover time. I advise using a really good ECN broker. Write me personally for advice
    • The EA should run on a VPS continuously


    • Allow Opening a new Trade - on/off opening new trades
    • Lot-sizing Method - select the lot sizing method according to the risk you want to take: Fixed Lots will use fixed lot size from the "Fixed lot" parameter, Dynamic Lots will use Dynamic Lot parameter, Max Risk per Trade will calculate lots based on % risk per trade, 3 predefined presets will calculate risk automatically for you
    • Fixed Lot - fixed trading lot
    • Dynamic Lot - balance/equity to be used per 0.01 lot
    • Maximum Lot - max allowed trading lot
    • Maximum Spread, in pips - max allowed spread for position closing
    • Maximum Slippage for a non-ECN acc, in pips - max allowed slippage
    • Maximum Symbols at a time - max allowed number of symbols that can be opened at the same time
    • Allow to Buy/Sell - on/off Buy/Sell trades
    • Maximum Drawdown Percent - if current floating drawdown exceeds the specified % the EA will close open positions
    • Symbols separated by comma - list of pairs to trade. Suffix needs to be included if your broker uses one!
    • Hour to Start/Stop Placing Orders - when to start/stop placing pending orders. Set Smart Time Filter to false if you want to optimize these parameters
    • Smart Time Filter - on/off smart time filter
    • Hour to Stop Trading (on Friday) - hour to stop trading (on Friday). All open positions will be closed at this hour
    • New Year Holiday Filter - on/off Christmas/New Year filter
    • StopLoss, in pips - stop loss value in standard 4 digit pips
    • Hide StopLoss - on/off SL hiding
    • Rollover Time Filter - on/off the rollover filter
    • Swap Filter - cancels trading on Wednesday evening in the direction of the negative swap
    • Max Negative Swap, in pips - max negative swap
    • News Filter Enabled - on/off News Filter
    • Trade Comment - comment
    • UID (0...9) - unique EA instance number. Usually no need to change it
    • ShowPanel -  on/off Info-panel
    • GMT/DST Test - GMT offset in winter and DST in Tester. This parameter has no effect on live trading

    Reviews 60
    Dindo Vacanto
    Dindo Vacanto 2022.04.22 09:47 

    After using this EA for almost 4 months now, I can say that this is one of the best night scalping EA. Cost-effective and profitable - bought this last Black Friday sale! It's really worth to have it! I have to leave a 5-star rating! The author is very professional and very supportive as well. Thanks Valeria and to NHP community. ❤️

    jmawirat 2022.04.21 14:19 

    This is my most profitable EA! Hands down to Valeriia and the NHP community! I am honestly making consistent profit across all accounts I have! Valeriia also provides word class support!

    Sleepyman18 2022.04.12 22:55 

    I been using for less than two weeks. Very good EA. Had no losers so far. I already paid for the EA in profits. Note I am not using a small account either. Developer is awesome and will always help if needed

