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The EA generates signals about changes in the trend. Signals can be generated using different strategies.

When a position is opened, it is equipped with a take profit and a stop loss. If the position becomes profitable, a dynamic stop loss based on the specified values (TrailingStep and DistanceStep) is set for it and constantly trailed. This allows you to always close positions in profit.


  • Main Settings

    • LotSize = 0.01 - fixed position volume.
    • LotAutoSize = false - enable dynamic calculation of the position volume. LotSize is ignored.
    • LotRiskPercent = 25 - risk to determine the position volume. It is calculated based on the free margin, available equity and the leverage.
    • MoneyRiskInPercent = 0 - risk as a percentage of the capital, for safety reasons, the recommended value is 32. When the specified percentage is reached, all positions with the same MagicNumber are immediately closed on all charts.
    • MaxDynamicLotSize = 0.0 - the maximum allowable lot size when the LotAutoSize function is active. If the entered value is greater than the maximum allowed value for the trading instrument, the maximum value for the instrument is used.
    • MaxMoneyValueToLose=0 - Money value, which you want to risk.
  • Position settings

    • TrailingStep = 15 - distance from the position opening price to set trailing stop.
    • DistanceStep = 15 - step from the current price to move the trailing stop.
    • TakeProfit = 750 - it should also be set for protection against gaps.
    • StopLoss = 0 - 10000 points by default.
  • Strategies

    • UseTrendIndicator = true - use the trend indicator.
    • UseSMAOnTrendIndicator = true - use the moving averages based on the indicator values.
    • UseOneOrTwoSMAOnTrendIndicator = 1 - use a moving average based on High values (1), moving averages based on High and Low values(2) or only based on Low values (3).
    • UseSMAsCrossingOnTrendIndicatorData = false - intersection of two moving averages.
    • UseRSIBasedIndicator = false - use the RSI-based indicator.
    • UseSimpleTrendStrategy = false - strategy based on MACD and moving average. The ADX indicator provides additional support.
    • UseStochasticBasedIndicator = false - simple crossover of the Stochastic indicator for determining the overbought or oversold states on the market. Recommended on timeframes starting from H4.
    • Use5050Strategy = false - Based on RSI value: Value greater than 50 means a purchase signal, otherwise a sales signal.
    • UseStochRSICroosingStrategy = false - Based on the 5050 strategy, the Stochastic Crossing Strategy was developed.
  • Signal generation time

    • StartHour = 8;
    • EndHour = 22.
  • If buy/sells are predominant on the market, you can enable signals only for buying/selling.

    • OnlyBuy = true;
    • OnlySell = true.
  • HandleUserPositions = false - this function accepts manually opened positions and handles them in accordance with the above settings.
  • CountCharsInCommentToEscape = 0 - if your broker places its information into the comment field, it can be ignored up to the specified number of characters.
  • HandleOnCandleOpenOnly = true - if true, signals are generated only on new candles, otherwise positions will be opened until the candle closes.
  • AddPositionsIndependently = false - allows opening positions on every signal, regardless of the positions already opened by the robot.
  • MaxConcurrentOpenedOrders = 4 - the maximum number of positions that can be open at the same time.
  • MagicNumber = 3537 - must be unique for each symbol.
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Version 3.48 - 2017.10.13
[+] Added parameter MaxOpenedPositionsOnCandle=3 that sets the maximum number of positions opened on a single candle according to the active signal. Can only used with HandleOnCandleOpenOnly=true.
[+] Added parameter AddPositionsIndependently=false that adds positions independently from already opened positions.
[+] Added parameter MaxConcurrentOpenedOrders=4 that sets the maximum number of positions that can be open in both directions at the same time.
[*] Renamed UseStochasticBasedIndicator to UseStochasticBasedStrategy.
Version 3.37 - 2017.09.20
- Change signal building for RSI-based indicator
- Change smooth of trend indicator to 1.0 from 3.0
- Add MaxDynamicLotSize on LotAutoSize
- CountCharsInCommentToEscape for escape a number of chars in comment if broker set some info
Version 3.33 - 2017.09.12
- Added a strategy based on the combination of Stoch and RSI (activated by default)
- Add a parameter for trading only buy or sell positions
- Added a flag to trade only on new candles (as in older versions) or trade the whole candle (produces more trades per signal)
- Some issues with the function of handling the positions opened by user
- Improved the speed of the trend indicator
Version 2.90 - 2017.08.28
Added a new strategy based on the stochastic indicator
Additional positions are opened on signal, if the maximum lot size is reached
Version 2.70 - 2017.08.17
Added new params for trading
Various bug fixes
Version 2.50 - 2017.08.14
- Changed signal formation for better results.
- Transfer and handle manually opened positions.
Version 2.15 - 2017.06.23
Disable debug output