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This robot uses a custom hidden oscillating indicator and also analyzes the market response. It traded mostly at the time of higher volatility. It works with several pending orders with different size of volume and their position actively modifies. It uses advanced money management. TradingMode setting can also meet the conditions FIFO.

It is successful in different markets and different timeframes. Best results are achieves with a broker with the spread to 5 points on EURUSD. Is necessary a broker with quotations in points and fast execution.

EA can also be used on indices, for example DAX, but you need to adjust the settings (increase values).


  • Direction - Trading direction.
  • Distance - Distance of pending orders from the price.
  • Sensitivity - Sensitivity of indicator. Higher sensitivity = fewer trades.
  • TradingMode
    • MultiTrading - More trades in both directions.
    • OnePlusOne - More trades in only one direction.
    • OnlyOne - Only one trade in the market.
  • Lot - Size of value.
  • Risk % - Automatic volume calculation by account size and the size SL.
  • TP - Take Profit.
  • SL - Stop Loss.
  • SLBE - Moves SLto the open price.
  • TrailingStart - Start trailing SL in this profit.
  • TrailingSL - Trailing SL in this distance.
  • TrailingSL_Step - Step of the trailing SL.
  • Magic - Unique number of the EA.
  • comment - A comment for trades.
punkatang 2018.11.15 04:31 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

ubaldopersichini 2018.11.06 12:41 

I just waste my money, is impossible to use In real account as and if you try to change the default set up the situation start to be dramatic!

as wrote to me from the seller he don't work anymore on these EA.....so no opportunity at all to have something that can be used.

I don't know how is possible to have these product on the market if even the seller don't trust anymore in these project .

Seksan Puttasan
Seksan Puttasan 2018.10.19 19:35 

Hi Marek Kvarda

Based on the EA test.


1. safe to finance

2. Work well in the long run.

3. Accuracy

4. Make a profit every month.

5. Wait for a long but safe transaction with money.


1. There may be less open trading.

2. Open trading 1-5 rounds / month.

3. Some months are not traded.

4. Wait for a long time.

5. No trading month Paying for a VPS Rent

In the text above

It's my own test.

If I make a profit in 1 year

It will come to more reviews and support you and your program.