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    Automated Expert Advisor trading on a strategy based on the breakdown of support and resistance levels. The EA has an innovative signal filter and adaptive trailing stop. Always sets Stop Loss and Take Profit to protect the deposit. The adviser does NOT use: arbitrage, martingale, netting and the like. Recommendations Currency pair   "EURUSD". Timeframe : H1; Minimum deposit : $100; Account Type : ECN. Parameters Magic Number  - identification number of the EA order; Comment EA  - comment of th
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    Fabian Fasler
    The EA is a swing trader. Trading is based on several indicators for entry and exit condition, taking the current market condition in respect. Each trade has a stop loss Use on EURUSD, D1 timeframe The EA is not spread sensitive DISCLAIMER: Don't forget that past performance is no guarantee for the future.   Always run on demo account first or on very low risk live account, to understand better how the EA executes trades and behaves regarding profits and losses.
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    Evgeniy Zhdan
    The Expert Advisor algorithm determines on daily charts those candlestick patterns, which set the intraday trading direction. The trading EA determines how long the price is moving in overbought/oversold zones and starts working in the direction of the expected trend movement. Each position is accompanied with a tight stop loss and take profit. Only one active position can be open in the market. The EA was developed and tested using 99% quality quotes. The Expert Advisor has a built-in news filt
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    Euro Gift (EURUSD M15) I am celebrating my birthday, so i will publish some EAs for FREE. This EA has been developed for EURUSD M15.  Strategy is based on ICHIMOKU indicator and has very little parameters - so its VERY ROBUST. It uses Stop pending orders with   ATR   Stop Loss . At 9:00 pm we are closing trading every Friday to prevent from weekly gaps. !!!Adjust these times to your broker time. Preset values are for UTC+2 only!!! For every candle the pending orders are modified to adapt the mar
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    Sergey Ermolov
    The correct martingale grid is the opening of averaging orders from horizontal support and resistance levels. By opening averaging orders at the levels of a more likely market reversal, you can minimize risks and consistently make a profit. I've always liked the idea of advisers working on the martingale method. Watching how the expert advisors trade, I always wanted to move some orders a little, put them at the level where the price previously unfolded. But the mathematics of the advisers said
    450 USD
    3.86 (7)
    GoldenBot is a diversified portfolio of various systems trading gold. Most gold trading systems you encounter are either pure trend ones or counter-trend ones. So they are only good at certain market phases. GoldenBot includes a number of trend and counter-trend systems making it to perform good during any market phase. System effectiveness is proven by live results (see below at Telegram channel). Monitoring :  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/827470 Working timeframe is M1 (1-minute) Minimum ac
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    Forex Fishing
    Vyacheslav Vorobev
    Expert Advisor for fans of catching profit. Timeframe H1, currency pairs advisably GBPUSD The minimum Deposit is 100 usd. The entry principle is based on calculating the possible trend direction by interacting with the order opening filters. This is not the main thing, but the main thing is how to protect your investment? Here we will apply some conditions to reduce the possibility of a large drawdown of the Deposit. The expert Advisor will be constantly in the market. Demo trading on a Dem
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    Hello all New updates have been made to how Expert Forex Trading EA works. He is an assistant service expert in trade From the expert settings There is a control box in the buy operation only Or sell only With 30 checkboxes In controlling future transactions   Buy_Stop   Sell_Stop   Buy_Limit   Sell_Limit With the control of the size of the Lots and the TakeProfit and the StopLoss. Parameters: Lot1: Manual Lot Size Auto_Lot: Set true to automatically calculate optimal Lot Size based on risk p
    100 USD
    Alberto Boada
    3 (4)
    fUXION EA is not a simple robot. It combines 6 powerful rules of entry, of these only 3 must be correct for the signal to be valid. The outputs also use their own rules with the same principle 6/3. This form of programming manages to combine a multitude of possible inputs and outputs, making the EA better adapted to all market situations, working well in all pairs. Do not use martingale, grid, cover or any dangerous technique for your money. DOWNLOAD AND TRY FOR YOURSELF Download here -->
    399 USD
    The Expert Advisor works on the basis of wave-like changes in price movements. The dynamic regression channel allows you to accurately predict the price movement in the short term. The Expert Advisor uses the indicator in its trading: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/64252 Trading instruments (TF 5m): GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDJPY. The Expert Advisor has been successfully tested with 99% quality quotes, floating spread and random ping since 2003. Optimization of the advisor is not requir
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    ️️️️️   Mr Fibonacci Robot Mix Ichimoku And ADX   ️️️️️  Best time frame M5 .  Change Lot Size to 0.01 for Martingale Mode.  Manual PDF of robot This Is a a full feature pro version - You can enjoy free version   HERE   ️️️️️   Dear friends who bought our robot, please update to the new version.  ️️️️️  ️️ GOLD SET FILE HERE ️️ New Set file for Currency pairs and GOLD   HERE .Comment #15 Free trial for one month If you need help : My WhatsUp Number: +
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    MegaWave Pro EA II  original price at USD228 and IT IS FREE NOW. WELCOME TRADER FOR TESTING FOR FREE. CONTACT ME FOR ACCOUNT SETTING. THANK YOU. MegaWave Pro EA II is an improved version of MegaWave Pro EA   and it focuses on mid to long term trending trading .   All trading orders opened as pending orders or instant order in which stop loss and take profit are assigned. User defined settings include lot size, take profit and stop loss of market trending condition as well as lot size, take pro
    380 USD
    CAP Professional EA
    4.73 (15)
    CAP Professional EA MT4  is a fully automated EA that uses a advanced grid trading approach. It uses unique price action trading system with advanced self-adaptive processing unit. [  Installation Guide  |  Update Guide  |  Submit Your Problem  |  FAQ  |  All Products  ] It has passed 13 years back test of real tick data and real variable spread (with commission) from 2004 to 2017.  Download 13 Years backtest Result Recommendations EA Settings : Please Download Setting from our Monitoring Acco
    99 USD
    EA Rich
    Konstantin Novikov
    A unique algorithm developed based on a number of profitable strategies. Advisor analyzes price ranges. The built-in function of improved Martingale allows you to close orders with minimal drawdown.   Minimum deposit: $ 100    !!! Before starting trading, it is recommended to ask the author for set files. !!! Recommended currency pairs: AUDUSD +, time frame: m15 and above
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    198 USD
    Magic EA MT4
    Kyra Nickaline Watson-gordon
    3 (1)
    Magic EA is an Expert Advisor based on Scalping, Elliot Waves and with filters such as RSI, Stochastic and 3 other strategies managed and decided with the robot smartly. Large number of inputs and settings are tested and optimized and embedded in the program thus inputs are limited and very simple. Using EA doesn't need any professional information or Forex Trading Knowledge. EA can trade on all symbols and all time frames, using special and unique strategies developed by the author. The EA
    200 USD
    Ivan Akimov
    Принцип работы советника основан на открытии сделок при получении сигнала от своих индикаторов. Закрытие происходит при поступлении противоположного сигнала. Настройки упрощены до минимума, можно выставить только рабочий лот. Советник настроен на работу на паре EUR/USD, таймфреймы  M5, M15, M30, H1 Советник не  использует в торговле, мартингейл и усреднение. Мониторинг советника   https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/795297
    1 000 USD
    Advisor for a constant stable income with minimal risk. "New Stable Profit AUDCAD" Advisor works on real accounts since 2017. Trading is based on trend correction movements, positions are opened based on the strength of the trend and trading volumes according to the author's formula. Position series have a common take profit, which is based on the statistics of corrective movements of this trading instrument. When important economic news is released, it is recommended to disconnect the ad
    625 USD
    Hello all investors. Most of you do not know how to trade in this financial market. As far as I know 95% of market participants will lose. Today I want to introduce to you an EA, it   operates on the principles of capital management and price balancing. EA trades multiple currency pairs at the same time to increase profits while reducing account risk. The EA works and gives orders 24/5 so you don't miss the opportunity.   If possible, use it for a better experience. See my expert account at the
    1 200 USD
    PASR Trend EA is a fully automated multi-currency hybrid trading system that uses custom trends and trend tracking strategies in conjunction with EMA; there is no Martin, grid and scalping, it has clear stop loss and profitability targets. Here is the signal for the EA's demo account and real account: https://www.mql5.com/zh/users/wangkeke/seller Core parameters allowTrading - Enable a utomatic trading TradePairs - List of currency pairs that are allowed to trade ZigZagCandles - Number of cand
    30 000 USD
    JBSar EA Robot
    Jordanilo Sarili
    PROMO: SPEND MORE TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY. ENJOY LIFE… DO NOTHING. We would like to share our coding skills to fellow traders and most especially to people from all walks of life to have the opportunity to trade or invest using auto-trading way to provide other source of income while letting the robot and your money works for you.  The trade strategy is based on Averaging and uses a little bit combination of martingale and grid strategy. Methodology   – Trading entails technical analysis with m
    599 USD
    Good Morning MT4
    Smart Forex Lab.
    5 (1)
    Good Morning EA makes trades at the opening of European session when the price moves to the middle of the selected range. Advisor is only based on the size of the candles and RSI. It calculates the price range in a given period and opens short/long trades in the upper/lower part of the range Optionally  Good Morning EA can be used as a grid system with a basket takeprofit. Features FIFO compatible Hard stoploss for every position High spread protection Fixed, Risk & Auto volume 2017-2020 99
    195 USD
    Night Trader EURUSD
    Ugur Oezcan
    4.23 (30)
    The EA can trade multiple currencies. Please check our signals ( https://www.mql5.com/en/users/ugur-edin/seller ) for detailed information. No grid or martingale! No manual configuration or adjustment needed! Every trade is protected by stop loss. This Expert Advisor only trades for a short time frame at night, during the ending of the New York session. It uses low volatility moments and enters trades based on indicators. It then manages those trades with dynamic stop losses and take profits als
    149 USD
    Goal Time
    Mourad Ezzaki
    GOAL TIME is an expert advisor based on the notion of time, it studies the change of price according to time, and it finally detects the best time to execute a good order. The EA is based on an indicator that draws a price curve in relation to time, this curve is deduced by an algorithm that analyzes old data. Then, the EA exploits the generated curve and executes the correct order. In case of incorrect choice, the EA has the mission to limit the losses. After a thorough study of this strategy o
    200 USD
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    Math Formula EA
    Lydiah Wanja Kinyua Lydiah Wanja Kinyua
    A very warm welcome to this wonderful expert adviser. The EA works with GBPUSD and the M5 period since these have some unique trend and indicator patterns.  The EA uses these unique patterns to be successful.  The EA uses M5 indicators that is why it is tailored to work with M5 period.  EA shows everything on the chart, such as the Indicators used, etc. There are other background concepts used, such as intraday gaps and bars analysis to determine when to place trades. The inputs for this EA
    7 900 USD
    Gold 22
    Aleksei Bordak
    Hello, Dear Traders My name is Alexei, I am a professional algorithm developer for trading on financial markets, crypto currency market and Forex. I have a lot of experience in finance and programming for more than 15 years. Years of practice, mistakes and success. A lot of groundwork and hundreds of created algorithms. Both successful and not so successful. Now that I am a successful man and a programmer with a fortune of several million dollars. I've decided to share with you my experiences i
    1 900 USD
    Lgd Premium DC
    Natalyia Nikitina
    The EA has a high frequency of opening deals and has real track records with a low drawdown: Live signal available here Impulse movements in the Forex market are formed constantly. The peculiarity of such market segments is that the chart covers a considerable distance in short periods of time ; In addition to the chance for earnings, such fragments indicate the position of important support and resistance zones, and the chart reacts to them in the future ; Next, we will analyze the Lgd
    2 700 USD
    LazyBoy Scrapper Scalper EA MT4
    Hesham Ahmed Kamal Barakat
    1 (1)
    From the makers of the Successful               Gold Super Trends AutoTrader Robot               - Comes this unique opportunity at a low price The Idea You think the days of scrapper scalping ended?! Think again. This Expert Advisor which is made for Gold trading is perfected to scrape ever tick by the second, timeframe independently. Comes along with account management and 6 safety settings for the most satisfied to the most greedy of us to choose from. Not based on indicators which most
    4 999 USD
    GerFX Density Scalper
    Exler Consulting GmbH
    4.5 (8)
    IMPORTANT: Please contact me after buying or renting for the correct key paramter.  Before you buy a night scalper please be aware of the risks involved: 1) Past performance is no guarantee of future profitability (the EA could also make losses).  2) The backtests shown (e.g. in screenshots) are highly optimized to find the best parameters but therefore results cannot be transferred to live trading. 3) Any mean reversion can get caught on the wrong side of a fast movements due to unexpected new
