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The Main EA Features

  • Trading is performed using a grid of Buy and Sell orders.
  • A strict Stop Loss level is set for each order to limit the losses.
  • Multicurrency trading is supported.
  • It is not susceptible to large delays and spread value.

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Operation Principle

  • The EA opens a grid of Buy and Sell orders with spacing between them set in the Step parameter.
  • Once the sum of orders in either Buy or Sell direction becomes equal to or greater than the value of Profit, the EA closes these orders.
  • After the above orders are closed, the order with the greatest floating loss is closed.
  • All opened orders always have a tight Stop Loss level, at which the order is closed to prevent the accumulation of drawdown.
  • The EA can be run on multiple charts simultaneously. The operation on each of the charts is performed independently of the others.

Recommendations on trading

  • For the most balanced trading results, use the EA on multiple currency pairs simultaneously.
  • Set a new value to Magic on each chart.
  • Use the Stop Loss level.
  • When trading currency pairs with JPY, make sure you set the Step parameter to 0.3 or higher.

Input parameters

  • Profit - the total profit value of orders with the same magic number and the same direction (Buy or Sell). When this value is reached, these orders are closed (recommended value is 20).
  • Loss - the total profit value after closing the most unprofitable order (recommended value is 10).
  • Step - the minimum distance between orders on the given currency pair and with the same direction (Buy or Sell). The recommended value is 0.003; for pairs with JPY: 0.3.
  • Lot - order volume (recommended value is 0.01).
  • Stop Loss - the Stop Loss level in points of the chart (recommended value is 0.05; for pairs with JPY: 5.0).
  • Magic - order magic number (recommended value is 1).
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