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  • The Expert Advisor has been designed and tested using precise mathematical calculations and has a good potential for multi-currency trading.
  • The Expert Advisor defines the most probable price chart movement areas and opens a grid of Buy or Sell orders.
  • Orders are closed by averaging.

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  • Low drawdown and deposit load.
  • Not affected by slippage and server delays.
  • Not affected by spread.
  • Suitable for a rapid deposit boost.


  • It is highly recommended to use the EA on several currency pairs simultaneously. For this purpose, you should open the required number of charts for the EA to work with. Drag the EA to each of the charts.
  • When using the EA on pairs with JPY, make sure to set the Step parameter to 0.2 or greater.
  • For extreme trading, set Martingale = 1.3.
  • For normal trading, set Martingale = 1.0.

Recommended settings values

  • Profit - the desired profit in the deposit currency to be locked when a series of orders is closed. Recommended value is Profit = 10.
  • Step - distance between orders in points of the chart. Recommended value is Step = 0.002.
  • For pairs with JPY Step = 0.2.
  • Lot - the volume of market orders. Recommended value is Lot = 0.01.
  • Martingale - value of the martingale parameter. Recommended value is Martingale = 1.3.

Best regards, Dmitriy.

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