    2 000 USD
    About the Author: The author graduated from the Department of Electronics Engineering, is familiar with computer programming, and achieved excellent results in computer programming(C, C++). The author devoted himself to financial work shortly after graduating from university. The author has worked for many listed financial companies in Hong Kong or China for more than 10 years. The author passed the LEVEL 2 in the CFA exam in 2014. The author is currently the head of the trading department of a
    5 000 USD
    Algo Strength EA
    Emir Revolledo
    3.67 (3)
    *NOTE: 8 slots/users remaining until this EA goes private.  3 slot remaining for $5000 price, next price will be around $6000-$7000 All users/buyers are entitled for 1 on 1 webinar Take note that backtest will just keep on opening Buy Orders and that is not the way it trades. Due to it's sophisticated algorithm, MT4 backtest is not working so I have to make an backtest that just makes BUY Orders.. Kindly check the signal link to see how it actually works. Buyers may request a one on one webinar
    4 999 USD
    Murodillo Eshkuvvatov
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    Great time of the day my friends and traders !! e-Savdogar 2.0 Our Official Robot is ready, This robot has all the features you need in Trading, Great info panels (Bitmap (= result in chart), Hidden takeprofit, Full monitor, spread, candle expiration time) can also be displayed on the Graph, has the ability to trade through 3 different modes !! 1. Auto Trading method = It can be fully adapted to the market feature via Hedge, Trailing safe function has been added !! 2. Manual trading metho
    2 000 USD
    FTMO Breakout EA
    Endra Wahyu Satria
    FTMO Breakout EA Suitable for FTMO Challenge, Verification and Funded Single Trade No Martingale No Averaging Installation is easy, just drag and drop EA to the chart. Settings: - Pair = XAUUSD Set files: Asian Session download here US Session download here If you have any question just send email to support team, signalforexz@gmail.com If you don't know about automatic trading you can hire us to manage your FTMO Challenge Account Management Service including Challenge   and Verification S
    1 599 USD
    If you are afraid of Martin's sudden position explosion and are tired of the frequent stop loss of trend strategy, use this hedging arbitrage strategy! Top arbitrage   It is an automatic trading robot of arbitrage logic. Due to the function of adding positions, it runs smoothly and the trading curve is smooth.   But unlike Martin's robot, this EA does not mindlessly add positions. It will take action according to the needs of the market and stop adding positions when the spread widens.   In addi
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    ORB Williams FPO
    Jaime Ynzenga Gimeno
    The ORB-Williams FPO trading robot is the result of combining different Opening Breakout Ranges including the Toby Crabel Opening Range Breakout (ORB) strategy with additional trending indicators for a better entry signal, with the Larry Williams First Profitable Opening (FPO) exit to close the trade.  You can see the result of my real account operations in  Signals:  https://www.mql5.com/es/signals/1481106?source=Site +Signals+Favorites The Opening Range Breakout (ORB) is a range of price varia
    2 000 USD
    Zoom Dax
    Pankaj Kapadia
    1 (1)
    Future of Ea: We make this Ea on scalping strategy for short term trend. Ea is able to works on any Currency pair with specific time chart frames. Ea using short stop loss and minimum profits target. We using three three standard trend indicators to judge market short term trend. Ea is working on By Stop order and Sell Stop Order model. Ea is working On Dax 30 Index and we specially made for German Index trading. We provide you proper guidance how to use Ea. You can contact us by sending massag
    5 001 USD
    C19 Scalper
    Vineeth Ruby
    C-19 Scalper EA is work on all Major and Minor pairs with M1 timeframe. This is not any arbitrage or HFT trading strategy, Its pure trend following scalping algorithm. This EA will work only on low spread ECN brokers. So make sure you are using one of that.  Time Frame - M1 Pairs - Use 20 Major and Minor pairs Broker - ECN Raw or Low spread broker Minimum Deposit - $100 Parameters - All fixed to all size of accounts C-19 Scalper Successfully worked on Tickmill broker.  Tickmill Broker account mo
    1 750 USD
    This is a fully automatic trading robot for the EURCHF currency pair.  But this robot can be configured to trade for other currency pairs. TURBO SCALPER PRO using a trend following strategy based on MACD, Parabolic SAR and Moving Average indicator. The robot works in full automatic mode, on the M1 timeframe. The trader does not need to set it up for trading. Open EURCHF and attach TURBO SCALPER PRO only to EURCHF M1 using the default settings. Advantages of the TURBO SCALPER PRO :  We show y
    2 000 USD
    WOW Dash Lucky Bunny
    Nirundorn Promphao
    5 (1)
    M5 timeframe with zigzag upward and downward Strategies Parameters General Trade Settings Money Management  Lot : Fixed (can change) Strategies  - M5 Strategies it is fixed with MA, Bollinger band, Candlestick Levels Close Functions  - M5 Strategies MagicNumber  - individual magic number. The EA will only manage position of the chart symbol with this magic number. NextOpenTradeAfterSeconds  - 60 seconds is default, can change it MaxSpread  - upto currency pairs, MaxSlippage  - upto currency p
    2 894 USD
    Best Time
    Aleksandr Nadein
    Советник выставляет ордера по времени,для его существует 2 настройки (М,М2).При убыточных сделках срабатывает локирование ордеров,что помогает существенно сократить просадку.Советник адаптирован для работы с малыми депозитами(от 1$ ,если это позволено брокером).Он так же будет интересен ,тем трейдерам которые зарабатывают не только на сделках,но и за счет ребейтов,так как совершает большое количество сделок(в среднем  около 50 в день.  Slippage   = 3;           //  Slippage  Lot        = 0.1;   
    2 800 USD
    Christian Ricci
    PROMO PRICE ONLY FOR LIMITED TIME  6 month at only 30$ (5$/month) RECOMMENDED VALUE: Timeframe: M1 ONLY FOR NAS100  SPREAD RECOMMENDED: 80 Test Broker: Vantage Fx EA SETUP: Lots: 1 for each 100€ (if Balance is 1000€, Lots = 10) TP: 5 SL: 0 min: 10 After buying EA, be sure to write to me in private messages. I am ready to help each buyer install and configure the advisor. If you have never used EAs before, I will show and teach you how to use it.
    7 000 USD
    Nguyen Trong Hoa
    EA Scouts FX  This scout has the ability to navigate and execute virtual orders in advance to identify market turning points. In case it is not determined correctly, the Martingel strategy will be used to balance capital and generate profits. This EA has the ability to trade on 27 currency pairs, which shows the feasibility of the strategy. The file set of each pair is uploaded in the comments. Min balance: $1200 See actual trading results at:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1157461?source=S
    1 500 USD
    Vladislav Filippov
    1 (1)
    For the expert to work correctly, do not forget to upload the files to the directory of the agreement (... AppData \ Roaming \ MetaQuotes \ Terminal \ Common \ Files) Accuracity is a completely new generation automated trading neuro-system. This system, whose structural basis is a specialized neural network, is able to permanently learn in chaotic market conditions, organizing and systematizing them to optimize trading and protect the user from the systematic opening of transactions against t
    2 500 USD
    WORLD FOREX ROBOT TRADER  World Forex Robot Trader   is the Forex Robot for the sophisticated and conservative busy investors and traders like you. It will enable you to start right away. You can trade as you learn and master more complex trading techniques. With this EA, your friends will be amazed of the quick 180-degree turn of your trading venture.  Be the one that you truly deserve and destined to be a high achiever.      G U I D E   E B O O K    Download it here for fre
    2 588 USD
    Ultimate Trend Master
    Francis Belanger
    4 (2)
    This Expert Advisor works with 10 hidden indicators. The strategy searches for support and resistance levels and measures volatility of the market. All of this is done by a complex algorithm and calculation for the best entry point. The EA is FIFO-compliant if hedging is disabled. It works with almost all brokers and does not need the most powerful VPS. It can also work on your desktop but it is not the best thing to do. Settings This EA was developed at first for use on M1 and those pairs: EU
    2 750 USD
    Gold Pro Trader
    Quang Dung Pham
    This is a fully automated trading robot for trading GOLD and Forex. It combines many algorithms and functions to execute trades and manage positions.  Recommendations Broker:  https://www.exness.com/a/s1drqgmd Account type: Zero spread, Raw spread Deposit: at least 5000$; Leverage: from 1:100 to 1:2000 VPS is required Parameters Use the preset is best fit for 3 digits account Happy trading!
    5 000 USD
    Nikolaos Bekos
    The Avato is one of our standalone tools. (A Signal based on it will also be provided on Mt4 Market in the future). It is designed around a combined form of hedging and martingale techniques and uses sophisticated algorithms and filters to place the trades. It uses Stop loss and Take profit levels while Lot size is calculated automatically following the according multiplier settings. We consider it a toolbox for every seasoned trader. Made with Gold market in mind, it can be tested in other inst
    5 000 USD
    Valeri Balachnin
    Area 51 EA generates signals on different strategies. Has different money management strategies and dynamic lot size function. When a position is opened, it is equipped with a take profit and a stop loss. If the position becomes profitable, a dynamic stop loss based on the specified values (TrailingStep and DistanceStep) will be set for it and constantly trailed. This allows you to always close positions in profit.  If you want, that your manual opened positions will be handled by the EA, so you
    1 899 USD
    Note : the spread value,  the broker's slippage and the VPS speed affect the Expert Advisor trading results. Recommendations: gold with spread up to 3, USDJPY with spread up to 1.7, EURUSD with spread up to 1.5. Results will be better with better conditions. The Ping value between VPS and the broker server should be below 10 ms. In addition, the smaller the broker's stop-level requirement, the better; 0 is the best. The Expert Advisor is based on a breakthrough system and carefully controls all
    2 400 USD
    Milch Cow Turbo
    Mohamed Nasseem
    MILCH COW Turbo EA is primarily a multi-currency strategy. It supports 9 or 10 pairs as collection of currencies (GBPJPY, GBPUSD, EURCHF,EURGBP, EURJPY, EURUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, USDJPY). If you choose Trade_Calc = false, only one pair is turned on. The EA depends on a special indicator to set Buy stop, Buy limit, Sell stop and Sell limit orders Note: If enabled Pendingorders = false, the EA will use the prices shown on the chart in live orders (buy and sell). In this case, the EA uses stop loss a
    1 500 USD
    Mohamed Nasseem
    "ANYWAY EA" is a tool designed to handle your trades in a different concept, which does not start its trailing by locking in profit. It just moves stop loss by 1. It will step the SL by 1 so for every 1 pip the SL moves to 19, 18, 17, etc. The brokers can see this and do nothing to deal with it. While you are sitting there waiting for it to lock in the points it has already made. All these stop losses and take profits can be hidden from the broker by selecting SLnTPMode = Client. Run the EA on a
    1 500 USD
    Mikhail Senchakov
    Perfection is a multicurrency, fully automated and secure trading robot. The robot is designed for both portfolio trading and trading a single instrument. The EA does not use averaging methods, the volume of positions is strictly regulated. Orders are opened only in the direction of market movement in a grid. Due to this, the robot operates efficiently on any strong movements. The decision making algorithm does not use indicators. Instead, the robot automatically calculates the key levels, which
    2 900 USD
    More from author
    Evening Scalper Pro MT5
    Valeriia Mishchenko
    5 (9)
    EA has live track record s with   low drawdown : Live signal - Best Pairs Live signal - All Pairs Only 10 copies of the EA out of 10  left  at $899! Next price --> $999 Evening Scalper Pro is the state-of-the-art mean-reversion trading system that operates during the American trading session. It's very different from most other scalping systems, since it uses a unique trading logic on cross pairs that have a strong mean-reverting tendency with high profit targets. EA enters the market with ma
    899 USD
    Evening Scalper Pro
    Valeriia Mishchenko
    4.56 (9)
    EA has live track record s with low drawdown: Live signal - Best Pairs Live signal - All Pairs Only 10 copies  of the EA out of 10  left  at $899! Next price --> $999 Evening Scalper Pro is the state-of-the-art mean-reversion trading system that operates during the American trading session. It's very different from most other scalping systems, since it uses a unique trading logic on cross pairs that have a strong mean-reverting tendency with high profit targets. EA enters the market with mark
    899 USD
    Waka Waka EA
    Valeriia Mishchenko
    4.52 (23)
    EA has a live track record with many years of stable trading with low drawdown: Live performance MT5 version can be found here Only   10 copies   out of 10 available at   $899! Next price -->   $999 Waka Waka is the advanced grid system which already works on real accounts for years. Instead of fitting the system to reflect historical data (like most people do) it was designed to exploit existing market inefficiencies. Therefore it is not a simple "hit and miss" system which only survives by usi
    899 USD
    Waka Waka EA MT5
    Valeriia Mishchenko
    4.4 (15)
    EA has a live track record with many years of stable trading with low drawdown: Live performance MT4 version can be found here Only 10 copies out of 10 available at $899! Next price --> $999 Waka Waka is the advanced grid system which already works on real accounts for years. Instead of fitting the system to reflect historical data (like most people do) it was designed to exploit existing market inefficiencies. Therefore it is not a simple "hit and miss" system which only survives by using grid.
    899 USD
    Night Hunter Pro MT5
    Valeriia Mishchenko
    4.65 (26)
    EA has a   live track record   with many months of stable trading with  low drawdown: Best Pairs (default settings) High-risk   performance Only   9 copies   of the EA left  at $1499! Next price --> $1799 Night Hunter Pro is the advanced scalping system which utilizes smart entry/exit algorithms with sophisticated filtering methods to identify only the safest entry points during calm periods of the market. This system is focused on a long-term stable growth. It is a professional tool developed b
    1 499 USD
    sasa hassan
    sasa hassan 2022.06.22 17:12 

