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Working Bot

This Expert Advisor is based on advanced neural networks.

Main EA features

  1. After training, the EA remembers the patterns of each currency pair. Therefore, re-training the currency pair is not required when changing a currency pair.
  2. Fixed Take Profit and Stop Loss levels are set in the inputs.
  3. Multi-currency trading.

‌Monitoring of my accounts: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/mizrael

Preparing for trade and training

It is recommended to train the EA. For better understanding, we posted screenshots illustrating the EA training principles.

  1. Click Optimization.
  2. To accelerate the process, select Model: Open prices only, Timeframes: M1.
  3. Optimize the parameter test (start=1; step=1; stop=10).
  4. After obtaining the Optimization graph inflection point, the training is over.
  5. Now we can do the usual EA testing.

Trading recommendations

  1. To obtain balanced trading results, I recommend using the EA on multiple pairs simultaneously.
  2. For boosting the deposit quickly, I recommend using Martingale = 1.5 or more.
  3. The minimum initial deposit is $100.


  1. Lot - volume of market orders. Recommended value is 0.01.
  2. Martingale - lot multiplier after closing a loss-making order. Recommended value is 1.
  3. Take profit - take profit in chart points. Recommended value is 0.005.
  4. Stop Loss - stop loss level in chart points. Recommended value is 0.005.
  5. Candle - neural network trading depth. Recommended value is 5.
  6. test - EA training parameter. During the training, the parameter shows the number of EA runs. The value of the parameter does not affect the EA work. Recommended test value is 1.
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trader4711 2017.12.03 20:29 

Here look my results. You only lost Money with this EA. No Support from Dmitry. That's cheating!!!

I want my back !!!!!!!!