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Requirement for the EA use: the EA needs a low spread (recommended spread value is 2) and minimum slippage!

Systems that operate based on Bollinger waves signals are considered to be among the most popular well performing systems. This Expert Advisor belongs to such systems. In addition to Bollinger waves, the Expert Advisor uses the following indicators: Stochastic, RSI and Moving Average.

Recommended Expert Advisor operation time is from 00:05 to 08:00 (the interval between the close of the American session and the open of the European session). By default, the EA is configured to close all orders at 23:59 (adjustable).

  • Recommended currency pairs: EUR/USD and USD/JPY
  • Timeframe: M5


  • Martin Order - enable or disable the use of the Martingale system. The martingale in this EA is non-standard - a compensating order is opened only for one losing trade. In other words, the EA does not build an order grid.
  • Dynamic lot - enable/disable lot auto calculation while your deposit is growing.
  • Start deposit - for example, if Lots is 1, while Start deposit is 1000, and there is 5000 on the account, the EA opens the first order with the volume of 5.
  • Lot - lot value for market entry.
  • Use Max Lot - use limitation of the maximum lot.
  • Max Lot - if true, the EA will not open trades with the volume exceeding the one specified in the maxlot parameter (below).
  • Use Stop Loss - enable/disable the use of Stop Loss.
  • Stop Loss - the Stop Loss value.
  • Slippage - slippage.
  • Magic - the magic number of the order.
  • Order Comment - a comment to the EA's orders.
  • Use Breakeven - enable/disable the breakeven function.
  • StartTime - EA trading start.
  • StopTime - time when the EA stops opening orders.
  • StopAllOn - if true, the EA closes all trades by market, as soon as the time set in StopAll (below) comes.
  • StopAll - time when the EA closes all orders at a market price, if StopAllOn (above) is true.
  • StopMartinOn - same as above relative to compensating orders opened by martingale.
  • StopMartin - time when the EA closes all compensating orders (opened according to martingale) at a market price, if StopMartinOn (above) is true.
  • Maximum Spread - number of points allowed for the spread.
  • Gap - the maximum distance between the price and the fast Moving Average.
  • Trade Day - days when trading is allowed.
  • Choice Of Indicator - choose indicator to be used by the EA (both indicators can be enabled).
  • Buy Options - indicator settings for buying.
  • Sell Options - indicator settings for selling.

Contact me at any time if you need further details.

Yang Zhang
Yang Zhang 2018.09.06 03:17 

This EA is profitable and I'll use it all the time. I've been using it for a week and it feels good at the moment, even though it's heavy and sometimes scary. Insist. Six months later, I came back to update my comments.

Version 1.1 2018.06.12
Changed the logic of closing deals (a deal will be closed in full when reaching the middle of the Bollinger channel).