    i lose with these ea

    Valeriia Mishchenko
    Reply from developer Valeriia Mishchenko 2022.06.23 13:40
    Hi! Most of the time losses are caused either by incorrect settings or by choosing a broker with bad trading conditions. Currently the EA is at the all-time highs on my live accounts with default settings, so I see no other way to have losses with the EA. There are no private messages from you describing the problem, so I can't know what is the problem on your side. Please, reach out to me, so that we can solve it
    hdfilme 2022.06.09 10:40 

    Expensive price with a losing trade.

    Valeriia Mishchenko
    Reply from developer Valeriia Mishchenko 2022.06.10 11:13
    There are no trading systems in the world that can bring long-term profit without ever experiencing losing trades. If you do not accept this you should not go into trading. The Night Hunter Pro EA shows good results for a long time on my live accounts running with default settings. If you experience problems (bad results due to slippages or incorrect configuration of the EA), please, write to me, I will help you in any way necessary
    Dindo Vacanto
    Dindo Vacanto 2022.04.22 09:47 

    After using this EA for almost 4 months now, I can say that this is one of the best night scalping EA. Cost-effective and profitable - bought this last Black Friday sale! It's really worth to have it! I have to leave a 5-star rating! The author is very professional and very supportive as well. Thanks Valeria and to NHP community. ❤️

    jmawirat 2022.04.21 14:19 

    This is my most profitable EA! Hands down to Valeriia and the NHP community! I am honestly making consistent profit across all accounts I have! Valeriia also provides word class support!

