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This is a rarely working EA. 

I recommend this EA for institutional funds. I recommend it only for pair EURUSD.

Working timeframe M1. Orders 1-3 series per month - is optimal.


EA sells when is expensive and buys when cheap. If % bulls in a moment  <x   EA is searching for buys. If % bulls in a moment  >y  EA is searching for sells.

For opening EA orders, used Market Structure High (MSH) - Market Structure Low (MSL).

Parameters (best for 2018)


Magic (base expert)528 Set a unique number
 Parameters of signals for opening:          



 Set the period for pattern to open the order
    Value may be (500-5000)   if > - inputs are more accurate && rare
TakeProfit450  TakeProfit 45 pip (may be "0". In this case, exit with profitstop)
                        StopLoss     0  StopLoss    (may be "0". In this case, exit with profitstop)
              Search buy filter level    8 % bulls in a moment  (0-8).      If value < EA search for buy
              Search sell filter level   97 % bulls in a moment  (92-100). If value > EA search for sell
                Money management type    1  MM: 0-fixed, 1-% of free margin, 2-Fopt(by Ryan Jones), 3- Sqrt(% of free  margin)
   % of free margin for each order   5.0  Percent of free margin for each order if MM=1 or MM=3
         Fixed lot size for each order  0.01  Fixed lot size for each order if MM=0
Close: 1- TP+profit stop, 2-TP+equity     1  Close orders: 1- TP+profit stop, 2- TP+equity
                 Precision profit stop  3.6 Precision profit stop (3.7-4.2)  (> -rare,< -more often)"5"-off
 Target profit for equity close (in $) 10.00  Target profit for equity close (in $)
Open Hour0  Start hour
Open minute0  Start minute
Close hour23  End hour
Close minute59  End minute
                      Stop work Friday?  false  Stop work EA in Friday?
                      Friday stop hour    1  Friday stop hour, if "stop work Friday?" =true
                      Use ATR trailing  false  Use ATR trailing (I do not recommend using trailing)
                       Timeframe ATR   30  Timeframe ATR for ATR trailing
                           Period ATR    3  Period ATR for ATR trailing

Trading Requirements

Caution is advised. In order to trade via this EA, you need the following:

  • A good broker, with low spreads and stop levels.
  • For use on EURUSD M1 chart.
  • A good Internet connection.
  • A lot of stamina.
  • Works great on ECN or low-spread account (no more than 2 pips).

Recommended Minimum Deposit

  • For Standard Forex accounts - 500 USD with the minimum lot of 0.01.
  • For Mini Forex accounts - 1,000 cent with the minimum lot of 0.01.

It uses unique indicators, no martingale, no hedging, no grid.


         For testing in the strategy tester, please run the test on the D1 chart. This is needed to load the daily chart data into the tester. Then test normally on M1.

         SentimentEA can be tested on M1 EURUSD at all ticks or control points with profit stop enabled (that is if the value is not equal to 5 and buy filter level < "10",  sell filter level > "90").

          To test EA on open prices only set the value of profit stop=5, and  you need to reduce percent of free margin for each order. Also change the filter values: buy filter level “3”, sell filter level “97”.


This is written to assist in automating a current strategy, I am NOT liable for any funds lost during use.

Trading is a risky endeavour, ensure you backtest your strategy thoroughly or use a demo account before switching to real funds!

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Version 9.603 2018.11.07
Best compiling
Version 9.6 2018.10.26
v.9.6 Changes in the interface, improved default settings