    Sleepyman18 2022.04.12 22:55 

    I been using for less than two weeks. Very good EA. Had no losers so far. I already paid for the EA in profits. Note I am not using a small account either. Developer is awesome and will always help if needed

    Andrei Beniamin Ene
    Andrei Beniamin Ene 2022.04.10 19:10 

    Very professional! Very helpfull about everything. I am a beginer and Valeriia Mishchenko gave an answear everytime when i ask for it. About the Ea,i have use it just 2 days until now,so far so good! i totally recomend her!

    angleswing 2022.04.08 06:20 

    You can strongly feel a professional service through comunicating with Valeriia Mishchenko, truely standard with her customers. I will update comment if pass any props firm.

    Yi Hu
    Yi Hu 2022.03.27 18:07 

    Hello, I want to join your telegraph group,thank you.

    Rain Stormz
    Rain Stormz 2022.03.09 10:25 

    After tested various EA over the years, I've finally have an EA that is closest to the elusive 'Holy grail' system. I'm a person who can't trade manually well enough to gain some meaningfull profit. I usually fell under the 75-90% of traders who loses instead. I'm impatient, emotional, jumping from one strategy to strategy that could have also cost me my health and sanity. With this EA all the flaws that I had has been addressed. Be warned though do not set the EA to ridiculous amount of lots especially while letting the trades to run over the WEEKEND coz you never know what Monday morning open at what price gaps that will bring you down (market crash, war etc) To negate this, its better to not trade on Friday. The EA even has this filter to turn off Friday trades along with many other filters (triple swap days, holidays, MPR etc) Author is very professional and pretty responsive in the EA's telegram. Very much recommended. With this EA (and trading with it since Sept 21') I'm on my way to recovering the loss and cost I had incurred over the years with other systems. Dont waste your time to look elsewhere (other EA) like I did prior to having this EA. During this period of volatile market due to war, it is best to not turn on the EA until 'quiet market' is observed on days towards the end of US session (tiny 1HR candles).

    Michael Huliselan
    Michael Huliselan 2022.03.08 09:48 

    High Recommend EA Forex, this EA very2 Good, - it have news filter to prevent loss during news impact - we can set how much risk we want, low, medium, high or even set % of risk - we can set max. DD so if it breached than EA automatically close all trade - we can set time for trading, recommend not change it to get max. Profit - the author Ms. Valeriia is very high response, she always answer our question, even check our vps by remote if problem of setting still not solve. - Valeriia always care for her buyer profit, she always update the EA to make sure the buyer get big profit and small loss. - buy using this EA I can pass MFF evaluations stage and get real account of prop firm. - Please always buy original from this author, you won’t regret buy this EA from Her + you’ll get full support from Her.. You are amazing Valerria.. thx for make this EA..

    Chin Wei Toh
    Chin Wei Toh 2022.03.08 02:51 

    One of the best and profitable EA. Developer is friendly and willing to help.

    Nguyen Kim Cuong
    Nguyen Kim Cuong 2022.03.07 18:24 

    Really love!!! 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Dang The Anh
    Dang The Anh 2022.02.19 08:11 

    I just purchased the EA. Wait to install this week and try it out. Will review in the future. Could I be added to the telegram channel please. Thank you.

    Michael Kuczynski
    Michael Kuczynski 2022.01.31 23:15 

    Just started and running on Live and Demo accounts with Oanda. Just started to take trades and still following these EA so small lots and TP. Valeriia, is great to work with and excellent support. Lot of work and effort into this EA so look forward to the results and expanding the usage to other FX pairs in the months ahead.

    Logan Paul
    Logan Paul 2022.01.30 18:28 

    Recommended by a couple of trading friends to try NHP. Purchased just now and asked the author multiple questions and has received replies with very detailed explanation. I will come back to share my experience and the performance of the EA in a month's time. As of now, 5 stars goes to the attitude and friendliness of the author.

    Amgad Megahed
    Amgad Megahed 2022.01.23 18:16 

    this EA is the best one I have purchased . and no many such high quality options available here with less than 5000 $ Valeriia is the nicest author I have dealt with , she always take care of you , Many thanks Valeri .

    ForexLove 2022.01.18 14:33 

    The live results of the developer "Best Pairs" are not exactly good and you have to say the EA trades very little that's why it has such a low return per month. If we are serious, this EA may be good for someone who deposits money and waits 1 year, then has earned money with it, for the right trading the profit is unfortunately not enough because every investor knows that the risk is priced in when trading CFDs and therefore the return for the higher risk must be significantly more than the percentage that this EA generates each month. The good thing about this EA is that it has a low drawdown.

    Valeriia Mishchenko
    Reply from developer Valeriia Mishchenko 2022.01.18 18:09
    Hi! Thank you for your honest opinion. Please, take into account the following. First, having more than 150% made in a little more than a year, while not having any drawdowns exceeding 20% is usually considered a very good result by the algotrading community. Secondly, you can always adjust risks to your liking. So if 150% in 65 weeks is not enough you can always increase your risks and get a higher percentage
    Rodrigo Demagalhaes
    Rodrigo Demagalhaes 2021.12.27 00:26 


    Valeriia Mishchenko
    Reply from developer Valeriia Mishchenko 2021.12.28 12:51
    Pretty strange to see the only 1* review placed by a buyer that never even said "Hi!" to me. Night scalping is very effective, but only if you use it properly. If most other buyers have profits and you have losses it's pretty obvious that something is wrong on your part. If you experienced any problems you should not hesitate to write to me, I will identify what is wrong and help you
    alena.afanasyeva 2021.12.16 12:02 

    After 3 months using EA I see only profits. Passed FTMO with it. Best EA I have ever seen.

    Francois R
    Francois R 2021.12.09 10:00 

    Great EA I've used for just over a week and its doing exactly as Valeriia has described and marketed it ! I've used others in the past that has failed but i feel very confident in using this EA and recommending it !

    CyrusF00 2021.12.04 03:19 

    After 4 months of gains with this EA, I have to leave a 5 star.

    Sathit Sukhirun
    Sathit Sukhirun 2021.11.20 13:01 

    a good strategy

    Brendan 2021.11.20 09:41 

    I've used Night Hunter Pro for a month and the monthly profit I got was around 10% with less than 20% drawdown. Valeriia is also always willing to communicate and answer any questions I have. Highly recommended!

    S R
    S R 2021.11.19 23:02 

    I've had this EA for about a month now. Firstly - It is great and that's a huge understatement. It is profitable. It is not a grid or martingale system and is a well thought out EA. Having said this though you would be naive to think that drawdowns don't occur as they most certainly do but the EA recovers and carries on pulling in profits. Secondly - It is also accompanied by support directly from the developer which is always on point considering how many people reach out to ask questions she always gets back to you.

    dennis teachworth
    dennis teachworth 2021.11.18 22:23 

    I bought this about 10 weeks ago and have been forward testing this since. I've been trading live for about 3 weeks. My hats off to Valeriia! This is a killer expert!! I will gladly post results towards the end of the year. If you're concerned about the price, don't be. This is a well designed, professionally developed EA. Carefully read set-up instructions, ask questions. Honestly, I was not asked to write this. I've been trading for 4 years, and this EA is now at the top of my trading strategies now. I just thought I should write a review on this. It is well deserved. Awesome Valeriia!!

    zhouhfdzpt11 2021.11.02 09:47 

    A cost-effective EA, the author is also a professional and responsible person, and will help you whenever you encounter difficulties.

    AngkorWat 2021.10.27 17:21 

    After several attempts with other EA I finally passed FTMO challenge with Night hunter. Thank you Valeriia! Your EA is the best

    Jackie Marie
    Jackie Marie 2021.10.21 20:58 

    Hi Valeriia Mishchenko! I bought your EA, could you please tell us what is Minimum Price Range in %ATR in details, and give us an example, also what is %ATR, you give us a range between 0-20, 0 is default, is the number the higher the better or higher number get less trades? as well as what is smart time filter, also please add me to your group,many thanks!

    Valeriia Mishchenko
    Reply from developer Valeriia Mishchenko 2021.10.22 16:45
    Hi Jack! Minimum Price Range is the optional feature that you might use if you want to have more rare, but more accurate entries with bigger targets when measured in pips. Setting it to 15 will make your average profits about x1.5 bigger, while leaving you with only about x0.5 the number of trades. All the trades you'll get though will have bigger profits on average. Also, please, use the comments section for such questions. As for adding you - please, check your private messages
    Vu Van Hai
    Vu Van Hai 2021.10.19 04:21 

    Valeria is super nice and very supportive. Appreciate your help

    Minho Lyu
    Minho Lyu 2021.10.14 07:46 


    davidpdraft 2021.10.13 23:12 

    Night Hunter Pro is a fantastic EA. So is Valeriia's support. I am based in the U.S. Yes there are offshore brokers with good platforms for manual trading but when it comes to scalper EAs, it's another story. Wide spreads and slippage - especially for night trades - is the common experience. Valeriia went above and beyond in working me through the process until success (right broker, right settings). I am very particular and selective in who I work with and I do not provide 5 star reviews very often. Valeriia is a 5-star author and and a 5-star seller who I will continue to buy products from. Wish there were more like her.

    yangriyan 2021.10.11 16:26 

    I bought your EA, but, I didn't get any open positions, writing in the transaction log, is a signal of the time, my platform time is shut off easily, excuse me, I want to how to set up the correct time? Thank you very much!

    Valeriia Mishchenko
    Reply from developer Valeriia Mishchenko 2021.10.11 20:12
    Hi! Please, write me details in the private messages. I need your log files, screenshot of the terminal, set file you use and whether you set up time and news servers in the MetaTrader terminal. That will allow to identify the problem on your end and solve it. Alternatively, just give me your VPS credentials or AnyDesk number, I'll connect to you and will help to solve the problem
    julioneves63 2021.10.05 19:23 

    After using Night Hunter Pro for over 2 months, I am very happy with it. Valeria is a perfectionist, understands the market very well and how to setup the EA giving a great support to all in a group that is also highly professional. The results have been varying but its easy to understand that it is a great EA that is a finished product but also easily configured to change the risk settings and configuration to match risk profiles and market. Checking her signals its easy to understand that even taking EA to a high risk, it will still manage to do well. No doubt about the 5 stars to give to the EA and specially the author. Thank you Valeria!

    faithblaster 2021.10.01 09:02 

    Works as per authors claims. Results on real are very similat to the merchant account. Im having slightly positive results for my first month with this EA, lets see how it goes with bigger lots.

    Nadine Struve
    Nadine Struve 2021.09.29 18:33 

    This is an awesome EA. I am glad to have it!

    paulo5255 2021.09.26 03:11 

    which private telegram group?

    Valeriia Mishchenko
    Reply from developer Valeriia Mishchenko 2021.09.26 16:27
    Hi! Please, take a look at your private messages. And please, use reviews for reviews. It is better to use discussion and private messages for questions, I always answer swiftly
    Ho Lung Yip
    Ho Lung Yip 2021.09.25 14:45 

    User didn't leave any comment to the rating

    simonxue 2021.09.23 02:59 

    It makes money and the author is a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable. I am conformable with scaling up more deposit after seeing it works in live accounts. Be sure to join the telegram group.

    Johnny Long
    Johnny Long 2021.09.20 14:47 

    Just got the EA, please add me to the group, after try it out I'll update the result, thanks

    Valeriia Mishchenko
    Reply from developer Valeriia Mishchenko 2021.09.21 13:47
    Hi! Sure, check your private messages. Also please, use reviews section for reviews, for similar requests it is better to use "Comments" section and private messages
    Lewis Brown
    Lewis Brown 2021.09.03 20:22 

    User didn't leave any comment to the rating

    Abdelmaseh Adel Azez Abdelmaseh
    Abdelmaseh Adel Azez Abdelmaseh 2021.08.26 13:51 

    Great EA! It's stable till now, The Support is very good and effective Recommend it

    Stanislav Gordiienko
    Stanislav Gordiienko 2021.08.23 16:33 

    This is one of the best night advisors. The author provides fast and competent support.

    Ramasinghe Karunagala Pathiranage P Rabuddha Pravindu Gimhan

    Super EA. It is highly developed and manages risk wonderfully.

    Lucy 2021.08.12 09:24 

    Excellent support, promising EA.

    Alvin Arie Septian
    Alvin Arie Septian 2021.07.24 05:08 

    (Edited) the overall is a must buy product for a long term trader.

    Marius Jung
    Marius Jung 2021.07.22 11:17 

    This EA is outstanding! It has proven it's reliability and consistency on my live account on IC Markets already. I also love the security features which will let me grow my ftmo account without taking care of news and won't trade in dangerous situations. It's by far the best and safest EA I bought on MQL5 so far. Great job!

    Sergei Deviatov
    Sergei Deviatov 2021.07.20 13:30 

    Использую советника уже месяц и весь месяц стабильная прибыль. Очень доволен покупкой. Регулярно получаю от Леры предупреждения о возможности будущей просадки =) К счастью, я в торговле уже давно и знаю о том что просадки неизбежны в торговле.

    Duc Anh Le
    Duc Anh Le 2021.07.08 05:25 

    User didn't leave any comment to the rating

    Jing Yew Yeap
    Jing Yew Yeap 2021.07.07 12:02 

    User didn't leave any comment to the rating

    Valeriia Mishchenko
    Reply from developer Valeriia Mishchenko 2021.07.07 12:11
    Hi! These two weeks were quite good, although this result is probably about average for the system - there are some weeks better, as well as worse than these 2 weeks, as can be seen on my live signals. Added you to the group. No need to write reviews for it - you can just leave a comment in the "Comments" section, so that I know that is you who bought the product
    Nelson Cuthill
    Nelson Cuthill 2021.07.07 01:59 

    User didn't leave any comment to the rating

    GregmanII 2021.07.03 16:06 

    I just purchased the EA. Can’t wait to install this week and try it out. Will review in the future. Could I be added to the telegram channel please. Thank you.

    Valeriia Mishchenko
    Reply from developer Valeriia Mishchenko 2021.07.03 19:18
    Hi! Added you. But I need to point out that this EA does not use grid and martingale, it has very good control over risks. Sometimes it means cutting losses. The EA is profitable in the long run, still, it will have losing trades, drawdowns and someimtes (rarely, but it happens once in a while) even losing months (as it already did about 9 months ago - you can see it on the signal). So you need to take that into the account
    AndrewDJ 2021.07.01 11:13 

    Was lucky enough to buy the system at old price. What can I say after running it on my account: 1. Valery is truthful in everything she talks about. Asked her many things 2. Results are true. The EA makes almost same profit on my account as on the official account. Some trades vary as Valery tells. I got slightly better result this week than official account. 3. Risk is managed well. Can customise risk to fit my needs. I am picky here after losing money several times previously on other systems. 4. There is private group where buyers and Valery are active every day. Overall it is just what I need. Safe system with good results that I can install and forget. Fast and competent support is cherry on the cake. Deserved 5 stars.

    Edit: made stable profit through month with a lot of trades. Result seems statistically significant. This week has not many trades so far. But all of them profitable and results are good. Probably my best purchase so far.

    Valeriia Mishchenko
    Reply from developer Valeriia Mishchenko 2021.07.03 19:20
    Thank you! It warms my soul to read this review. And I am very lucky to have such buyers :-)
    Tomasz Wys
    Tomasz Wys 2021.06.26 17:38 

    User didn't leave any comment to the rating

    Siu Cheung Colin Tsui
    Siu Cheung Colin Tsui 2021.06.26 03:42 

    User didn't leave any comment to the rating

    sergioisaev 2021.06.21 11:14 

    Bought the EA and already got some trades that match the EA signal. So far everything works as expected. Asked the developer to add more risk management options several days ago but did not get it yet. Will update the review later.

    Upd.: already got profit, trades matched EA signal. Risk management option added by my request. Developer always quick to answer and works on EA improvement Change review to 5* and will update it regularly.

    Upd.#2: the EA got some new updates. EA signal reached new highs that match my profit. Everything good so far.

    Upd.#3: tried the EA on 2 brokers not mentioned by developer. Results are good and trades almost same as on IC markets.

    Upd.#4: compared results on 3 different brokers with developer. Trades are close and results almost the same.

    Ant_X 2021.06.18 12:52 

    I've been looking for a quality night scalper at a reasonable price and I found it here. 1) live signals using this EA which are a very good sign 2) author helpful and supportive always willing to help 3) my trades so far matched author signal exactly. Everything I see so far indicates a solid 5* product. Will update results later

    Edit: running the product on a live account for about 3 weeks now. So far results are almost the same as the author signal, getting same profit. Author is very fast to respond to my questions. The update shows that product is supported well

    Edit: running EA for about a month on my accounts. Results are very close to author signal

    Susan Anne Thompson
    Susan Anne Thompson 2021.06.18 10:54 

    Just bought the Night Hunter Pro I'll update with review(s) later So far the seller has been very helpful and responsive, which is always a good sign

    Leberworscht 2021.06.16 23:17 

    User didn't leave any comment to the rating

    Valeriia Mishchenko
    Reply from developer Valeriia Mishchenko 2021.06.17 12:00
    Hi! Please, write me about the brokerage selection if you are not sure whether your broker has good enough trading conditions during the night. I do not know brokers with good trading conditions during the night on cent accounts, but this EA can work even with a $50 deposit, so I don't see why not use the ECN account from the start, that way you will have much better results
    Jun Sheng Zhang
    Jun Sheng Zhang 2021.06.16 20:06 

    User didn't leave any comment to the rating

    Valeriia Mishchenko
    Reply from developer Valeriia Mishchenko 2021.06.17 12:05
    Great! Please, let me know how it goes. Meanwhile, I will keep my own track records. Also, please, make sure you understand what this EA does - this is not a testing Holy Grail without losing trades, this is just a professional night scalper. It will grod your deposit in the long run in the most robust manner, but it will have drawdown along the way (as it already did on my real accounts - please, take a look at them)
    vshareee 2021.06.16 06:52 

    User didn't leave any comment to the rating

    Reply to review
    Version 6.28 2022.05.24
    Optional update that you can safely skip

    - Added a new parameter: Close Profitable Trades Start Time 23:XX - when to start automatically closing profitable trades before midnight;

    - Minor bug fixes.
    Version 6.24 2022.05.14
    Fixed version display bug.
    Version 6.23 2022.05.14
    - Disable Built-in News Filter Settings - disables the built-in news filter settings, allowing you to fine-tune the news filter.
    - Custom Events (separated by comma, disabled if empty) - custom rules allowing you to fine-tune the news filter.

    Format: Key[-Currency pair],Key[-Currency pair],.........,Key[-Currency pair]

    Key - currency of the news event or keyword in the news header. You can use multiple currencies without a separator, for example USDAUDGBP.
    If you specify a keyword, letter case does not matter. For example FOMC.

    [-Currency pair] - optional parameter specifying which currency pair the rule applies to. For example -EURUSD.


    USD, - takes into account all news events for USD on all currency pairs
    AUDGBP-GBPUSD-NZDUSD, - takes into account all news events for AUD and GBP on GBPUSD and NZDUSD currency pairs
    CHFEUR-EURUSD, - takes into account all news events for CHF and EUR on EURUSD currency pair
    FOMC, - takes into account news events with the word (or part of the word) FOMC in the header on all currency pairs
    Rate-AUDCAD - takes into account news events with the word (or part of the word) Rate in the header on AUDCAD currency pair

    Each rule must be separated by a comma. if 'Disable Built-in News Filter Settings'=false, then the custom rules are in addition to the built-in ones. The built-in settings are as follows:

    - Medium Impact News - enable/disable news events with medium impact (2 stars news).
    - Low Impact News - enable/disable news events with low impact (1 star news).
    - Speaks - if false, then the EA will not take into account news events marked as Speeches/Speaks.
    - News List Refresh Rate - news events list update frequency (selection from the drop-down list).
    - Symbol Suffix - here you can specify a symbol suffix if your broker uses one.
    - Placing Orders During Rollover Time - enable/disable placing pending orders during rollover time.
    - Friday Half Lots - halving trading lots on Friday evening.
    - Handle Max Drawdown Events on Every Tick - enable/disable drawdown event handling on every tick (instead of once a minute that is used by default, it may consume more CPU resources).
    - Max Daily Drawdown Limit % FTMO Rules in Money [0-disabled] - maximum daily drawdown limit in MONEY, calculated according to the FTMO rules. Non-trading operations (like withdrawals) during the day are not taken into account.
    - Max Daily Drawdown Reset Hour FTMO Rules (Broker time) - hour to reset the max. drawdown with the prop firm.
    - Min Profit To Close Trade Before Midnight, in pips [0-disabled] - automatically closes profitable trades before midnight if the specified profit is reached.
    - Hide TakeProfit - on/off TakeProfit hiding.
    - Max Open Lots - here you can put a value limiting the total lots that can be opened by the EA on all currency pairs.
    - Minutes to Stop Trading - minutes to stop trading.
    - Block Trading for the Entire Day - prohibits opening new trades throughout the day if HV hits the specified level just once at any moment during the day.
    - Show Stats - show a panel with some statistics.
    Version 5.52 2022.02.16
    - 'HourToStopPlacingOrders' now works correctly if it's not equal to 0.
    - The value of historical volatility (HV) is displayed on the information panel if 'StockMarketCrashFilter' is enabled.

    - Several small improvements that do not affect performance.
    Version 5.46 2022.02.15
    Fixed problems with access https://ec.forexprostools.com

    Please allow web requests to both URLs:
    Version 5.45 2022.02.11
    Added new parameters and features

    'Use Even LotSize' - trading only with even lots to reduce commissions.

    'Minutes To Start/Stop Placing Orders' - allows you to fine-tune the trading interval.
    *'Minutes To Start Placing Orders' must be multiples of 5 (0, 5, 10, 15...50, 55)

    'Rollover Start Time 23:XX' - rollover start minutes.
    'Rollover End Time 00:XX' - rollover end minutes.

    'Remove TakeProfit During Rollover' - removes TP for all orders at the specified rollover time. This option helps to avoid closing trades via TP during bad trading conditions, since slippage can turn a profitable trade into a losing one.

    'Increase StopLoss During Rollover' - increases SL for all orders at the specified rollover time. This option helps to avoid activating SL due to spread widening during bad trading conditions (which may lead to a big loss).

    'StopLoss, in % ATR' - volatility based stop loss expressed as a percentage of the Average True Range indicator.

    'Check for Instances of the EA' - checks that only one instance of the EA is running at a time. If EA detects other instances with the same UID, trading will be disabled.

    'Trade on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday - enable/disable trading on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday'

    'Disable Trading on Holidays' - enable/disable trading on bank holidays according to the real-time Economic Calendar (https://www.investing.com). This filter is currency-specific. For example, with it EA won't take trades on USD pairs during bank holidays in the USA. It also works in Strategy Tester.

    Stock Market Crash Filter settings:

    'Stock Market Crash Filter Enabled' - enable/disable the stock market crash filter.
    'Stock Market Symbol' - symbol name of the S&P500 stock index of your broker. It is usually called something like US500 or SPX500 (press Ctrl+U to see all symbols).
    'Filter Period' - period of the stock market crash filter.
    'Max Historical Volatility (HV)' - max. annualized standard deviation of H1 returns (HV in %).

    Added support of EURGBP, EURJPY and AUDJPY.

    'Adjust TP Price?' - if false, TP of child orders will be placed at the same price (without a step). If true, then TP of child orders will be placed with the step specified by 'TP Price Step' parameter (positive or negative).

    'Adjust Order Price?' - if false, all child orders will be placed at the same price (without a step). If true, then the entry price of child orders will be placed with the step specified by 'Order Price Step' parameter (positive or negative).

    'Font Size' - reduce this value if you're having trouble with the info panel.

    'Show News List' - displays a list of upcoming news events to the right of the info panel.

    'Max Daily Drawdown Limit % FTMO Rules' - maximum daily drawdown limit, calculated according to the FTMO rules. Non-trading operations (like withdrawals) during the day are not taken into account.
    Version 4.97 2021.10.26
    Fixed problem with the following message for some brokers:
    'Failed to get MODE_MARGINREQUIRED. Trying to get it again'.

    You need to update the EA only if you repeatedly get this message in the "Experts" tab.
    Version 4.96 2021.10.21
    Optional update that you can safely skip

    Added a new parameter: Minimum Price Range - minimum distance between pending buy and sell orders expressed in %ATR.
    The option can significantly improve performance (Profit Factor, Expected Payoff), but reduces the number of trades.
    Recommended value - 0...20

    Minor bug fixes.
    Version 4.89 2021.09.28
    Optional update that you can safely skip

    Added a new parameter: Randomize Order/TP/SL Levels - if enabled, the EA will randomly slightly change the entry/TP/SL levels. This option allows you to have unique entry/TP/SL values and can help improve execution.
    Version 4.82 2021.09.07
    Optional update

    - Added new parameters:

    Adjust TP Price - allows you to adjust take profit. In case of a positive/negative value, take profit will be increased/decreased by the specified number of pips;
    Minimum Free Margin % - if Free Margin% falls below the specified value, the EA will not place new pending orders and will cancel already placed ones.

    - Several small improvements that do not affect performance.
    Version 4.68 2021.08.25
    Bug fix release
    Version 4.66 2021.08.23
    Recommended update

    - Added new feature 'Max Spread for Pending Orders'. If the current spread exceeds the specified value, the EA will not place new pending orders and will cancel already placed ones.
    - Added new parameter 'Adjust Order Price?' If 'false', all child orders will be placed at the same price (without step).
    - Added new feature 'Max Floating Drawdown in Money'. If the floating drawdown in money exceeds the specified value, the EA will perform actions specified in the 'Max Drawdown Action' parameter.
    - Added new parameter 'Max Drawdown Action' which allows specifying actions to be taken after the max. drawdown is reached (in money or %):

    'Close trades & stop trading for 24h' - the EA will close all open trades and will not open new ones for 24 hours;
    'Close trades & stop trading until restart' - the EA will close all open trades and will not open new ones until the EA/MT restarts;
    'Prohibit opening new trades' - new trades will be prohibited as long as the floating drawdown is above a specified value;
    'Prohibit opening new trades until restart' - new trades will be prohibited until the EA/MT restarts.

    - Added new parameter 'Max Drawdown Calculation' allowing specify how the maximum drawdown is calculated:

    'The account' - takes into account all positions opened on the account, including trades opened manually or by other EAs;
    'This strategy' - takes into account only positions opened by this EA.

    - Improved backtesting speed.
    Version 4.35 2021.08.11
    Major update

    - Improved trading algorithm and volatility filters;
    - Added new supported pairs: AUDCAD, EURCAD, EURAUD;
    - News filter works correctly with unsupported currency pairs;
    - Improvements to the Swap Filter: it can be applied to all days of the week; the triple swap day is detected automatically;
    - Added a new item to the info panel: Maximum risk. It allows you to estimate the maximum risk in the worst case scenario (when the price simultaneously hits SL for all selected pairs).
    - Added a new feature 'Split Orders' helping to fill large orders with less slippage. It allows splitting a large parent pending order into a specified number of child orders (up to 10 child orders). The child orders are placed with a small step of 0.1pips. You can use 'Adjust Order Price' parameter to specify a custom step.
    Version 3.56 2021.07.21
    Recommended update

    - Added backup URL for automatic GMT detection: http:/ / timesrv.online (delete spaces!)
    - Added new parameter: 'Disable Automatic GMT Detection'. Set it to 'true' to disable automatic GMT detection. You can use the GMT Test/Manual' and 'DST Test/Manual' parameters to manually set the GMT offset in live trading.
    - Added option to use News Filter in the Strategy Tester. To apply the option you should download the news events data file 'NewsEvents.txt' and copy it to the common MT4/5 directory - '\Common\Files' (File -> Open Data Folder -> Up to ‘Terminal’ -> Common -> Files). The data file can be found in the Comments section.
    Version 3.45 2021.07.05
    Recommended update

    - Improvements to the 'Swap Filter' that increase performance (the number of trades).

    - Added a new supported pair: CHFJPY.

    - Added a new feature 'Adjust Order Price' allowing to adjust the open price of pending orders. This parameter can help to improve order execution on big accounts.
    Version 3.33 2021.06.21
    Recommended update

    - A new 'Maximum Net Number of Currencies' parameter is introduced, allowing to limit the number of open trades with the same currencies (not symbols/currency pairs) in the same direction. The parameter does not lead to performance improvements on tests, still, it limits risks, so it is recommended to be used with a value of 2 when more than 3 pairs are traded at a time.

    For example, we set 'Maximum Net Number of Currencies'=2 and got 3 position open:

    long EURUSD
    long GBPUSD
    short EURCHF

    Net number of open positions with the same currencies:

    EUR = 0 (long EURUSD + short EURCHF)
    USD = -2 (long EURUSD + long GBPUSD)
    GBP = 1 (long GBPUSD)
    CHF = 1 (short EURCHF)

    As you can see, USD has reached the max. limit (-2), so any orders that can lead to a new short USD trade (for example, short USDCHF) will be canceled and prohibited.

    - Improvements to parameter 'Maximum Symbols at a time'. It is now handled on every tick, if necessary.
    However, the EA enters a trade with pending orders, so the maximum limit can be exceeded if many limit orders are simultaneously triggered/filled by a large price movements.

    - Fixed some issues with logging.
    - Several small improvements that do not affect performance.
    Version 3.28 2021.06.16
    - Changed default value of the parameter 'Lot-sizing Method' (from 'Low Risk Preset' to 'Fixed Lots');
    - Minor bug fixes.
    Version 3.27 2021.06.14
    Initial update